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  1. Oooh. I miss mooncakes! I want to make my own but not sure if I can handle making my own lotus paste from scratch, lol. Thanks for the recipe though, will come in handy if I do end up making some.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful and all natural too! I’m here in the States and am wondering what dragonfruit and screwpine leaves juices are. I know what dragonfruit and screwpine leaves are themselves, just am not familiar with “juice”. Are these easily found in the States in that form are is this something we make? Thanks for the great post!

  3. Oh Bee, these mooncakes are beautiful! I will have to try making some of these myself.

    Where can you find the mooncake molds? And how did you extract the juice from the dragonfruit and screwpine leaves? Did you juice them yourself?

    • Melissa, mooncake moulds can be found at Chinese grocery shops at this time of the year or any shops specializing in baking materials.
      I use a juicer to extract the juice.

  4. The mooncakes look so pretty. I can’t find any snow skin mooncake here in US. Anyone know if any store in Texas sells the paste? How do you cook the glutinous rice flour? Thanks!

  5. Very nice! Can I substitute the Crisco for something else? I’m not fond of the grease idea. Yet would love to try it out! Thanks!

    • Hi Lynx,
      Shortening is vegetable oil that goes through a process called hydrogenation. Because shortening is only partially hydrogenated, it causes an extremely harmful side effect ~ trans fat. I have experimented with different oils. Butter and olive oil. If you feel guilty eating these, lower your sugar by 50% and use olive oil instead. That’s what we did. It was great. We have made 300 over low-sugar olive oil mooncakes to share with friends and family. And we also made our own filling. Lotus, red bean, yam, nuts, and a special filling just for kids. *Secret recipe* whispers*(*>*). Tho olive oil is very healthy and good for your body. It is a liquid at room temperature so the dough is sticky and harder to work with, it also gives of a slight yellow color. But the taste is not affected lol.?
      And also beware, that if you lower the sugar don’t expect it to turn out tasting like those mooncakes that are 50% sugar. And remember you can always tweak your recipe to your liking, after all YOU really are the one making and eating it.
      Your Friend,
      My Friend


  6. dear bee,
    i find your blog very interesting. making mooncake is definitely taking food interest to the ultimate. keep up the fun work . saychin.

  7. Hi… just to double your recipe… it says kou fen 1300g… is that correct?… seems a bit too much as compare to the ratio with other ingredients. Is it a typo? Please let me know. Thanks. LeeLee :-)

  8. Just made the snow skin mooncakes! They taste amazing – their skin is smooth, silk and spring-y! It’s as good as store bought, if not better. Thank you Bee for sharing the recipe! To make things easier, I actually substituted lotus paste with store bought red bean paste, and salty egg yolk on the inside :D

  9. Dear Rasa,
    I am curios about the glutinous rice u mentioned cook. Do I just use a wok and pour glutinous rice flour in the wok and stir the flour with high heat??

  10. Hi there! can you advise on where one can buy lotus paste in northern california or online (within the US)? i can’t seem to find any resources. Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi, I followed the recipe but there was too much liquid. The dough did not turn up but it was just molten liquid mass. What do you suggest I do? Maybe I should have added the liquid in parts and not altogether to form the dough? Thank you. Regards, juliet

  12. Hi,
    I would like to ask you how long do i need to knead before i get the soft and chewy elastic texture. And is 三洋糕粉 the correct flour to buy?
    Thank you!

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