Thumbprint Cookies
December 05th, 2012 17 Comments

Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies
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December is a happy month. It is a month about baking really outstanding cookies for the upcoming holiday season; it is also a month filled with holiday parties, great friends, and family. So this month, I am sharing a few of my favorite cookies recipes as well as party foods with you.

When I decided to make thumbprint cookies, I knew that I had to buy an excellent jam. After all, thumbprint cookies are precisely butter cookies filled with jam. Being a jam novice, I turned to my friend Chez Pim—food blogger extraordinaire turned award-winning jam maker. Pim recommended her Fetching Framboise Raspberry Jam. Oh boy, all the hype is true…Chez Pim’s jam is the best jam I have ever tasted. (Her celeb devotees includes Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Ruth Reichl, and many more!)

Thumbprint Cookies

The Fetching Framboise made an excellent filling for the thumbprint cookies. I love the fresh taste of the berries (yes, you can taste the freshness even though they had been made into a jam), the slight tartness, with just the perfect balance of sweetness, and the aroma…oh, the aroma and fragrance of the berries. It was so good even the picky Baby G loved it on his toast.

Anyway, thumbprint cookie is a holiday classic so if you are making them this year, you can try out my recipe below.

RECIPE HERE: Thumbprint Cookies
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  1. Sharmila says:

    These look such a treat! And I love that jam!

  2. Claudio Gotlib says:

    These recepies are wonderfull,sometimes if hard to get the ingredients but with patiente ypou make it

  3. Hi, Bee! What an easy-to-make, delicious recipe! Thanks for sharing it and for the baking tips. Since my country has a huge variety of fruits, I’ll use our delicious tropical jams to top my cookies. The guava one will be my first…

  4. Jayne says:

    Such a stress free but simple recipe! I like that you can easily switch it up using whatever jam available on hand. I think Nutella will be good in this, as it is good in everything!

  5. Bren (@BG_garden) says:

    These are my favorite to make each year! Thank you for sharing so I could tweet about it.

  6. Yeah it’s that time of the year to bake lots of cookies. Wish I could try some of that jam…sure looks good!

  7. Addie says:

    Made these last night. Incredible melt in your mouth buttery goodness! I made sure the thumb printed balls were intact when I placed them on the baking sheet but a third of them still crumbled apart after baking. Any recs for better cohesiveness .

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      Thank you for trying my recipe.

      Make sure the butter and flour are well combined (very important). Dough with more flour will crumble apart. If you feel the dough is dry as you were rolling into balls, add 1 teaspoon of milk at a time to the dough and mix/knead them back together. Hope this will help.

  8. Natalie says:

    These look fantastic and super easy :)

  9. Linda says:

    Hi! May i know how long can these cookies keep in an airtight container?

  10. Kae says:

    What is fine sugar? Is it powder sugar?

  11. Niv says:

    Hi! I just tried making these, and they were a disaster! They completely swelled up and flattened out while baking, so the jam ran all over… They were still soft after 15 mins in the oven, and then crumbled after cooling, because they became so thin :( Any idea where I went wrong? Was planning these for a thank you gift, but had to go the store- bought way finally…

  12. Anna says:

    Hi Niv, I have made these cookies several times and they turn out fine. When the cookies flatten out in the oven, usually it means there are too much butter or the dough was too soft. What was the texture of the dough when you mix it? Crumbly?

  13. Mini says:

    Wonderful cookies!i made it after much hesitation but was amazed at the result.must try.thanks for such mess free n esy recipe with minimal ingredients.

  14. poisinkandy says:

    My mother used to make these using cherry and mint jellies to make them Christmas colors growing up.

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