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Honey Wings Recipe

Honey Wings
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If you have been reading and following Rasa Malaysia for a while, you would notice that I am not much a carnivore. I prefer seafood, but I do like chicken a lot, especially chicken wings.

While most people perceive chicken as boring, I personally think that chicken—with the right recipe and preparation—can be very versatile and delicious. And I feel very lucky to be a Malaysian because the Chinese, Malay, and Indians in Malaysia have many creative ways and interesting recipes when it comes to cooking chicken. Satayayam percik (Malay-style grilled chicken with coconut milk and spices), various Indian-Malaysian chicken curry, Chinese BBQ, salt-baked chicken, soups or stews, Nyonya food, the list just goes on. Everybody loves chicken in Malaysia.

This past New Year’s Eve, my friend F at Salt & Turmeric prepared these turmeric and honey wings that have me craving for more since I tasted them. Coincidentally, the Asian market in my neighborhood has a special wings promotion, so I loaded them up on my shopping cart and made these honey wings myself.

Malaysian Turmeric and Honey WingsSuperbowl is just around the corner, so if you are throwing a party, try something different this year. I am quite certain that these honey wings with turmeric will impress your guests. If you love chicken, please also check out other chicken recipes on Rasa Malaysia.

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43 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. aria

    these look fantastic, the flavors sound so good and, droool, the pics…

    my favorite part is the middle section too. my husband thinks theres no meat on them, silly man

  2. Kalyn

    I am immediately saving this recipe, plus sending it to my brother who’s simply mad for turmeric. Sounds fantastic and great photos too.

  3. holybasil

    I love the combination of tumeric and ginger here. I’m not a football fan, but I’ll try to make them Super Sunday anyway :)

  4. Manggy

    Wow, just reading the recipe I know it’s a winner :) Nothing wrong with bumping up the chili powder to, oh, a tablespoon, heh heh :)

    Also, I’m convinced people who think chicken is boring are quite limited in their imagination.

  5. Mandy

    I just wish I could have some of these now! Congrats on the recent DMBLGIT win. There’s 3 Malaysians who win this round ;D

  6. Ming the Merciless

    Ooooo…I had the tumeric BBQ chicken wings during my trip to Malaysia last the summer. They were soooo delicious.

  7. Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    I’ll bet my kids will love these. I’ll need about 5 lbs of chicken though. ;-)

    Beautiful photo, Bee!

  8. Lydia

    Great tip about baking and then browning over the flame of the stovetop. Of course if you are making pounds and pounds of these chicken wings — which I would want to do, because the recipe is so luscious — it would be a labor of love to hold each one over the flame with tongs. But oh so worth it — I’m saving this recipe!

  9. 3.11.

    An alternative to holding each individual wings over the stove top flame, you could pick up one of those propane torch attachments from the hardware store (you know the ones that plumbers use to solder copper pipes?), attach a mini-camping (eg Coleman) propane tank to it and you can char all the meat at once on the baking tray itself.

  10. DocChuck

    AHHH! Yet another great way of fixing chicken wings! My wife and I are adding this method to our collection of wing recipes.

    So many wings, so little time.

  11. kennymah

    Reminds me of the legendary Wong Ah Wah barbecued chicken wings at Jalan Alor, KL. Yeah, it looks that good. Probably tastes even better. ;)

  12. Homesick Texan

    That’s so funny, as I was reading this I was thinking to myself, “Ah, these would be perfect for the Super Bowl,” and I’m glad you agree. And thanks for revealing the secret techniques.

  13. Piggy

    Chicken is my favourite! I think I hv more posts on chicken dishes than anything else.. ;-)

    did the juice from the wings drip on the stove when you grill them?

  14. Rasa Malaysia

    Aria – I love the middle section too, the reason why is not that meaty is the best part of all. Hehe.

    Big Boys – cool, you must try.

    Kalyn – hehe, I hope your brother likes it. :)

    Christine – let me know how they go. I love the ginger taste in these wings.

    Manggy – of course I love spicy food, but I toned it down because I don’t want to chili powder to “compete” with the ginger juice…since ginger juice already gives that “gingery spicy” flavor. Hehe. But I don’t mind more chili powder. :)

    Mandy – thanks for telling me about DMBLGiT, I didn’t even know until you told me.

    Shella – LOL, help yourself, two, three, four. Hehe.

    Ming – yes, Malaysian grilled chicken wings…oooh so good. I love belacan fried chicken, too, have you tried them?

    Dave – sure, I can eat 5 lbs of them, too. They are too good. Thanks for your compliment about the photos. :)

    Lydia – well, you can spread the hard labor to like say, 2 of 3 people in front of the stove top, that would speed things up. LOL.

    Happy Cook – yes, chicken wings are the best part of a chicken. LOVE them.

    3.11 – thanks for your great idea. You are a real chef, are you? I always wanted to get one of those torch, I see them in Iron Chefs…so much fun. :)

    Docchuck – LOL. I can never get tired of wings though, so the more recipes, the merrier.

    Kenny Mah – No one can beat Wong Ah Wah chicken wings, I can’t decode how they marinate their wings…I LOVE them.

    Homesick Texan – hehe, great mind thinks alike.

    Princess – you have no idea…I love love love wings. Thanks for the recipe!

    Piggy – It did, but I used aluminum foil on the stove top before grilling…so easier to clean. ;)

  15. Hazza

    Lovely technique, charring the chicken at the end. I will have a go at it myself soon. Only problem is, if I cooking 20 wings, it’s very time consuming.

  16. Zen Chef

    Very Yummy Wingies!
    Turmeric and honey sounds like a match made in heaven, with the soothing heat of ginger..Yummylicious!

  17. Judy

    Hi there, thanks for your msg at my old blog.

    Tumeric and honey sounds good. I have never thought of marinading with tumeric except use it to cook curries.

    Might give it a try one day. :)

  18. Cynthia

    I bet they had heightened flavour with the flames making direct contact with the chicken.

    In Guyana, fresh poultry is fire-roasted (just so the skin get slightly charred) and then cut up and prepared for cooking.

  19. tigerfish

    Chicken wings is my favorite part of the chicken, though the other school will tell me it’s one of the more unhealthy part (cos mostly skin and no meat :P )…

    I usually made mine with curry powder + turmeric + sambal belacan + honey. Yours is simpler and I’m so sure so yummy too! Finger lickin’ GOOD!

  20. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    haha since the secrets r revealed..does that mean they will murder u to keep u quiet before you reveal more?? just joking!..

  21. MrsDocChuck

    I am sorry, but my husband spends his time posting on blogs and websites run by young women (usually asian women) and trying to chat them up. Please do not respond to him. Seriously. It never leads to anything good.

  22. aria

    hi rasa, i made these tonight. so delicious. as soon as i get my cameraback ill make them again for some pictures and a post. love the flavors of tumeric (new to me) and sweetness of honey and salty soy. reaaaaalllllly goot :)

  23. Salt N Turmeric

    This Malaysian turmeric and honey wings look so good. i will try to make it using your turmeric and honey chicken wings recipe.

  24. Amber

    This recipe looks delicious but I’ve made it and follow the recipe to the ‘T” and it turned out very bland. I mean very very bland.

  25. rheena

    Hi Bee,

    I just made this for dinner to go with my veg briyani…and it was YUMM!I esp like that hint of turmeric in the chicken!:))

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