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  1. Your choux buns turned out nicely :) In my experience, I never line the baking tray with baking paper, I just brush it with margarine. It turned out nicely too, no burning.

    • I too was wondering about the temp of the eggs. It was a warm day when I tried this and did to batches that were not usable. I think it would help to see pics of the consistency of the dough in the stages it goes through when cooking. The first batch I thought I did not cook it enough so the second batch I cooked it longer but thought maybe I beat the eggs too long. Either way the dough did not set up enough to use it.

  2. They are not so easy to make when you are in the hot, wet weather, I put the dough for more than 20 minutes in the fridge and it is still runny.

  3. Why do the cream puffs at the bakery shop is crispy and does not flatten when it is cooked and cooled. Mine always looks nice when just taken out of the oven but unfortunately later in the day it is slightly flatten and soft.

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