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Thai Crab Fried Rice

Crab Fried Rice
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I have been craving for Thai crab fried rice for a while. It’s one of those dishes that I would always get whenever I go to Thailand, and I go there almost every year, especially to Bangkok. Whenever I visit Bangkok, I always head out to Yaowarat, or Chinatown of Bangkok. There are plenty of great Thai-Chinese food, and one of the dishes I enjoy a lot is crab fried rice—simple Chinese-style fried rice with crab meat, served with nam pla prik, or cut chilies in fish sauce, lime wedges, cucumber slices and tomatoes. I just love it.

Crab Fried Rice

While I was grocery shopping yesterday, the store had just put out some Dungeness crab for sale. I immediately scored one of them and decided to make crab fried rice. Yes, a truly delicious crab fried rice should be made with freshly picked crab meat. While frozen crab meat is fine, I just wanted to make the best dish possible. So, I took my own sweet time boiling the crab, chilled it in the fridge, and then patiently picked out all the meat from the shells. The end result was, as you can see from my pictures, absolutely rewarding. There were a lot of crab meat in my crab fried rice, just like the way I like it. The sweet and briny crab meat infused the fried rice with its natural sweet taste, so a little light soy sauce and fish sauce are what I needed to season the fried rice. Really easy!

Crab Fried Rice

Another similar recipe that I like is crab noodles, a dish I had shared here a few years ago. While I love whole crab, for example: my mom’s chili crab, crab noodle soup (crab bee hoon), Singapore-style chili crab, eating dishes made with crab meat is so much hassle-free. If you love crab and fried rice, this is the dish to make. Aroy mak or very delicious in Thai.

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  1. Irwan

    Can I water down my regular soy sauce as a substitute for light soy sauce? I already have 3 kinds in the pantry (reg soy sauce, kicap pekat and kicap manis). Don’t really feel like getting a forth kind. :D

  2. amy hogge

    Is there a specific brand of fish sauce you prefer? Our Asian grocery have a zillion brands. Thank you.

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