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Cold Crab Noodles

Cold Crab Noodles
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A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Asian Street Food festival at my friend’s restaurant in Denver, the culmination of our trip to Vietnam or Red Boat Odyssey that I participated a few months ago. I presented two dishes: Cold Crab Noodles and Tamarind Shrimp. When I developed the recipe for Cold Crab Noodles and posted the pictures on my social media, many fans and readers were asking for the recipe. So here it is, I have decided to share it here with you.

I am not sure about the rest of America, but the weather has gotten really hot here in Southern California. It’s strange, but it seems like the real HOT summer in SoCal always starts in September when the rest of the country cools down after Labor Day.

Cold Crab Noodles

With the scorching heat outside, I find a serving of this Cold Crab Noodle very refreshing. The recipe below makes a big batch of the fish sauce based dressing, which you can keep in the refrigerator and use it whenever you want. For the fish sauce, I recommend Red Boat Fish Sauce, which is the best artisanal fish sauce in the market, made purely from anchovies and salt, and no MSG. I visited the factory so I can attest to the fact.

For the crab meat, for the best results, use crab meat picked from live crabs. If you can’t find fresh crabs where you are, you can use frozen crab meat. However, the end result will not be as great. If you have a seafood store where you are, you can also get crab lump meat, which is commonly used for crab cakes. In any case, the fresher and the more crab you use, the better tasting this dish is. Enjoy the flavors of Vietnam in this dish, enjoy!

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  1. Laura

    Congratulations on presenting in Denver. I am a huge fan of Cholon and I love your web site! I look forward to trying some of your recipes.

  2. Tuty

    I like your salad dressing recipe. I am going to use it for other types of salad too. Thanks for sharing, Bee.
    TIPS: to “crush” the palm sugar – I usually use Microplane grater. I don’t have to use too much muscle power with this tool (vs. using mortar & pestle). Easier to clean too. What do you think?

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