Banana Bread (Banana Cake) Recipe
January 13th, 2008 93 Comments

Banana Bread (Banana Cake) Recipe

Banana Bread (Banana Cake)
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I had gone completely bananas with this delicious banana bread. (Banana bread is also known as “banana cake” outside of the United States.)

I love the smell of baking, especially the smell of banana bread, so yesterday, I baked banana bread (banana cake). Previously, I baked banana nut muffins to perfume my house with the sweet aromas of bananas.

My banana bread (banana cake) was topped with sliced bananas. As a result, my banana bread looked so photogenic I had to take numerous shots of them…

Banana Bread/Banana Cake

Here is my banana bread (banana cake) recipe. Do try my banana bread (banana cake) and drop me a comment if you have questions about my banana bread (banana cake) recipe.

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  1. Monica says:

    I just baked this cake, and it’s deliciousssss!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe…

  2. Sashimie says:

    I came across this when trying to find recipe for banana bread, my husband has asked me to make this several times. Lacking in confidence as a baker, i followed the recipe to exact detail and the result was awesome. He even said that! so thanks so much for this, eager to try other recipes too now!

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  4. KeBi Bibon says:

    Hi! Just had the itch to do something with the bananas I got from my mum. Googled and your recipe was the first hit. Tried it and wallaaa! 40 mins later, my daughter is smiling satisfactorily over her first bite. BTW, I replaced a 1/4 of the flour with cocoa powder and it appeals my daughters (they love chocolates) 10x. Many many thanks!

  5. Michelle Chai May Wan says:

    Hi! Referring to most of your cake will sometimes quote the water or flour measurement in “cups”! May I know how much “ml” of ingredient that the cup can fill? Thank you.

  6. Sheepie says:

    Hey hun,
    I tried making this but mine turned out a little dense and heavy… not too sure why though i followed your exact recipe :( Not enough baking powder?
    Love the taste though! Thanks!

  7. Jun Sebastian says:

    I tried this recipe last week (though I substitute the melted butter with corn oil) and they turned out amazingly delicious! It was the best banana bread that I’ve made so far. Thank you for such delicious recipe! ^_^

  8. Nicole says:

    can u help me give more detail (in gram) for the measurement of flour, butter, sugar?
    Because many versions of cup measurement, e.g: US cup, metric cup, flour cup, sugar cup, butter cup. Which one should I use?

  9. erinheng says:

    It’s absolutely fool-proof and yummy-licious~~~ thanks for sharing!

  10. Kais says:

    I had a bunch of super ripe bananas that came from my parents banana tree. The best way to use it up was to bake a banana cake n am so glad my hubby found your recipe. Not too sweet and the garnishing touch simply lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  11. lenachew says:

    Hi, I tried it yesterday and it turned out very nice. Great recipe. Thanks!

  12. kdang7 says:

    This looks really unique, unlike all the other banana bread i’ve seen or tried. I will def. give this a try!

  13. Miranda says:

    Just baked this, and it is awesome! :) YUMMM!

  14. Monica says:

    Hi, do you think it would also works if i bake it into muffins?

  15. Noemi says:

    I tried this out today and it when fantastic I’ve made or tried to make desserts before but this is one of the few that turned out awesome. Now I think ima make another one so my boyfriend can try it out at our picnik THNX! ;)

  16. corinne says:

    I made this today but halved the sugar (mine was brown sugar) and used 1/2 coconut oil along with the butter. It turned out perfect and sweet enough. great recipe, thanks.

  17. cat says:

    Im a new baker i tried this too, it’s awesome! the best banana cake i’ve ever made! thanks!

  18. Thanks for sharing the recipe.I’ve tried was delicious.

  19. Roopa Raman says:

    This was delicious! It taste so much better than store bought banana bread! I used brown sugar instead of white and added 1 tsp of cinnamon and it’s perfect! Thanks for sharing this great recipe :)

  20. L;ucille oates says:

    This is the best banana bread. I made one for my son, the pastor of my church ,and he really did like it.

  21. Phyllis Lim says:

    I don’t like to bake but this recipe is so easy, just mix, stir and bake. The cake was delicious!

  22. veronyong says:

    I baked this today and it was really delicious! Topped with walnuts :)
    My son had a few slices with Vanilla ice-cream.
    Thanks much for sharing the recipe. This is a definite keeper!

  23. tharshni says:

    i tried the butter cake…it turned out to be awesome..thnk u for the recepie…

  24. Mimmy says:

    Hi – I tried this recipe after trying many different banana cake recipes and this came out the best and had some really good comments from friends and family. Thanks so much for sharing !

  25. Tammy says:


    This looks very good as I am searching for a good recipe on banana bread/cake for xmas day. I saw there are a few recent postings of banana bundt cake, banana and choc bread – in your opinion, out of these three cakes/ bread, which has the best taste?


  26. Stephy says:

    Hi, did you upload any of your recipe in YouTube? :) it will be helpful to those newbie in baking *JUST LIKE ME* :D

  27. Julie Z says:

    I am not a very skilled baker, but I have made this several times now and OMG it is AMAZING! It is so incredibly moist and delicious. Even my 4 year old is obsessed with this yummy bread!

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  29. Saira says:


    I love your butter and banana cake recipes. They are amazingly simple and so delicious. I have made your butter cake several times. I tried your banana cake recipe last night. Looks really moist and wholesome. Can’t wait to have a slice for breakfast! I must say your recipes are foolproof and are quite adaptable to substitute ingredients. Thanks for sharing! The taste and smell and look of these cakes really remind me of my childhood days when cakes like these were such treats.

    Warm wishes

  30. Peggy Tan says:

    Hi! As you know, the electricity tariff here is atrocious! Would it be possible to triple your recipe and bake 3 loaves at the same time?

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