Brian’s Peanut Brittle
December 10th, 2011 27 Comments

Brian’s Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle

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My friend Brian is the sweetest guy on earth. I “met” Brian a couple of years ago via Twitter and finally we met in person this October when his family came to visit. He is my biggest fan and supporter and he is always there for me whenever I need to chat or vent.

Last December, Brian sent me a care package—a ziploc bag full of peanut brittle. At the first bite, I was immediately hooked. It was the BEST peanut brittle ever! This is not an over statement because I am not much a sweet tooth and I actually don’t like sweet stuff, but it was so good that I couldn’t stop munching away. This year, I waited anxiously for the holiday season, and without fail, my care package of peanut brittle arrived again and it was gone in no time…and I realized that I have to get Brian to share the recipe.

Peanut Brittle

Brian’s recipe came from his mom. They are crunchy, sweet, aromatic, with loads of peanuts and sinfully decadent and addictive. Thanks to Brian for sharing his peanut brittle recipe, and now more people can enjoy this wonderful sweet treat. If you are on Twitter, please follow Brian at @blew1.

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  1. Cindy says:

    This looks good. I love peanut brittle for the holidays.

  2. Vicky says:

    What is karo syrup and where can I get them? Also spanish peanuts? Can I use regular peanuts?

    • Brian Lew says:

      HI Vicky,
      Karo syrup is a light corn syrup you can buy here at any supermarket. It is not High Fructose corn syrup. If you cannot get the Karo brand any light corn syrup will do. I like to use the Spanish peanuts because they have still the red skin(husk) still on. A regular peanut can be substitute but the skin does make a difference.Just make sure they are raw.

  3. wow, this does look good. I believe this would be most suitable for CNY too… contemplating now.

  4. renee says:

    my mouth is watering

  5. Menka Bhatia via Facebook says:

    Thanks for the receipe!!!!!

  6. Delicious! I’m not really a big fan of peanuts but I wanna try these!!!!

  7. Thay Swee Lian via Facebook says:

    can show us how to do it without using the candy thermometer?

  8. Vi Vie via Facebook says:

    what is white karo syrup? what can we use to substitute it?

  9. Corina says:

    This looks gorgeous and I’d love to make it but we don’t seem to get corn syrup in the UK.

  10. Maggie Boege via Facebook says:


  11. Trico says:


    It would be useful to know the approximate dimensions of the sheet pan that should be used.


  12. Trico says:

    “I’d love to make it but we don’t seem to get corn syrup in the UK.”

    For light corn syrup in the UK use Golden syrup.

    For dark corn syrup use Treacle.

  13. Brian’s peanut brittle looks tempting but baking is not my forte so I’ll just drool over your photo Bee.

    • Trico says:

      “Brian’s peanut brittle looks tempting but baking is not my forte…”


      There’s no baking involved…just measuring, boiling and stirring.


  14. Holly Ellison via Facebook says:

    Rasa or Brian…when should the baking soda and salt be added? Looks like an easy and great candy for the holidays! Thanks for sharing Brian!

  15. Brian Lew says:

    Yes you should use the golden syrup!.
    The sheet pan I used was this one.

    Any standard size is good.. 12×16 13×18.. It can’t be too small or you will need a second pan. It should be greased up with butter real well.
    hope that helps.

    • Trico says:

      “Any standard size is good.. 12×16 13×18.. It can’t be too small or you will need a second pan. ”

      Thanks for the info Brian.

      If you use too small of a pan, the brittle will set too thick and you might break your teeth. :)

  16. Brian Lew says:

    Eleanor, if I make more after New Years then I will send you some :)

  17. Lily says:

    Thanks for sharing. Sure like to try but i do not have the thermometer. No need to bake the raw spanish peanuts or any of the nuts first?? so i can use golden syrup instead of karo syrup?

  18. Ray Sr says:

    I’ve tried peanut brittle just once before – shared by about 5 of us. I remembered that I cleared the plate in the end :)
    It wasn’t too sweet but yet addictive.
    This recipe looks great too…might just give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Yummmy! I love Peanut Brittle! Thanks Bee and Bryan! :D

  20. Tracy Geh-Putnam says:

    My hubby’s favorite to have during the holidays… I wonder if I could substitute with pecans?

  21. RANDY FULGHAM says:


  22. Olivia says:

    Wow! This was so good!!!! My only experience with peanut brittle is having it once from See’s candy. This recipe blows See’s out of the water! Thanks for sharing!!

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