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  1. Nice Recipe. Good tip on turning the heat off before adding egg. Otherwise egg will cook too quickly and there won’t be nice “egg drop”
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The photo has red stuff in the soup but no reference to that in the recipe. The red looks like chili pieces. Also, the egg looks like it has cabbage mixed in. Is the photo attached to the correct recipe?

  3. Wow… simple recipe, add a scoop of jasmine rice to the bowl, slice of homemade bread and you have dinner! My kids loved it! This was a couple min prep and 15 min cooked, quick meal, quick clean up!

  4. 1. Great recipe. Thanks. One question on recipe measures:
    a.”1 3/4 cups (425 ml) homemade chicken broth”
    b.”1 cup (250 ml) water”

    2. The cup measures do not seem consistent? 3/4 cup= 188 ml? Please clarify.

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