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Spring Rolls Recipe (Fried Popiah Recipe)

Fried popiah

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Spring rolls, or locally known as “popiah” (簿饼) is a popular snack for Nyonya households in Penang. In fact, spring rolls or popiah are so popular that every ethnic group in Malaysia–be it Chinese, Malay, or Muslim-Indian (known as “mamak“)–has their own interpretation of spring rolls. So, there is no exception that Nyonya has their own take on this popular Chinese dish…

Called “popiah chee” in Penang Hokkien, or literally “fried popiah” or fried spring rolls, these crispy appetizer is stuffed with fillings made of shredded jicama/yam bean, carrots, shrimp, or pork. Other ingredients such diced bean curds (firm tofu), mushrooms, and french beans can be added. The ingredients used are quite versatile, but there is one thing that’s often served with spring rolls or fried popiah–chili sauce. The spicy, sweet, salty, and garlicky chili sauce is great as a dipping sauce and fires up the palate for more servings of spring rolls. I personally love Nyonya popiah, more so than any other variations offered.

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