Spicy Basil Beef Salad
July 17th, 2012 12 Comments

Spicy Basil Beef Salad

Spicy Basil Beef Salad
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One of my favorite things to do is reading food and travel magazines. I usually go crazy when it’s summer as the newsstands are filled with all sorts of summer-themed magazines. Each with a mouthwatering cover and big bold text that pretty much screams “buy me and eat me.” Other than my regular magazine subscriptions, I usually succumb to these many temptations and stack up my collections.

Basil Leaves

This year, my favorite summer magazines are Cooking Light and Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food. Each page lures me to try the recipes and this Spicy Basil Beef Salad recipe is just one of the many I have earmarked. I love the combination of three different types of basil, paired with perfectly pan-seared beef. There is no need to fire up the grill.

Spicy Basil Beef Salad

The dressing is Asian, savory, spicy, with a tart note. The minced lemongrass adds an aromatic nuance and texture to the overall dish. It’s one refreshing, beautiful, and pleasant tasting salad, which I am sure many of you will like.

Do you have a favorite summer salad recipe? Please share.

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  1. Rosa says:

    What a fabulous dish! I love basil and that meat is cooked to perfection…



  2. Kalyn says:

    This sounds great!

  3. Joan says:

    My fav is Chinese chicken salad.So good i love the crispy wontons chips on top.

  4. Fern says:

    Ooh this sounds good, especially when I saw the sambal oelek bit! :)

  5. JulieD says:

    I love this, I have been wanting to try out a steak salad lately and this looks just perfect!

  6. Jessica W says:

    This was the most delicious salad I ever had. I actually had it 2 days in arow . Would not mind having it again tomorrow. thank you so much.

  7. Sarah says:

    Was searching for beef recipes and stumbled on your website. Love this recipe! Thank You!

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