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  1. Great gyoza recipe. What a great idea to use the soup base to season the Gyoza filling. Never thought about that but can imagine the umami taste.

  2. Great recipe Bee! I loved your salmon teriyaki recipe. I use your teriyaki sauce fir everything now, my kids and husband love your food and recipes. Thanks.

  3. I am a Chinese and live Chinese jiaozi but have to say that ponzu makes a great dipping sauce for all dumplings.

    • Peter, I agree. I used to make dumpling dipping sauce by mixing soy sauce with dark vinegar, but with Mizkan Ajipon Ponzu, I don’t have to, plus it’s made with yuzu which tastes better and more refreshing than vinegar. :)

  4. I have made so Many gyoza, but yours still look better. I like a little heat in my dipping sauce so I soak some facing heavens chilies in the ponzu sauce. Makes for an interesting twist.

  5. Looks yummy! Something for me to try out this weekend! I have to look for the Bonito soup base though. What else can you use it for?

  6. dumplings are one of my fav and I can never get bored of them. My fav is momo which is a different kind of steam dumplings. This one tempting me a lot. i would love to try this. have a quick question though. Could i make the same with thin wanton wrapper ?

  7. OMG!! I am rushing out to get all the ingredients I’m able so I can make these SOON! They sound mouth watering. Now to find the mizkan….

  8. Thanks, Bee. I made gyoza last night and my little boy wants more. I ran out of wrappers and would like to make wrappers from scratch! Searching through your site.

  9. Now I’m missing my time living in Tokyo – stopping at some tiny shop at Shinjuku station, dropping a few coins in the machine, grabbing the receipt and trading the cook for a plate of hot gyoza. Tokyo is truly the city of vending machines.

  10. I am really interested in making these dumplings. However I’m not sure I can find the soup base or the ponzu. What do you suggest I use instead of those ingredients? They look delicious.

  11. I am interested in trying the Mizkan Bonito base…do you know if it has MSG? My partner is sensitive to this ingredient. Thanks

  12. I’m hardly a cook, but these turned out ~90% restaraunt qual. Same recipe was printed on back of gyoza wrappers pkg. couldn’t find the bonito soup base, got a different flavor… instead of ground pork, i chopped up rib meat… also added red pepp flakes to filling. turned out great! thanks for publishing this with these nice photos!

  13. I tend to make a mess when the water goes in cos the hot oil splashes out. Of course I quickly cover the lid otherwise I get burned. Is there another way?

  14. This looks absolutely delicious, and while I fully intend to make it with pork, my daughter is vegetarian and wouldn’t eat this recipe. My changes to make her happy would be to double the cabbage to 4 oz, add 2 oz of grated carrot, 2-4 oz of small dice mushrooms, a little grated onion, some finely chopped spinach, and maybe an oz of finely diced water chestnuts (I wouldn’t open a can just for this little bit but if I have some from another meal or could use the rest soon) as substitutions for the pork. I would also briefly stir fry this vegetarian filling version in a tsp or 2 of oil to cut moisture and volume a little prior to filling the dumplings

  15. Hi, i love this dumplin, i usually purchase potstickers at our local supermarket. I would like to try and make it myslef, is there a recipe for the dumplin wrapper?? We dont get this wrapper in our country (trinidad and tobago)… Thank you …

  16. These gyoza are so good! I have a question though, I put some in the freezer and now I’m not sure how to cook them. Do you just put them in the pan on medium heat and cook just like fresh ones?

  17. I’ve been cutting down on meats for ethical purposes and added more fresh veggies from my local supermarket. I chose to do this for ethical and environmental purposes because meat takes longer to grow than vegetables. This recipe still tastes just as good!

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