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Sichuan Orange Beef
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Lunar New Year is two days away and starting tomorrow, which is Lunar New Year’s eve, every family—be it Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, etc. will be busy cooking up a storm for the much anticipated reunion dinner. I have invited my friends at Season with Spice back for a special post featuring the amazing and scrumptious Sichuan Orange Beef recipe. Season with Spice is now a full-blown online spice shop that specializes in the finest, highest quality, and exotic spices from all over the world. Remember to check out their store, and you can also win their spice kit on Rasa Malaysia. For those who celebrate Lunar New Year, I wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous year of horse. Gong Xi Fa Cai, 马到功成!

A small, open shell with the seed mysteriously missing. Tiny sitting in the palm of your hand, but startling with its russet red, reptilian-like surface, with a resemblance to a Pac-Man ready to bite down. Pop one in your mouth and it challenges you to describe it in words as it transitions from one flavor to the next, and from one outrageous sensation to another.

It’s the indispensable spice of Sichuan cuisine. It’s the numbing, tingly spice that balances that extreme heat of all those chili peppers.

It’s the Sichuan Peppercorn.

Sichuan Peppercorns

While most often paired with dried red chili peppers in Sichuan cuisine, the multifaceted Sichuan pepper isn’t limited to spicy dishes. The pepper complements and enhances a variety of flavors, especially when matched with a citrus fruit.

With its ‘party-in-your-mouth’ sensation, Sichuan pepper has found its way into many creative citrusy combinations in marinades, salads, ice creams, and cocktails. And in stir-fry dishes like Sichuan Orange Beef.

Since many of us come to Rasa Malaysia for delicious yet approachable Asian recipes, I’m sharing my simple version of Orange Beef recipe here for you to cook up for a weeknight dinner after work.

Orange Beef

For this Orange Beef recipe, slice beef thinly and coat well with a fresh, sweet & savory marinade consisting of orange juice & zest, ginger, honey, and soy sauce. Place in a hot wok, and toss with crushed Sichuan peppercorns to perfume and intensify the flavor.

With a fruity, exhilarating flavor from the bursts of citrus and Sichuan pepper that hit your taste buds with each bite, this Sichuan Orange Beef is best served with a bowl of white rice and a subtle veggie dish like steamed bok choy.

RECIPE HERE: Orange Beef
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  1. Diana Cote says:

    Yummy, I think I will make this tomorrow. thank you for sharing! :D

  2. The beef looks juicy and tender. Love the clicks!

  3. mjskit says:

    What a delicious dish! I’ve had the privilege of tasting SwS’s sichaun pepper so I can imagine how delicious this dish is! So VERY delicious!

  4. Rae Hooi says:

    May I know where to get peanut oil and the peppercorn? Available in Jaya Grocer supermarket in Selangor ? Can I substitute with olive oil?

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