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Shrimp Omelet

Rasa Malaysia Omelet/Stir-fried Eggs with Red Onions and Shrimp

I absolutely adore eggs.

I cook too much of them. I eat too much of them. But I never get tired of them…

Rasa Malaysia Omelet/Stir-fried Eggs with Red Onions and Shrimp

Egg, as simple as it sounds, is a thing of immense versatility. You can pretty much do anything with them—boil, poach, fry, steam, stir-fried, braise—the end results are always pleasing and make my mouth water. For example, this perfectly fried omelet paired beautifully with some lightly caramelized red onions plus a few sinfully delicious and succulent shrimp.

Omelet. Elegance and luxury redefined.

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  1. team BSG

    this RMO of elegance & luxury should best be taken with love one over white wine by Gurney Drive?

    Thats really wonderful…
    recipe for romance.

  2. lucia

    hey i love eggs too… no matter how it is done but i don’t like it mix with char koay teow or any fried noodles/rice as it will taste kind of soggy. (and ‘jelat’).

    omelette with shrimps? i hardly came across it but of course i would love it to bits since it has both egg and shrimp!

  3. Wandering Chopsticks

    I love getting Dungeness crab omelets when I’m in Portland b/c they don’t skimp on the crab. Crab and asparagus omelets – big chunks of flaky crab meat, fresh steamed spears of asparagus. Sooo good.

  4. Wandering Chopsticks

    Oh, and if you add a tablespoon or so of milk to the eggs when you beat them, it’ll make your omelets light and fluffy.

  5. TrueBluePenangite

    OMG, it sounds so delicious and luxurious if you add in the crab meat. It’s DELUXIOUS!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist poking fun at a similarly named restaurant in Penang. Did you hear about it when you were back home? I always thought the name was stupid. I don’t know about the food though.

  6. UnkaLeong

    I miss my mommy! Mental note, have Kleenex Handy when visiting RM in future…or a bib.

    Staple Thai breakfast.Kai Jeow.Simple omelette with shredded pork, served with plain white rice, all for the cost of 15THB

  7. wmw

    ***LOL***at team bsg comments…Okay, composure regained. Lovely egg dish. I hardly cook but do love to cook. Got cobwebs in the kitchen already…so, no curry puff and no egg dish. Will go out and find food! Surprisingly, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng’s Fu Yoong Egg Rice is tasty (or maybe it’s the MSG????).

  8. tigerfish

    The first look without reading on, I thought it was Fried Sharks Fin with Egg (those served in traditional Chinese cold dish platter). :D
    With that presentation, can be a premium dish!

  9. Precious Pea

    Still remembered those days when my mum used to make omelette with diced chinese sausages, prawns, chives, onions, char siu… delicious. My fav style would be cheese omelette…cos am so lazy to prepare other fillings.

  10. Tummythoz

    Eggs and onions are almost always available in my kitchen. So this is it when I’ve no idea what to cook or not much ingredients in hand or just plain lazy. Sometimes I’ll pour some canned baked beans in tomato sauce over it when it’s almost done. Good with rice.

  11. fatboybakes

    i was most distressed today to return to an eggless home…
    aitelyu, if it wasnt for the potential health hazard associated with eggs, vis a vis cholestrol, i would, like Gaston from beauty and the beast, eat 5 dozen eggs…
    as in, i would eat them liberally.
    actually, i’m following delia smith’s how to cook at the moment, and she’s teaching how to cook eggs…
    for me, half boiled eggs with toast, butter (none of that margarine crap) and kaya….is halfway to heaven.

  12. Ming_the_Merciless

    I love eggs too, any style. I said I don’t cook but I do have eggs in the fridge most of the time. And I make omelette when late night hunger hits. I add whatever leftover take-outs that are in the fridge too.

    N.B.: Do not microwave an egg. It will explode all over the place. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here. :-)

  13. Rasa Malaysia

    Team BSG – you gila ar? Gurney Drive got so much good food why do I need to eat my omelet there. LOL!

    Lucia – I think we really do like the same thing. I also don’t like to add eggs to my char kuey teow, I always order it without the eggs, but add prawns. :)

    WC – I never cook omelet with milk…hmmm, will have to try it out. I wonder if it works with an Asian recipe. ;)

    Simcooks – egg foo yong has bean sprouts…I don’t like bean sprouts in my eggs.

    TruebluePenangite – I will have to check out DELUXIOUS when I go home.

    Unka – aiyo, still drooling ke?

    Swee – I don’t like half boiled eggs, it has that weird taste, but I love kaya though. :)

    Budding – Cool. It’s easy to cook.

    KM – I already said so, my omelet is luxury one.

    WMW – I am sure it’s MSG. ;)

    FBB – how can a baker like you do without eggs…I can understand your crisis and distress! LOL.

    Tiga – you read my mind, yes, that was what I was going for. OK, next time I cook real sharkfins eggs.

    Anonymous – :-O

    Dr. Ve Thru – Yeah, try it and I am sure you will love it.

    Malaykid – :P

    CP – :)

    Northcountryboy – you can make it, it’s easy.

    Precious Peas – you can just put whatever into an omelet, that’s the beauty of it.

    Tummy – yes, baked beans and omelet, lazy people food. LOL.

    Teckiee – yep yep.

    ilingc – the wine is the secret recipe. It adds so much flavor. Luxury redefined!

    Ming – thanks for your advice, I will not nuke my eggs. ;)

    Sue – put some crab meat into yours and you have a deluxe breakfast. :)

  14. aretha

    dear Rasa Malaysia,

    i am a malaysian student currently in the UK and have never cooked anything in my life before. so happened i stumbled across your blog and i tried out your omelette recipe today; turned out good! hehe im so pleased i tried it. keep the recipes comin! (:

  15. Rasa Malaysia

    Meiyen – sure, please help yourself…just jilat the screen. ;)

    Jacob – welcome and please do come back more and leave me comments.

    Aretha – Welcome and thanks for trying my recipe. That’s very cool that you like it. Will keep the recipes coming!

  16. veron

    I love this dish! It’s easy to forget how good it is when you get transplanted to the United States. Yes whether crab or shrimp it is delicious!

  17. Wendy

    I like to cook omellette as well because it’s so nice to go with rice and easy to prepare. Apart from onion and shrimp, I also add chopped red capsicum and mushroom (shiitake). I stir-fry the mushroom first before stirring with the egg as mushroom needs longer time to cook. The red capsicum add a taste of nice sweet veg fragrance to it.

  18. Sev

    This is the first recipe I ever tried from this site, loved it and it compelled me to keep coming back for recipes. Never been disappointed yet.

    I have taken to making this a bit differently lately, using the technique from Bee’s egg foo young recipe (like her I find the egg foo young at most restaurants to be terrible).

    I fry the onions first, then fry the shrimp and usually some shitake mushrooms. I then add these ingredients to the eggs in a bowl, and use a ladle to dish out to a hot wok like it was an egg foo young. I like the results, browned on both sides. I often use 5 eggs and make three omelets for two people. Served straight (great for low carb diets) and with rice if you’re eating carbs.

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