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Southeast Asian Chicken Wings

Southeast Asian Chicken Wings
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It’s May!

The temperature is definitely rising and the sun has been coming out to play. In Irvine, we have been getting really warm days. Today, the highest temperature is in the low 90’s, and in the past few days, the mouthwatering smell of barbeque has been wafting in the air around my neighborhood. It’s never too early to break out your grill even though summer is not officially here. With warm and gorgeous days like this, I just couldn’t wait and had to fire up my grill and made these Southeast Asian chicken wings.

If you have been following me on Rasa Malaysia, you should probably know by now that Asia, especially Southeast Asia, is my favorite region in the whole world. (That’s one of the reasons why this blog is all about Asian cooking.) ┬áThere is nowhere else quite like Southeast Asia: the friendly people, happiest smiles, breathtaking landscapes, and the scrumptious foods; Southeast Asia captures my heart. It’s the place I will always call home, the place I have longed to be every single day, and the place millions of tourists flock to every year.

Southeast Asian Chicken Wings

This Southeast Asian chicken wing is the epitome of the colorful and exotic cooking of the region. Creamy coconut milk, fragrant lemongrass, aromatics such as ginger, garlic, cilantro, and the extra zing of lime juice and Thai chilies make these wings bursting with the flavors of the street food fare in countries such as Thailand , Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They are absolutely pleasing to the palate, and the flavor is deep and complex. I came back from the region two months ago, but I have been aching to go back. I have a Vietnam trip planned in end of May and I just can’t wait to soak in the warm and humid days in Southeast Asia again.

Until then, I have these Southeast Asian chicken wings to satiate my craving and soothe my soul. Summer is a few weeks away, and you can certainly bookmark this recipe to welcome summer. When you fire up your grill for this recipe, you will know why I am forever hooked on the exotic flavors of the region. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks really delicious. This dish looks heavily similar to the thai street food classic “gai yang”. We share a similar love for southeast asian cuisine. It’s so diverse, packed with flavor and exciting.

    One thing thats great about Malaysia and Thailand is that everyone compromise lessly go for only the best quality ingredients. The “hole in the wall” at Jalan Alor KL can often be both cheaper and better than the expensive fine dining place.

  2. Susan Chan

    Hi Bee
    I have been following your sites for a while now and have enjoyed your receipes very much. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. I live in Bangkok for 17 years now and hv tried many interesting local restaurants as well as western cuisines, would welcome to bring you around on your next visit in this region if the timing is right.

    I am a Singaporean married to a American with 2 grown up sons. My elder boy is currently finishing his bachelor degree in culinary at (CIA) Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY campus. Do call on me anytime if you need any help or info…

      • Regina

        Hi bee, I love your website and I have tried some of your nyonya recipes, I love it! I have a question here regarding the southeast Asian chicken wing. Can I baked the chicken wings in the oven instead of grill? If can bake in the oven then what temperature should I go for? Thank you so much for always sharing delicious recipes.

  3. ChristineT

    I love your recipes and can’t wait to try this one. However, I live in an apartment and don’t have a BBQ outdoor grill. Can I roast the chicken wings in the oven instead?

  4. That’s a very Thai-esque type marinade. I can imagine the well rounded flavour everything added to the wings. Somehow, wings is always summer party food, right? Nam Yee wings are also one of my favourite.

  5. Hi Bee
    Your evocative description makes me want to transport myself to Southeast Asia this very instant! I love it there. So the next best thing is your uniquely threaded chicken wings … Thanks

  6. Sally Ann Tews via Facebook

    these look soooo good:-) Tempeture sure has changed here in Ca.what happened to the 90’s?:-(

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