Ginger and Clam Soup (姜丝蛤蜊汤)
September 13th, 2010 35 Comments

Ginger and Clam Soup (姜丝蛤蜊汤)

Ginger and Clam Soup (姜丝蛤蜊汤)
Ginger and Clam Soup (姜丝蛤蜊汤) pictures (1 of 3)

I love soups of all sorts, especially Chinese soups. To the Chinese, soups are highly nourishing as each ingredient in the soup delivers a certain health (and beauty) benefit and promotes overall strengths to the body. Drinking soup is a huge part of the Chinese food culture, soup is often considered as “tonic” (補品).

There are endless variations of soups in Chinese cuisine as so many ingredients could be used—Chinese herbal (medicinal), meat-based (chicken, pork, beef, duck, bones, etc.), vegetables (fresh and dried), dried seafood (dried scallops, abalone, oysters, etc.), fresh seafood, the exotics (bird’s nest, shark’s fin, etc.), and the combination of all the ingredients above. The possibilities are endless, and most importantly, delicious, wholesome, healthy, and certainly much more than the regular egg drop soup and hot and sour soup…

One of the easiest soups that I always make at home is ginger and clam soup, or 姜丝蛤蜊汤. This soup is especially popular for the Taiwanese, and served at Taiwanese restaurants. It takes only a few ingredients and practically 15 minutes to prepare, but the end result is absolutely pleasing. According to my Chinese soups cookbook, ginger and clam soup is great for the liver and stimulates a healthy appetite.

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  1. Emily says:

    Yes, I always order this soup at Taiwanese restaurants. I didn’t know it’s so easy to make, now I can make this ginger and clam soup at home. Restaurant is about $10 for a small bowl!

  2. tigerfish says:

    Good tips about the wine. I used to eat a lot of “this dish” in Taiwan. :)

  3. chaokar says:

    When it’s a fresh catch of clams, it just need a simple way of cooking it ay. Me, i’ll add in some spring onions, and a teeny weeny drop of sesame oil.


  4. hi Bee, hope all is well, it’s been a while since i dropped by. i love this clam soup. had this in some of the local chinese restaurant in kl. simply tasty! all the best!

  5. I love clams!!

    Alot of times after i acquired them at the market, i could only think of kam heong la la and spaghetti vongole!

    Thanks for the idea.. Now i have another option to pick from! :)

  6. zenchef says:

    That first photo definitely stimulate my healthy appetite. Now i just wish that delicious ginger and clams soup would materialize in front of me. Bee, if i close my eyes and wish it very hard it will appear, right?.. right? :)

  7. babe_kl says:

    Loved this dish. Will sure order this at restaurants that are good with this

  8. This must be tasty! I love clams… Clams with anything will be just nice! And this is so easy to make!

  9. paula says:

    This dish is highly popular in the Philippines too. We use either clams or mussels in this recipe…mmm….

  10. Motherof1 says:

    Bee – what can we substitute for rice wine? Would it be a huge deal to just omit it? I know the taste will be different but we don’t consume alcohol. It looks delish, I definitely want to try it.

  11. cristy says:

    what’s the difference of rice wine from shaoxing wine? how will i know what to use when cooking?

  12. Celina says:

    I love this dish!
    Every year I go back to Taiwan, I will eat so much of it ( at home) until I can live without it for a while…

  13. christine says:

    HI Rasa. First, I love the site! Simple and attractive at the same time. Second, I love soups (specially Japanese Ramen) and this Ginger and Clam soup is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Alta says:

    I need to get some clams! I ‘d love this.

  15. OMG!! I found you! Thanks for the recipe!

  16. This sounds so simple yet delicious! I have seen another version with miso paste, which I think would be a great addition as well to the clam soup.

  17. maggie says:

    Great recipe, easy to cook. I live near Pasar Borang Selangor and can get clams easily. Will try this recipe coming week.

  18. yclim410 says:

    love this soup, its so easy to make, i also add chopped garlic

  19. Kathryn says:

    I love this time of year- it’s the perfect soup weather! I recently made tortellini sausage soup, but your soup looks WAY better!

  20. mmm.. clam soup… that looks great!

  21. Nicole says:

    Is there a reason why not to use the Shaoxing wine?

  22. Hi Bee, completely agree with your comments on the importance of Chinese soup. A few pork ribs, some jagung, Chinese herbs, and some winter melon, and I am all smiles…

  23. ivy says:

    My family loves clams but I always have difficulty removing the sandy bite from the clams itself.

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