Pineapple Tarts Recipe (凤梨酥)
Pineapple Tarts
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Chinese New Year falls on 1/31/2014 this year. This is the first time I am going to spend Chinese New Year in the United States since the birth of my son. Today, I updated this pineapple tarts recipe and photos that I originally published on March 23, 2008. Chinese New Year—especially in Malaysia—is incomplete without trays and trays of pineapple tarts. Over the years, I have really fallen in love with these absolutely tasty and addictive pineapple tarts and I have tried countless pineapple tarts recipe. However, time after time, I come back to this recipe that I have learned from Fresh from the Oven. This pineapple tarts recipe is easy and definitely a keeper!

Two trays of buttery, sweet, flaky, delicious, and beautiful pineapple tarts were born in my kitchen. Thanks to my Malaysian friend Mandy at Fresh from the Oven, I couldn’t get enough of them, and I am definitely saving this pineapple tarts recipe for good.

Pineapple Tarts (凤梨酥/菠萝酥)

Pineapple tarts (凤梨酥) are commonly baked for the celebration of Chinese New Year festival in Malaysia and Singapore. In Taiwan, pineapple tarts or 凤梨酥 are exceedingly popular but Taiwanese pinepple tarts recipe calls for shortening and milk powder and taste slightly different. Because shortening is used in the Taiwanese version, they are also called pineapple shortcakes.

Pineapple Tarts

Making these pineapple tarts (凤梨酥) takes some patience, especially with the pineapple jam or pineapple tarts filling. The pineapple tarts looked so photogenic I just had to take a lot of pictures. So, please remember to view the complete pineapple tarts pictures above.

Pineapple Tarts

Below is the pineapple tarts recipe, which I have adapted from Fresh from the Oven. You can also make these pineapple tarts into different shapes, such as the open face flower shape. You can check out the recipe of open face pineapple tarts recipe here. Enjoy!

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  1. Manggy says:

    I agree! That recipe of Mandy’s is gold.

    My plan is just eating about 1500cal/day, plus working out. However, chocolates and chips keep destroying the plan! I need to get rid of all of them from the house!

  2. Mandy says:

    wow! these are definitely DH magazine worthy. I think you could start a magazine with your yummy recipes and beautiful food photography. P/s: I am glad the recipe works out for you. I used canned pineapple all the time here. Sometime I bring back a pack of the readymade filling from M’sia too. :p

  3. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    haha lets hope the 7 pounds doesnt come back with all these tarts dear..!

  4. Rachel@fairycakeheaven says:

    It’s definitely easier not to buy the things you shouldn’t be eating!!! I’m back on the 2diet wagon” this morning, setting myself small goals as always and fingers crossed the weight will go at a pound of 2 per week.

    These do look gorgeous though and have been saved in my

  5. Jun says:

    u probably dun celebrate easter but it’s quite a big thing over in the states i gather, what with the easter parades and all. so, happy easter and may u find lotsa choc eggs!! :)

  6. Veron says:

    Totally Donna Hay deserving! These tarts sound lovely as well…Need to try them.

  7. noobcook says:

    yea, the photos are superb, as they always do! I feel so hungry right now after looking at your food photos, heh

  8. Marvin says:

    Beautiful presentation with the tarts, Rasa. How did they look on the inside?

  9. liberal foodie says:

    these look really delicious! by the way, congrats on the weight loss sucess. Your healthy diet really paid off.

  10. sandy says:

    I love pineapple tarts. Your short cuts just made it easier and faster to make them. I think I will try making them with the short cuts. Thanks.

  11. Farina says:

    U dont need to lose any pound and yet you did. very not fair tau! :P

    the tarts look yummy. dying for some myself. i kno. i shud get my fat arse up and start baking! lol.

  12. Tastes of Home says:

    lovely, delicious looking tarts! love looking at your pics. Btw, I know that natural daylight is the best for pics but I do cook a lot at u take pics indoors ever? thanks!!

  13. Kevin says:

    Those pineapple tarts do look good! They sound tasty as well.

  14. fatboybakes says:

    hey rasa, did you know you are quoted in today’s NEW STRAITS TIMES (tues, mar 25th)…under an article about MSG? wah, so famous hor u.

  15. ChichaJo says:

    These are most definitely Donna Hay worthy! :) They look absolutely gorgeous Bee…and super tempting, I want to pick one off my screen! Looove pineapple :)

  16. daphne says:

    It’s weird but I have never thought of using canned pineapples! Going to give this recipe a go!

  17. UnkaLeong says:

    Dee, you lagi nak diet ke?

  18. Terri @ A Daily Obsession says:

    love pineapple tarts. hey, i don’t know if others have this problem but for the past two weeks it takes about 10 min to download ur blog, n if i go to the next page it’s another 10 min wait. it drives me crazy. having same prob with Mandy’s blog too.

  19. Piggy says:

    The pineapple tarts look absolutely delicious! Congrats on the weight loss… I do not have the perseverance to stick to any diet plan at all, to me, food is simply too irresistible! :-P

  20. Liz says:

    Oh my the tarts look delicious! Congrats on the weight loss.

  21. SteamyKitchen says:

    7 pounds!!! wow! we need to start the rasamalaysia diet revolution!

    you could make a few million dollars if you write a diet book!

  22. FooDcrazEE says:

    wow ! hard diet . . .i did some crazee stuff too . . .quaker oats for breakfast and dinner with Milk. only 1 meal of rice a day and manage to lose 3kg in a month but damn hard on palate . . . .


  23. Cynthia says:

    Good heavens! Bee is baking! What a treat! :) I mean it.

  24. Khun Ying says:

    You know, I like your blog. I just added it to this recipe directory.

    Your readers and fans can vote for you by giving you a star. See you around! :)

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have been searching high and low for a perfect pineapple tart/pineapple shortcake recipe and I am so glad to find yours. There are many recipes on the internet but yours look the most promising with beautiful pictures. I am sure I won’t go wrong with your pineapple tarts recipe. :)

  26. Anonymous says:


    Can I know how much butter for 2 sticks? And what are the meaning of 2 cans (20 oz can) sliced pineapples and
    10 tablespoons (more or less to taste)?

    I am going to try it out!! Looks yummy.


  27. Simply...Gluten-free says:

    7 pouns in three day! You go girl. And all your pix are most certainly Donna Hay worthy!

  28. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Hi all – thanks for the nice comments. Everyone should give this recipe a try, really! :)

    Anonymous – 2 sticks of butter means 1 cup of butter/8 oz of butter. I used two cans of cannes pineapple slices. 1 can is 20 oz. For the sugar, you can use more than 10 tablespoons or less than that, it’s up to your taste.

  29. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Anonymous – 1 stick of butter is 4 oz.

  30. Indonesia-Eats says:

    we call this nastar, and usually be on coffee table on Eid-ul Fitr or Christmas. Huh, you made me miss to taste them

  31. Wendy Hutton says:

    Are you writing for an American audience or for those of us in Asia? I couldn’t believe I was reading “sticks of butter”. One stick is 100g, so why not be specific. And shame on you, using canned pineapple in a place where fresh pineapple is good good! I’m sure the tarts are tasty, nonetheless.

  32. Sunkid says:

    omg, pineapple tarts is something for me to die for! ….. haven’t had that for years! What a great inspiration!

  33. Aimei says:

    Oh, by reading your post, I’m definitely gonna give this recipe a try! I had been making pineapple tarts during the CNY too!

  34. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Dear Wendy Hutton,

    I think you are the mega author in Asia that has done numerous Asian cookbooks. I wanted to welcome you to my humble Rasa Malaysia website, despite your not-so-nice comment about my pineapple tarts.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I reside in the US…I am a food blogger and this is my personal blog. I am not a cookbook author and need not be precise with my recipes. And for your nformation, yes, the majority of my readers are in north America, and last I checked, using “sticks” to refer to butter is not something unacceptable here. I have a lot of Asian readers and others from all over the world, and they always try my recipes and love them.

    A reader asked me about “2 sticks of butter” and I responded in my comments area. All you have to do is look.

    As to why I used canned pineapples, well, it’s my own personal preference and it fits my busy schedules, and oh yeah, they are to die for!

    Thanks for stopping by and you just gave me an idea. I am going to try one of your “authentic” Malaysian recipes and I will tell you exactly how real Malaysian dishes are done, the proper way. ;)

    Please stay tuned.

  35. Farina says:

    BeeYinn, tht WH is so bloody rude and not smart either. Whether your blog caters to Msian or North American, it shouldnt matter. If any of your readers are not sure abt the measurement, they can always ASK, nicely and they do ASK nicely.

    Can fruits or fresh fruits, its not a big deal. You are baking/cooking for your own consumption therefore whichever suits your style and time and of course preference.

    To WH, if you truly know that much about Msian food, then you should know that there’s no 1 way in making anything from sambal belacan to nasi lemak to char kuey teow. It all depends on your tastebud. Shame on you for your rude and uncalled for remarks!

  36. maybahay says:

    goodness, some people just deserve a pineapple up the proverbial!
    your tarts look great and i am sure they tast divine. who cares if they were made of canned pineapple? a sure sign of a good cook is how they can make fabulous things out of any ingredients they have on hand.
    keep up the great work.

  37. Anonymous says:

    RM, I have been following your blog and I am obliged to say all your content is spot on till you called this Wendy Hutton a mega author. A mega author? Seriously? Never heard of her till now. Maybe now she will become mega. Most of your recipes have been easy to follow, especially for those of us Malaysian living abroad. With the substitute ingredients vs the fresh ones we get at homeland, now we too are able to enjoy and even share with our foreign friends, Malaysian cuisine. Also, I would have continued to make terrible pineapple juice out of canned pineapple if not for this posting. I don’t know if this Wendy character gets to watch the Food Network we have here in U.S. All the renowned chefs from all over the world, from Jamie Oliver to Mario Batali. Try correcting them, Wendy.

  38. Anonymous says:

    For the pineapple filling.. 10 tablespoons of what? Is it sugar?

    Thanks, great pictures by the way :)

  39. Mei says:

    Just would like to share something that we’ve done this in the family for a few generations.

    1) Get fresh sweet pineapple (if you’re in M’sia, it’s easy – if you aren’t, pick the pineapple that looks “orangey”) and grate (use the juice as well)
    2) Use rock cane sugar instead of regular sugar (it adds to the colour)
    3) Instead of cornstarch, use maltose sugar as a thickener

    Blending can give you a too smooth jam – fibrous is better for texture. :)

    My mother adds in honey to give it a more fragrant smell/taste.

    This is about as authentically Hokkien as you can get. ^.^

  40. Ray says:

    Nice pics. My wife makes those tarts every year. She goes out and buys two or three pineapples and has me standing over the stove while the pineapples cook down. She has a slightly different variation as she uses a butter shortbread recipe for the coating. Personally I prefer the flaky version that we bought in S’pore. Very nice. These look just like it.

  41. VeeW says:

    I don’t even know who Wendy Hutton is until I googled her name. Interesting comments but she is after all an author of cookbooks that are idiots-proofed. We all know Asian cooking leans towards the individual’s taste preference and is therefore less precise in nature. Oh well, some people do like to toot their own horns and offer unsolicited advice from their self-imagined pedestals though.

    Anyhow, I am most tempted to cook up these delicious looking tarts and share them with my American parents-in-law. They’ll get to enjoy a Malaysian delicacy cooked up by this Malaysian transplant on American soil. Just looking at the pic makes my mouth water…. gosh, I just need to drag my lazy butt to the kitchen. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  42. tigerfish says:

    I don’t know who Wendy Hutton is but I know Rasa Malaysia. And I love RM’s cooking and photography. :D
    OMG, I just saw “sticks of butter” hovering in one of my “bling bling”.

  43. Zen Chef says:

    Ah jealousy! People who get offended by something as technical as a stick of butter VS. 100g of butter need to get a life. Really, that was a lame comment.

    I’m so tired of the ‘intellectuals’ of cooking. I once i got lectured by someone because i used chicken broth instead of water to cook couscous. Apparently it’s a big no-no in some people’s mind. But who cares really, it was delicious and that’s all that matters to me.

    I think you make beautiful food! It’s honest and it looks delicious. I would vote for you as Ambassador of Malaysian food anytime. :-)

  44. Aud says:

    I came back to get the pineapple tart recipe to try and saw the unfriendly post by WH. I have to attest that canned pineapple is a good choice to use. In fact, both fresh and canned make pretty darn tasty jam. I will use it again in a heart beat.

  45. Josh says:

    do you think i could use lard instead of veg. shortening?

  46. Towkay says:

    Interesting exchange, I collect Malaysian and Singapore cookbooks, and certainly have Wendy Hutton’s books well represented in my collection.

    Her recipes are generally sound, and she is always sure to include historical/cultural editorials (albeit at times saccharine, as in her native friend vignettes conveniently hailing from the major 4 ethnic groups, in “Singapore Food”). Generally though, in her books, she comes across as thoughtful and respectful of her adopted food culture. And she certainly made her contributions in being one of the first to codify and record local recipes.

    However, her anachronistic comments illustrate just how far we’ve come since her time.

    Your gorgeous food photos and dynamic recipes with reader feedback (including the occasional raucous tete-a-tete, wink wink) are a revolution and an evolution from the static pages of a Wendy Hutton cookbook.

    Wendy, it’s time to start a blog.

  47. Evalin says:

    I tried your Pineapple Tart recipe, it came out flaky and tasty. My friend bought me pineapple filling from H.K,it taste not too sweet, maybe next time I should put more fillings. I enjoy reading your site. Are you a professional photographer? Very Nice Picture!

  48. Zaneta says:

    I tried your recipe today. My friends loved them! I wanted to ask though how much 2.5 cups is in grams or oz as googling produced two different results. Thanks!

  49. Esnen, Eva says:

    Hi Rasa Malaysia:
    I found ur site by accident yesterday! Been wanting a pineapple tart recipe, search it on RM, tried it just now. Wow… the exact one I have always liked. Thanks.

  50. Rachel says:


    I tried this recipe earlier today and I halved the recipe accordingly, but the dough mixture turned out to be really crumbly and quite dry, despite me adding another egg yolk to the mixture hoping to bind them together…it was so crumbly i had a really difficult time trying to put the filling inside because they kept falling apart.

    I love pineapple tarts, hopefully you can tell me what went wrong…

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