Fruit Pastry Cake
Fruit Pastry Cake
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I love going to farmer markets during summertime. One of the things that I really enjoy is checking out the many fresh fruit stalls with wide varieties of colorful, beautiful, and bountiful fruits. Various sorts of berries, peaches, plums, pluots, pears, nectarines, and the list goes on. It’s such a beautiful sight, and I would always buy more than we can eat.

Anyway, summer is prime time to make fruity cakes or desserts, such as this mixed fruit pastry cake, a recipe contributed by my friend CP Choong. She has previous shared with us the mini egg cake, Sicilian orange cake, and lemon cream cake recipes. With endless summer dishes, it’s always refreshing to wash down all the BBQ’s and grilling (click the link to check out my BBQ/grilling recipes) with a slice or two of these utterly refreshing fruit pastry cake.

Fruit Pastry Cake

What I really love about this fruit pastry cake is that I can choose the fruit toppings for this cake. If you love berries, use more of them. If you like a combination of everything, you can do that, too. The key is choosing your favorite fruits, and hopefully in various colors so the fruit pastry cake looks absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. Enjoy the natural bounty of summer fruits while you can. Enjoy!

RECIPE HERE: Fruit Pastry Cake
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  1. Selena says:

    Look very Yummy! Have to try with this recipe. Thanks. All of your dishes are delious.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Could you please convert the recipe Fruit Pastry Cake from metric to American.
    Thank you

  3. Angela Sciurca says:

    Do you think a springform pan would work? I think it mght be easier to unmold. thanks. Looks yummy.

  4. samir says:

    i want to practice malaysian cooking food in malaysia,i am seeking for malaysian food cooking school from end of august 2013

  5. SH lim says:

    Hi Rasa,
    I used your fruit pastry cake recipe to make a surprise birthday cake for a friend and it turned out “almost” like the cake in your photo! Your step by step recipe was easy to follow and the result was a happy party! Thank you!

  6. Enrique says:

    Hi Rasa,

    It’s the first time I visit this website. I used to bake some cakes at home and I’d like to try with the Fruit Pastry Cake and also with the Lemon cream cake. They look delicious.

    Read you soon!


  7. rxcat says:

    Hi Rasa,

    Love your recipes. But this is a recipe that I remembered on Sunset Magazine over 10 yrs ago. It’s a simple to make but awesome in flavor, that you can customized to your tastes. I use 1C all purpose flour, 1C sugar, 1/2cup (1 stick) butter/margarine, 2 eggs, 1t baking powder. Customize by adding 1t vanilla, almond, orange flavoring. Use 1 cup of fruit sliced arranged on top with a sprinkle of sugar over the fruit. Best to use fresh fruit in season/or frozen berries. Can add drained canned fruit to make a “fruit cocktail” cake like some asian bakeries. Also use a springform cake pan or tart pan if you can.

  8. Doreen says:

    Do you bake the fruits together with the cake?

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