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  1. My mother makes a similar dish but it’s soy sauce pork. It’s my favorite childhood food and you’re right, the sauce with white rice is simply delectable.

  2. This is one of my fav.food. You are right, it’s so easy to make and very delicious. My mother used to cook this and add a lot of small whole shallots, extra soy sauce and a few whole cili padi. The shallots will be so sweet from the soy sauce.

  3. Totally agree with you, Bee, that our Malaysian cuisine is absolutely diverse, rich and just heavenly. It’s one of the most important links back to home for those of us who have ventured out of the country.

    Keep our cuisine flag flying, Bee. You are doing such great work and we are all very proud of you : )

  4. Personally I don’t understand your publisher’s sentiment. There are dozens of in print Chinese cookbooks you have to compete against, whereas I’m always looking for _good_ cookbooks of lesser known cuisines (Peruvian, Colombian, Malaysian), where you really need good ones since you need more guidance with cuisines you aren’t as familiar with. But keep posting Malaysian recipes, I’ll still buy the book!

      • It’s really wonderful yo read each others cookbooks, being humble and willing to learn from each other is a nice personality trait:). I will buy your book Bee, bee sure of that:p euhm i mean be sure of that.

  5. I love this dish and have not eat it for some time. Your photo makes me crave for it now. When I make it, I will definitely add chilli padi and shallots and to have it with sambal belacan is needless to say how delicious it is. Look forward to your new cookbook. Will definitely buy myself a copy to support my fellow Malaysian!

  6. what is “flap meat?”
    and approx. what size pieces do you cut the meat into?

    Sambal belachan is a little too over the top for me!

  7. Bee — Editors at major houses are like that, even when something that’s gold is just waiting to be picked up…Have you ever thought of self-publishing? Aside from the signing off on design and printing, you’re going to have to do the same work you’ll do with a major house doing the printing, i.e. in order to really get your books to sell you’ll have to do much more than publisher-proposed book tours with ever-shrinking budgets…I think your Malaysian cookbook would do a great job as a self-publishing venture, and definitely bring a better financial return what with your smaller overhead in relation to that of a publishing house…

    • I couldn’t agree more! Your site is amazing, yet to have your Malaysian cookbook in my hands to read would be truly awesome. Hope you can make it happen!

  8. Another well-executed beef dish, i can have a few bowl of rice with this dish! recently i cooked something similar, Dongpo ro with dark soy sauce. I shall experiment with sweet soy sauce with pork and see how. Hehe…

  9. this looks absolutely delicious. Eventhough most malay food appear to be fusion, it still looks extremely delicious. Much of the malay food uses ingredients that seem easy to get ahold of.

    In my country malay/indonesian cooking is also not all that popular. It’s mostly vietnamese sushi shops and 80 meals 3 sauces style menus.

      • Hi Bee,

        I’m currently located in Oslo Norway, but had a deep passion for asian cuisine ever since i was a kid. Probably even more so after a visit to hong kong. But malay food here is almost non existent, but it would still be interesting to see how the norwegian audience would handle malay food. Malay food is somewhat a mystery to many western countries. But the poor souls who turn down indonesian/malay food will be sorry. Im planning to maybe visit bangkok and kuala lumpur later this year. A chinese malay friend recommended to check out penang.

        hopefully there are some malays out there friendly enough to teach a western asian food fanatic some nice cooking:).

  10. “Flap meat” is the same as “sirloin tip”.

    This recipe sounds great! Now I have a use for the bottle of Kecap Manis that has been sitting in my refigerator….

  11. Hi Bee, you’ve just given me a great idea for the prized bottle of kicap manis (it’s dutch-styled though) in our little kitchen. As for the M’sian cookbook you intend to write, we hope to see it one day. Perhaps the publishers have not spent a day eating hawker foods in Penang… sigh. But keep going as we love your website!

  12. This looks so good…I like a little sweetness in my savory dishes sometimes :) I know what you mean about Malaysian food…I feel the same way about Philippine food!

  13. I’d definitely buy your Malaysian cookbook, Bee. I also think mainstream interest in Malaysian food is growing, so maybe the editors just need a couple more big restaurant openings / travel pieces to be convinced?

    Anyway, I’m also posting to say hello and a big thank you for your blog. I’ve been a huge fan for ages and have learned so much. I just started my own food blog and you’ve been a big inspiration.

  14. Your daging kicap looks delicious! I agree that there is not enough publicity about Malaysian food in the US in general, you know there is not even a single Malaysian restaurant in San Diego! I felt so deprived when I was living there…so luckily I like cooking hehe

  15. I have just found this site and in particular this recipe. I am SO excited as it sounds exactly like the sweet and sour beef that our Amah use to cook for us in Singapore in the early 1960s. The fact that everyone talks of the wonderful taste of the sauce with the rice is exactly what I remember from my childhood. I have been desperately trying to find a recipe for it for years. I am hoping that a local Chinese food store may stock sweet soya sauce as I am very keen to try it out.
    Keep up the good work of promoting Malaysian food – it’s yummy. My own children’s favourite meal was Nasi Goreng!

  16. I just tried your recipe and it was delicious! I used tri-tip instead and it came out so tender and juicy. My two young children and husband loved it. Thanks!

  17. Thank-you for such great recipes.I have been a follower for years.
    This recipe I will be trying soon.Happy New Year to you and keep up the good work.(y)

  18. Bee what is Beef Flap? Maybe flank steak or? I am not familiar with this cut here in Canada. It sounds so good. Thank you,

  19. Just found your website and just want to said have try this today for our dinner and is absolutely delicious thank you and now will try your other receipe :)

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