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Muar Chee Recipe

Chinese Recipe: Muar Chee
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I am very fond of Muar Chee, or Malaysian sticky rice balls coated with sugar, ground roasted peanuts, and sesame seeds.

One of the popular sweet snacks found in Penang and other places in Malaysia, muar chee are often sold by roadside stalls or mobile hawkers. The set up is pretty simple: steamed glutinous rice paste and ground peanut mixture in a container. When you order it, the vendor would cut a small piece of glutinous rice paste using a special Muar Chee cutting knife, transfer it into the ground peanut mixture, dice the muar chee paste into small cubes and then coat them with the peanut and sugar. You can top Muar Chee with some fried shallots, but it’s optional. A small pack of Muar Chee costs only RM1 but it’s so tasty and satisfying that I could have them every day as a dessert…

Last weekend, I got myself a pack of glutinous rice and made Muar Chee at home. Surprisingly, it was quite easy to make. As I don’t have a Muar Chee recipe, I had to guess and figure out the basic steps. The Muar Chee turned out very well and looked and tasted almost the same compared to the real ones. The only thing missing was pork lard, I think.

Here is my Muar Chee recipe. Try making it at home, it’s really a wonderful treat. If you wish to try other Malaysian recipes, please check out my huge collection of Malaysian recipes.

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