Chinese Roast Pork
April 21st, 2014 66 Comments

Chinese Roast Pork

Chinese Roast Pork

In my cookbook “Easy Chinese Recipes,” I have a Chinese roast pork belly recipe, or siu yuk. On Rasa Malaysia, I also have a crispy pork belly recipe, contributed by my dear friends at Eat A Duck I Must. Both recipes are great and excellent, but when it comes to Chinese Roast Pork, one could never have enough recipes. There is always that one PERFECT recipe that everyone is constantly looking for—easy, hassle-free, everyone-can-do-it kind of recipe that promises crispy, crunchy, absolutely aromatic and to-die-for pork crackling, melt-in-your-mouth Chinese roasted pork belly….ahhh, the thought of it sets my mouth watering.

This Chinese Roast Pork recipe is from my good friend Robert Danhi’s Facebook page. Robert and his wife made the roast pork following a recipe gathered from a church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had personally tried their creation during an event last year, so I decided to attempt it on my own.

Chinese Roast Pork

I have to say that this Chinese Roast Pork recipe is probably one of the easiest recipes around. There is no need to poke the pork skin, no vinegar, no pre-boiling the pork belly. Just very simple and only few steps are involved and the result is almost guaranteed and fail-proof. I am all about easy recipes that makes Asian food accessible in any kitchen, and I strongly urge you to try this Chinese Roast Pork recipe.

Chinese Roast Pork

The end result, as you can see, is very crispy pork crackling. The pork belly is juicy and tender, with the melt-in-your-mouth pork fat, and the taste is a bit salty, aromatic (from the garlic and 5-spice powder). It’s delicious!! If you don’t believe it, browse through my photos as the images speak louder than words.


RECIPE HERE: Chinese Roast Pork
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  1. Mike S says:

    Just a quick question about the salt….did you just use regular table salt or was it a flakier or bigger chunks of salt? Curious how the salt stays on as a crust if its just regular table salt? Thanks for any info!

    • Scott says:

      I used regular table salt. I couldn’t understand this step but I followed as written and it worked like a charm. The salt will sit on the skin and somehow will bake into a salt “cracker”. The skin and meat will shrink and the salt sort of protects the skin from becoming hard and burnt. The skin cooks perfectly. My chinese mother in law couldn’t belive that I, not chinese, could cook it the same as you would buy at the wet markets in Hong Kong.

  2. Jay J says:

    Bee, would this work using a turbo broiler?

  3. smathewson says:

    Hi Bee-where do you buy a pork belly? the regular grocery stores like pavilions and ralphs don’t cary them :-(

  4. Jun says:

    I tried this recipe for the 2nd time (didn’t do it too well the first time) and it came out beautifully succulent on the inside and nice crackle on top. It is such an easy recipe and much prefer it to buying from the shops!

  5. Dee says:

    I tried this recipe over the weekend and gotta say it is easy to make and clean up is a breeze; taste is also pretty good. The fat didn’t get rendered as much as frying so it feels heavier on the mouth. Is this your experience as well?

    • I thought the crackling was really crispy…

      • Dee says:

        Oh the crackling was really crispy, it’s so good that’s all you hear as you’re eating them =) I mean the fatty part of the pork belly didn’t get as rendered as when you fry it.

        I can’t wait to make this again during our family get together, with jelly fish on the side =)

  6. Alan says:

    Awesome simple recipe … Loved it. Tried it once and it turns out rather well. I am impressed with my culinary skills … Lol … Thank you so much.

  7. Joanna Ainscough says:

    Not sure which step was wrong because my pork belly is really hard especially the skin. Too bad I do not know how to attach tge picture to show. T..T

  8. Lettie says:

    I’m planning to make this dish for about 20 people tomorrow. I’m hosting a dinner at my friend’s apartment though, so I thought I would bake them in my oven first until the salt forms and then continue the last 40 mins baking at my friend’s apartment, do you think it will be okay? I’m afraid it will continue cooking as I drive to my friend’s place and become overcook.

    Also, another question, I saw some recipes using baking soda but you omit this step, will it give the same crispy result?

  9. Bullet says:

    The first couple of times I did and it turned out nicely. But now it keep failing. The skin doesn’t turn golden and crispy but dark and hard. I’m not sure what I did wrong. I do notice when I remove the salt, the skin look wet in some area. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  10. S. Harris says:

    Wonderful, beautiful, EASY crispy-skin pork belly? Yes please. I’ve cooked this several times and it always turns out absolute perfection. I adjust the cooking times to suit the the cut of pork belly I have. I find putting the pork belly under broil (use discretion) will quickly crisp up any stubborn spots on the skin if needed, and can be used to reheat as well (who on earth has leftover crispy pork belly though?). Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’ll be using it the rest of my life :)

  11. peasmom says:

    Hi. If I have a 2.5 lb pork belly to roast, how do I adjust the roasting time both for the salt hardening part and after removing it. Thanks!

  12. Chris says:

    Hi can I use air fryer. Any adjustment on time & temperature needed.

  13. Happy Baking says:

    yr recipe sounds so simple. can’t wait to try it. By the way, should the garlic be 6 pips or 6 cloves? tku

  14. Emily says:

    Just to check, put a water pan at bottom 1/3 rack throughout. And also, the pork goes in and out always to the top 1/3 rack of the oven all the time?

    Is it ok if I prick holes at the top part? Do I need brush vinegar somewhere? Heard it tastes better with it. Thanks!

  15. Angela says:

    Hi Bee, can I bake it with a halogen oven? What if I omit the garlic? Really look forward to trying this awesome dish!

    • Not familiar with halogen oven. Why would you want to omit the garlic, it makes the roast pork aromatic and great.

    • peasmom says:

      I use my halogen oven in making this. Read the oven manual to check how it compares with a conventional oven. Mine says it cooks 40% faster. So I adjust the time needed to roast the pork. It’s a trial and error on the temp and time. :-)

  16. angelie says:

    My oven has heating elements on top and bottom… Should I choose either one or have both working?

  17. frances says:

    How long does it takes for the salt crust to form?

  18. Annie Chang says:

    i see that u din reply a person who ask u about air fryer.. Can we use air fryer

  19. Happy Baking says:

    I intend to make it tomorrow. 1 have an oven with top & bottom heat mode (for baking cakes) or grilling mode (for char siew). Which mode should I use? tku again.

  20. Happy Baking says:

    Hi Bee, I just wanted to thank you so much for yr beautiful & simple recipe. It was a success. I used the grill mode. Bye. From Seremban, N. Sembilan, Malaysia

  21. Alwee says:

    followed the steps closely n WOW!… finally got it right!
    …not after several attempts!

  22. Jayne says:


    Was wondering if I can marinade the meat with shaoxing wine and five spice powder and leave it overnight to marinade before cooking it the next day with the salt crust?


  23. Hannah says:

    Hi Bee, i just don’t know if I miss any steps here. Do you mix the salt with water or egg yolk to keep it sticks together, or just pour the salt right on top the pork? I’m afraid it would not stay. Let me know please, my pork is ready for the oven but i still don’t know how to keep the salt on.


  24. Ploos says:

    Hi, should the fat or the meat side be up? Thanks

  25. alyssa says:

    Hi thanks for your great recipe. I have tried few roast pork recipes but no one works for me and I feel great Cox with ur recipe I’m now able to make my own roast pork and I want to say ur recipe is the easiest recipe for roast pork. No boil and complicated steps. All I changed is I put into fridge after marinate the meat to make the skin more dry just in case. Out of my surprised it’s came out perfectly with crispy crunchy top. Thank you!

  26. Joey says:

    Hi Bee,.. I’ve tried making it once and the skin is really crispy. But I wonder why the pork taste rather salty even after removing the crust. Need you advise. Thank you!

  27. alwee says:

    Hi Bee,

    got the rind ‘biscuit crisp’, but it doesn’t stay and turn soft after maybe like a couple of hours later.
    wonder how can we maintain the crust?


  28. Cherry Wong says:

    Hi, i have tried a similar recipe before using salt crust but i found that the salt crust is very diffcult to remove and some salt are sticking to the skin! any ideas why that would happen? was it because i didn’t bake the salt crust long enough? i normally tried to remove the salt after 45-50mins.


  29. Chris Thailand says:

    I didn’t have high hopes as at the end of the cooking time the skin was dark and flaccid. That said, just 30 mins of blasting under the grill setting gave a lovely, even crisp finish which was light and oh-so crackly.
    Good job

  30. Chris Thailand says:

    Oh, and I omitted both the five spice and the garlic and ate it with cauliflower, apple sauce and gravy.
    The way it should be ;)

  31. Nadene says:

    Hi there,
    When i click on the link to read the recipe, it says”page cannot be found”. Is there somewhere else i can get the recipe from. This looks delicious !!

  32. joe says:

    Hi Bee…
    five spice powder was composed of any material?

  33. my pork belly has a thick tough skin on it above the fatty layer. Do i take this off and put the salt on the fatty layer or keep the skin on?

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