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Or Nee Recipe (芋泥)

Sweet Taro Dessert (Or Nee / 芋泥)

I made some taro dessert (Or Nee / 芋泥) tonight. This Teochew style dessert is easy to make and tastes sweet, creamy, and very good…

In Malaysia, Or Nee / 芋泥 is usually served plain. Sometimes, it’s topped with fried shallots while others come with gingko nuts. I topped mine with some ground peanuts (for both aesthetic and flavor purposes). If you don’t like ground peanuts, you can use cashew nuts instead…

Sweet Taro Dessert (Or Nee / 芋泥)

If you would like to get a creamier, richer, and melt-in-your-mouth texture, then by all means, you should use lard instead of cooking oil.

Sweet Taro Dessert (Or Nee / 芋泥)

Spring is finally here, so go to your garden and pluck off a flower or two and garnish your taro pudding. Now, just sit back and enjoy this pleasing dessert.


Note: Taro is also called Yam.

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34 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Rasa Malaysia

    Unka, I took those pictures like at 6 pm, with very little sunset light…maybe that’s why. If I were to take them with plenty of sun, I think they will turn out better.

    Thanks for your feedback. :)

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Actually, I like the play of light and shadow and the overall composition of the pictures. Can’t wait to see your recipe. :-)

  3. UnkaLeong

    Hahaha…Ok Ok. The teochew in me is screaming out for Or Nee. Please send care package to unkaleong@Silom Road, Bangkok ;)

  4. pablopabla

    Your new camera is a devil! Making us drool so much ler…I must not visit your blog so often. It’s making me unproductive at work :P

  5. Prometeuz

    U must me a very good cook cos this is the first time I heard someone say or nee is easy to make. Can’t wait to read ur recipe soon.

  6. tigerfish

    Other than the camera, gotta have those nice serving bowls and that spring flower to make everything so pleasant :D I like everything about it (including the Or Nee, of course!) It’s so pleasing to the eye…the hint of pink (flower), greyish-purple(or nee) and the light-greyish(table mat)!

  7. Ben

    Nice. If I may, I think the pictures came out a bit too dark. I try to take food shot either near the window or have reflected lights. Try it, and you’ll like it. You might also want to experiment with different apertures to bring the target spot into clearer focus. Are these shots taken hand held?

  8. Precious Pea

    Is this dessert to be eat hot? I tried Yam pudding with gingko at a Taiwanese restaurant before. The pink flower look very nice….spring….ahh…best season of the year!

  9. fatboybakes

    hmmm, i really have to start saving for a new camera. pics are even more gorgeous than before, if at all possible, though yar, a bit dark. i thought your hubby said all the pics are usually taken before 3pm, which is the time he’s allowed to eat….

  10. Rasa Malaysia

    Lemongrass – thanks. I agree with Unkaleong, the pictures would have been a lot better if I have more natural lights. ;)

    Unka – you have a kitchen in BKK? You can whip this up so easily. Just follow my recipe.

    Pablo – I am making a lawyer unproductive at work? LOL, too funny. It’s fine, you need a break from the 1000 pages contracts and legal docs anyway. :P

    CP – does Panda like taro too? ;)

    Prometeuz – Hah, I don’t really know how Or Nee is properly made, but this is what I learned from my aunt. Easy and piece of cake. ;)

    Tiga – thanks for your encouraging words. I feel like my investment is justified…muahahahah.

    Ben – yeah, the pictures are too dark, you are right. I compared them to the fried noodles picture I took in my previous post and it’s very clear that they are under-exposed. With my old camera, I only take food photography when there is plenty of light, but with this new camera, I would like to experiment with lower exposure/lighting since I have had satisfactory results on my previous post. Yes, I did adjust my aperture, but I probably haven’t completely grasped the how-to’s yet, but I really appreciate and welcome your tips and honest feedback. It’s only through criticisms that one truly learn and improve. :)

    PP – I like this dessert warm…I don’t know, I just dont’ like cold stuff. Yes, some Or Nee is served with gingko nuts.

    FBB – yes, usually 3 pm is the rule, but exception yesterday as I made this at 6 pm. ;)

    Chris – They look Canon? LOL. I think they look DSLR… yeah, I will take new pictures with more lights now…thanks for your feedback. :)

    Simcooks – really? I will go check your recipe. Try mine next time?

    Tunku Halim – yes, if you like taro, you must try this dessert. :)

  11. Passionate Eater

    I think the pictures look quite crisp for the light that you used them in. If I took those same pictures with my camera, they’d be completely blurry and pixelated. I can’t wait to experiment more with your new camera! And when I say “experiment,” I mean for me to see more pictures and read more recipes! :) I love the flower you put in the middle of the taro pudding dishes, and the taro pudding looks so creamy and divine. Thanks for inspiring me to cook more Bee!

  12. Claude-Olivier

    Your new camera seems to be a good choice ;-) But the camera is not the principal are ! What is taro, I have never heard about that before…It looks really nice, with this little pink flower, bravo tu es une artiste


  13. Audrey Cooks

    My husband and I love this ornee dessert. I must surprise him one day with your recipe. The one I have eaten in KL, they top it with ginko. Btw, very nice serving bowls! Love them.

  14. Celestine

    hi! been visiting your blog for a while now. :D

    try adding shallots into your ornee. fry them in as much oil as you would use for your ornee and after it has turned golden brown, add ornee to it and cook as usual.

  15. Grace

    YUM! We order this at Teochew (aka Chiu Chow) restaurants in HK. Here they serve it with boiled ginko nuts which adds a chewy aspect to the whole dessert.

  16. Wandering Chopsticks

    I need gingko nuts and white fungus and lotus seeds and it’ll be my favorite Teo Chew dessert. :)

  17. Tricia Lee-Chin

    Hi RM,

    Finally, an easy recipe for my all time favorite dessert! I am Teochew … it’s in my BLOOD to LOVE THIS DESSERT!!! LOL!!!

  18. BuddingCook

    i saw on top chef if you don’t cook taro right you get an itchy throat! :D hehe i’m sure you saw it too. i love taro.

  19. simcooks

    I din post my recipe. I just made it after Melting Wok made her dessert (the one with the mung beans and taro) and she (or was it you?) gave some tips in her comments after I asked how to make sticky Or Nee. So I just anyhow humtum. I either over-steamed it or added too much coconut milk. I’ll give your listed method a shot! Thanks!

  20. simcooks

    Sori – I meant to say I need detailed instructions when I try a new recipe that’s why my first attempt did not work out ! I steamed (not boil) the taro and I did not add oil. I did add sugar and coconut milk.

  21. Rasa Malaysia

    PE – I am very happy that this little blog actually inspired you to cook more. Thanks. :)

    Claude – Taro is also called Yam…it’s like a greyish vegetable like potatoes, but with darker color skin…ring any bell? ;)

    Ho Jiak – yes, I sent you an email from Rasa Malaysia. Please check.

    Audrey Cooks – In Penang, Or Nee is always served plain. I love the little bowls too, they were on sale so I bought 6! ;)

    Celestine – Thanks for your first comment! Yes I know about shallot oil but I didn’t have shallot at home when I made them. Will try next time. :)

    Grace – yes, I love Gingko nuts too, especially in my almond tea! :)

    Wandering Chopsticks – yes, combining those 3 together and you get a good soupy dessert. :)

    Tricia Lee-Chin – LOL. Great that you are Teochew and love this dessert. I think Teochew food is great…especially the seafood. Mmm!

    Budding Cook – correct…some of the taro is very sticky and that sticky thingy that makes your throat itchy. I miss Top Chef.

    Sim Cooks – I replied on your blog, but no, no coconut milk in Or Nee…probably that’s why it tastes weird. :P

  22. Monika Korngut

    This is a first time I saw a recipe using taro. I never knew what to make. This has given me an idea, I will try something like it, for sure. Thanks ;)

    • Peter Pantry Raider

      Taro is another name for yam. Hawaiians call yam taro.

      Sweet potato is from an entirely different plant species from yam. Go check Wikipedia for these 2 items.

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