Strawberry and Blueberry Tarts Recipe
January 11th, 2007 24 Comments

Strawberry and Blueberry Tarts Recipe

Strawberry and Blue Berries Tarts

A package of Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Shells–$4.49 plus tax.

A pack of frozen strawberry and blueberry–$2.99 plus tax.

Eggs, milk, sugar and other ingredients–less than $1.00.

Making strawberry and blueberry tarts that whisper “eat me eat me“–priceless…

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24 comments... read them below or add one

  1. UnkaLeong says:

    She bakes, she scores…Excuse me while I go find some Kleenex to wipe the drool off my monitor :)

  2. fatboybakes says:

    HAHAH, unkaleong, that sounds so risque.

    rasa malaysia, yummy!!! hey, i’ve been looking (not actively) for that vanilla cream filling actually. coz they sell these cream puffs here called beard papa, and the filling is yummy. wonder if its the same. am gonna try. of course we cant get those ready tart shells here, so have to make la.

    wah, you based in america ah? doing what ah? working? studying?

  3. lucia says:

    whoo! it looks lovely… but i don’t like strawberry and blueberry.

  4. BuddingCook says:

    this looks very good. :)

  5. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Unkaleong – next time put a napkin around your neck before you visit Rasa Malaysia! LOL!

    Fatboybakes – Yeah, I guess it will be hard to find this kind of products in Malaysia. I work in the US by the way.

    Lucia – I am not a big fan of berries either (fresh), but when they are backed or used in desserts, they are good.

    Budding Cook – when are you going to try baking some cakes. ;)

  6. toniXe says:

    Xcuse me unka but u r drooling which one err? de dangerously looking tempting delicious one below da RSS ATOM or the other sinister sexy buxom red squeezed by shiny blacks on the stage issit ?

    I can understand….

  7. Claude-Olivier says:

    Woaw, what an amazing picture !!! It really nice, I love it. You do not need to put the eat me on the picture because that was the first thing I thought when I saw it ;-) this is not Malaysian food, isn’t it ;-)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Basically, the “story” said that I was in a bad day, with quite a lot of non-motivating events…anyway. I went in my Asian shop and I found a Thai mango. I have eaten the first one in Ayutthaya in Thailand and it was just wonderful, you this so intensive taste…And I have just cook some crepe for this mango, with a small swiss touch ;-) That was the story.

    Have a nice day

  8. Chubbypanda says:

    Didn’t that cake make Alice really really BIG when she visited Wonderland?

    … You’re trying to make me a Fatpanda, aren’t you.

    - Chubbypanda

  9. wmw says:

    Mmm…looks delicious, the strawberry and blueberries tart I mean (Have to be specific – Tonixe’s comment is so funny! LOL)

  10. simcooks says:

    I hardly bake but this vanilla cream filling looks easy to make. I can make that and fill up some Choux Pastry Puffs.

  11. elmomonster says:

    scrumptious! and simple!

  12. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Tonixe – too funny!

    Claude – thanks, you are always so courteous and sweet. I am so happy Melting Wok found you in blogosphere. :)
    No, this is not Malaysian; sometimes I have to make something other than Malaysian food. :)

    CP – ;)

    WMW – Is it more delicious than Daniel Henney?! :P

    Simcooks – yep, try it. Quite simple actually.

    Elmo – indeed!

  13. Food Marathon says:

    Just add grated coconut seasoned with turmeric, lemon grass, red chilies and you’ve got cross-cultural ‘Amerilaysian’ Tarts.

  14. tigerfish says:

    Die leow die leow, it says “eat me eat me” but I can’t seem to reach it leh. Only left scratches and fingerprints on my monitor.
    I must stock up baking pantry before I try all ur egg tarts and berry tarts recipe. I don’t bake -tt’s y never keep ingredients eg. vanilla extract, sugar and no baking utensils.
    But looks like your post may power the change!
    You, power leh! ;p

  15. MeiyeN says:

    oh wow, looks so tempting…. i am drooling….. must really say that you are absolutely good in cooking and baking!!!!!

  16. Rasa Malaysia says:

    Food Marathon – hmmm, I like that idea, especially the term “Amerilaysia.” ;)

    Tigerfish – no need to die lah; just go by some ingredients and can bake liao. I also don’t bake much before but now I am hooked on it.

    Meiyen – you are so sweet, thanks for your compliment. Hehe

  17. stefoodie says:

    oh wow, that looks scrumptious.

  18. Keropok Man says:

    i am on diet. closed the screen immediately after viewing your URL.

    ok, visited again to drop comments. haha…

  19. simcooks says:

    Hello… I made the vanilla cream filling for my pastry puff, but it turned out too liquid. Is it becos I did not cook it long enough? How to make it more custard like?

    I want to post my pictures. Can I reference your URL and list your vanilla cream filling recipe in my post?

  20. TBC says:

    That is looking simply heavenly!

  21. Shah says:

    Yumm yumm to strawberry and bluberry tarts. I can eat 5 of these!

  22. My Taste Heaven says:

    Oh, your tart looks so tempting , i should say the standard is equivalent to the restaurants !!!

  23. Patrick says:

    I just bought all the ingredients to make these, which definitely wasn’t that hard to find… Thanks for making such easy recipes I’m counting down til your cookbook =). How long do you think these tarts would last, because I wanted to make them ahead of time for a dinner party?

  24. Jaclyn says:

    The recipe doesn’t say how long I need to cook the filling after the egg yolks have been added and when to add the butter and vanilla. I tried making this, but my filling is runny. It tastes great though! What do you think went wrong? Oh, can I substitute the milk for something non dairy like soy milk? Would like my son to try it but he is allergic to dairy and nuts. Thanks!

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