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California Roll

California Roll


California Roll Recipe

Difficulty: Moderate | Cooking Time: 45 minutes | Yield: 9 rolls


9 cups prepared Sushi Rice (3 cups uncooked Japanese rice)
2 (6oz/170g) cans crab meat
8 Tbsp. (½ cup) Japanese mayonnaise
½ English cucumbers
2 avocados
½ lemon for avocado (optional)
9 nori sheets
¼ cup white sesame seeds

For garnish, I used ikura (salmon roe), tobiko (flying fish roe), pickled sushi ginger, and wasabi.

You will need:

Bamboo mat
Saran wrap
Tezu (dipping water)
¼ cup water
2 tsp. vinegar
Very sharp knife


I. Prep

1. Crab meat: drain the water well from canned crab meat and put it in a medium bowl. Add Japanese mayonnaise and mix well. Set aside.

2. Cucumber: place the cucumber next to the nori sheet and cut off the edge of cucumber so the length of cucumber is same as the width of nori sheet. Peel the cucumbers, leaving some skin like stripe pattern for looks and texture, and cut into long thin strip. Set aside.

3. Avocado: peel and cut avocado into quarter-inch slices. You can squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the cut avocados to prevent them from turning brown (optional).

4. Nori: cut 1/3 from each sheet of nori – we will only use 2/3 sheet of nori. Keep both 1/3 and 2/3 nori sheets in a Ziploc bag so they won’t become stale.

5. Wrap the bamboo mat with a large piece of saran wrap and prepare Tezu (dipping water) in a small bowl.

II: Roll Sushi

1. Lay one piece of nori sheet on top of the bamboo mat, shiny side down.

Put about a cup of sushi rice on the top of nori sheet (just enough to thinly cover the nori sheet and it’s okay to have some small gaps).

Dip your fingers in Tezu and start distributing the rice toward the bottom of nori sheet.

How to Roll Sushi

2. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice.  You can also put tobiko instead of sesame seeds.

3. Flip nori sheet with rice side down and line it at the bottom end of the bamboo mat.  Lay a strip of cucumber, spread crab meat, and lay avocado slices on top.

How to Roll Sushi

4. Use the bamboo mat to roll the bottom edge of the nori sheet over the filling. Tuck the filling in firmly.

How to Roll Sushi

5. Lift the edge of the bamboo sheet and roll it forward while keeping gentle pressure on the bamboo sheet.

How to Roll Sushi

6. Take the roll out of the bamboo mat, and with a very sharp knife cut each roll in half and then cut each half into 3 pieces.  Keep wiping the knife with a damp towel after a few slices.  If there is too much rice stuck to the knife, then resulting slices won’t look nice.

7. You can use the left over 1/3 of nori sheet to make Ikura Sushi.  Cut the nori sheet into half lengthwise.  Make small balls with sushi rice and wrap it with nori sheet.  Place ikura on top.

How to Roll Sushi

8. Serve sushi with wasabi and picked sushi ginger.  You can also garnish with the leftover ikura.

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  1. Love the idea of the saran wrapping on the bamboo mat. I always feel reluctant to make makizushi because I am not sure if my bamboo mat is hygienic to handle the rolling and pressing. Washing and brushing to get the stuck food between the gaps is frustrated too.
    Will try it one day. Thanks for the recipe and method.

  2. Well done Nami & Bee! As much as I enjoy California rolls, I never thought about its origin until you mentioned it. These yummy rolls are not only popular in the US, but also in many parts of the world where Japanese sushi is served. Absolute an all star!

  3. It was a wonderful idea to choose Nami for guest posting again! As always her photos are fabulous, instructions easy to follow and recipes irresistible. I have never seen such beautiful photos or California rolls!

  4. We were gifted a sushi making kit last year – and I am so intimidated to make use of it. But I love how these step by step instructions makes sushi, least intimidating :D

    BTW, Bee.. I can’t get belacan here in Orlando. Which brand would you recommend via ?

  5. Corey

    Hey Bee

    I am new to the sushi scene, and I haven’t gotten up the guts to actually try authentic sushi. The only type of roll that I have had is a vegetable roll. It was really, really good, though, and I would be interested in making it myself. Have you ever made it? If so, do you have a recipe for it?


  6. Sushi Sauces

    Wow got to say I love your photos, they come out so beautiful! This looks like a simple sushi roll that I can make at home, thanks for the recipe.

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