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Ginger and Black Fungus Chicken Recipe (姜丝云耳鸡)

Ginger and Black Fungus Chicken
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Ginger and black fungus chicken is a plain and humble dish that anyone can whip up in their kitchen, and most importantly, it’s delicious and goes well with steamed rice.

This ginger chicken dish is inspired by a recipe from “Thai Cooking Made Easy,” a must-have Thai cookbook in my opinion. I have no doubt that the recipe is originally Chinese as many Thai recipes are adaptations of Chinese food. I like it that fermented beans are used in the sauce (which is absent from the traditional Chinese version), it adds a lot of depth to the taste of the chicken and black fungus. The addition of red onion is a nice touch, too…

Do trymy ginger chicken with black fungus recipe, eat well, stay healthy, and have a wonderful weekend.

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25 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Sharon

    I’ve seen that cookbook in my local library. I think I’ll go pick it up today! I’d love to try this with shiitake mushrooms. Looks yummy, I can almost smell it from here!

  2. Chuck

    Hi Bee! Looks delicious. Now I have something else to make with the jar of fermented bean in my fridge. Thanks!

  3. Claude-Olivier

    all that i like, this recipe will be soon in my kitchen ;-) and to answer to your question, I’m about 4h train from Paris..but will you come once to Switzerland ? ;-) cheers

  4. tigerfish

    I simply love the name 姜丝云耳…
    很有画面! I never cook 云耳 in a Thai-style dish like this before.

  5. Kate / Kajal

    one of my favourite cantonese dishes. i simply adore it this looks just perfect , but get your ass to the kitchen and start cooking now !!

  6. Dianne

    I made this ginger with black fungus chicken for my family last night and they loved it! I just want to thank you for recipe.

  7. Anonymous

    Im at work, i had nothing to do just looking to your recipe.I’m already hungry and i can’t wait to go home and try those recipe :p

  8. Amelia Chee

    Hi Bee, cooked this tonight, the gingery taste compliments the sauce and fungus very well. Another great recipe, thank you! I’m off to try your Mongolian beef next, another of my daughter’s favourite dish to order when we eat out.

  9. luisa

    Hi! Bee, I work here as a maid your cook book is a big help to me. thanks. I like easy chinese recipe. I still need to learn a lot,, please help me.. iwant to please my employer.

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