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    • My husband doesn’t eat pork, but I do. I love sweet and sour pork but don’t know how to cook it perfectly. Must try this recipe this week. May have to use chicken though so my husband can enjoy it too. Thanks!

  1. Working on this dish with the secret ingredient. . .Thanks for sharing!

    And I thought sweet and sour pork will be forever beyond my reach. . .

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I’m Chinese and I cant perfect this dish! Will try your to add your “secret” ingredients..

  3. Oh my, this is the most beautiful sweet and sour pork I have ever seen. The ones I get at the Chinese restaurants pale in comparison!!

  4. Oh gosh, this dish brings back so many memories… My first job in the kitchen as a kid was mixing the sweet and sour sauce! She used to rave about how well I did it. I think she just wanted me to feel important :)

  5. Looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing! I notice you use corn flour and corn starch. Recently I saw a discussion about whether or not they were the same thing – what is your opinion or what are you using? Thanks!

  6. I love your site and your recipes! Being a transplanted Malaysian for almost 15 years now, this site helps me reconnect with the happy memories of childhood :D

  7. Look Delicious!

    Any chance that since the olympics end in the neighborhood of mid-autumn that you’ll be making mooncakes?

  8. your recipe looks amazing! it may seem like a simple dish…but takes a bit of mastering to get it just right! i abhor those goo loo yok dishes that serve hard and chewy pork slices instead of crunchy!

  9. I love authentic sweet and sour pork. this looks delish! Not the ones served up in chinese restaurants over here that are swimming in sauce.

  10. All – thanks for your nice comments. Sorry I can’t respond to you individually.

    Phemom – It was a typo, it meant the same thing, which is corn starch.

  11. Hope one of these days you do a pictorial process on how it is done (as space is not a constraint in the wwww). For armchair connoisseur like me at least I have the vicarious joy of going through the motion in dishing out one of your recipes. Cheers.

  12. My fav childhood dish-my parents still order that when i’m in town.

    At home, we didnt use plum sauce but I might try that when I do attempt this dish again in the future.

    • I doubled up this recipe last night.
      It was delicious, used 1/2 C pineapple chunks and their juice instead of water in the ‘sauce’ ingredients.
      Well worth the try, and YES, it is better than the one at P*NDA E.
      Thanks for sharing =-)

  13. Tried your sweet and sour pork recipe last night and it was fanstastic! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe and yes, your secret ingredients works. Thanks again. :)

    Austin, TX

  14. This sweet and sour pork looks inviting. I would never have known about plum sauce for sweet and sour pork recipe.

  15. This is my fav dish and your photo makes my mouth water! (Did you take photography lessons?) Thanking for sharing!

    I have to disagree with you on the sauce making or breaking the dish. I could make your sauce but if the pork is over-fried the dish will be ruined too. I always over-fry them though not on purpose as I am fearful that they are not cooked yet! Any tips on how long they should be deep-fried?

    • If you deep fry the pork on medium high heat first until its cooked through, then you can remove the pork, heat oil up to high heat (365 F) and then deep fry the quickly to give them a little extra crisp. This is what my former father in law from shanghai always did.

      If you do it this way the meat wont be overcooked inside:)

  16. I was watching Chua’s Choice from TVB .. a few days ago. .and in it .. he said. .that a good sweet and sour pork.. needs to have the sauces cooked with the pork.. and not have the gravy poured over it.. after it had been cooked.

  17. I have a question,the ketchup from my country is very sweet and thick, american ketchup is more salty…what kind of ketchup do you recommend for this and your indian mee goreng recipe?
    I LOVE all your recipes btw :D

  18. Anonymous – for the ketchup, I don’t have any prefence, the best thing is to try the taste. Add a little bit fast and taste it, if not enough, add more. ;)

  19. Hi I made this last night along with the perfect Chinese greens. Everything was great, I have to say though, the ketchup was a little overpowering to the taste of the sauce. I ended up having to tweak the rest of the ingredients to make it work, but overall came out fantastic. Thanks!

  20. This recipe is wonderful! I made it last week for dinner. My boyfriend said that this was possibly the best dish I’ve ever made.

    P.S. I love this website. Stumbled on it accidentally. So glad i did!

  21. This recipe is excellent. My sweet and sour usually comes out tasting horrible and I had given up on it before I found this. My family ate it so quickly I hardly got any. I did triple the sauce ingredient measurements though as it wasn’t enough.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. I love this recipe! The tomato ketchup can be tad overpowering when you still making the sauce, so I added 2 tbsp of sweet chilli sauce and a little more water. The tomato ketchup aroma is still there but when you stir fry everything, it’s perfection.

    My pork is super soft which is good, but how do I make it more crispy? =)

  23. How do you make the pork more crispy? =) Love this recipe, but I add 2tbsp of sweet chilli sauce and a little more water to the sauce.

  24. Did this last w/e. Looked and tasted brilliant, the best sweet and sour flavour I’ve ever done. I’ll definitely be doing it again.

  25. I make this for my husband tonight and he loved it. Asked if I could make it again and he said it and all the other suggested receipes on the page.

  26. I cooked this for my brother and cousins a few weeks back and they absolutely loved it! – and oh my, do growing boys eat fast!
    I’ll be cooking it again tonight, as per request. Thanks heaps for this recipe! =)

    p.s. i love your site. its the most frequented site on my favourites list. thanks for sharing all your great recipes!

  27. I followed the recipe but doubled the sauce mix. When I put it all together it seemed like it needed extra sauce. Don’t get me wrong it is very tasty but you just need additional sauce. The batter made deep frying the pork easy and very tasty!! Thanks for the recipe and I will make it again.

    • Marcia – glad you like the sweet and sour pork recipe. There is nothing wrong with doubling the sauce, some like it saucy but I personally like it just coated with the sauce. :)

  28. 1, How do you make hot sour soup? I saw your egg drop soup recipe by the way and I was surprised that the soup wasn’t thickened up with cornstarch/water mixture. Will you post a hot sour soup recipe soon?

    2. I’m confused with this teriyaki sauce recipe. It calls for mirin AND sake. At our local asian supermarket, I bought the Takara Mirin. On the label of that SAME BOTTLE, its called GOURMET COOKING SAKE. So wait, is Mirin a Sake also? Are the terms “mirin” and “sake” interchangeable? If not (I’m not a drinker), I was astounded to see so many types of sake there are. Can you tell me specifically which type of sake to get for this teriyaki sauce recipe?

    3. On the breading of your sweet sour pork, it didn’t work out for me. It didn’t look like the photo you showed where its perfectly golden brown. I followed the recipe for the breading and well, the breading burnt literally within seconds (i had my oil at 360) and not only that but after it was fried, the breading (while set on a plate to cool) went soft.. . was adding the egg and maybe too much flour the problems? what are your thoughts?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Pan – I will get to hot and sour soup soon. My egg drop soup is the authentic version, which is not thickened with starch.

      Mirin and sake are totally different things. Mirin is sweet while sake is not. Does it taste sweet. In any case, I think you have got a mirin but I don’t know why they call it sake. Sake is pretty much rice wine. If you can’t get the Japanese sake, you can just buy Chinese rice wine.

      For the batter, it worked out for me and works for many who tried the recipe. I am not sure but maybe your oil is too hot? I used a stove top to fry. Maybe your area is humid? In any case, you can add 2x the corn starch to the batter and it will be more crunchy.

      Hope it works for you.

  29. Oh my god….this was incredible. I doubled the amount of sauce in this recipe for my preference, only to find there was barely any sauce left over since it was all absorbed. The pork was really delicious and decadent unlike the rubbery ones I find at Americanized Chinese restaurants. Huzzah!! :D

  30. Dear rasa malaysia,

    i wanna ask, can i use 排骨(pai gu) to cook this dish or not?
    Is it ok if i marinate it without using rice wine, cos i dun have it.
    Also for the sauce, can i substitute rice vinegar with normal vinegar/apple cider or just omit? cos im a student study at oversea, my ingredients is quite limited. thanks.

    • Yes, you can use spare ribs for this sweet and sour recipe. You can substitute rice wine with any Asian cooking wine, and rice vinegar with regular vinegar. Hope you enjoy this recipe.

  31. Rasa, you are my “Go-To” site for recipes :o) I always check here first when looking for an Asian recipe that’s authentic (and oh-so-good!). I’ll be making this for my little girl who loves Sweet and Sour Pork, she’s SO excited! I made your Kung Pao chicken last week and it was a big hit!

  32. i tried this recipe in my deep fryer
    all the pork stuck 2 the bottom hence all the crust fell off
    what did i do wrong?

    • I had the same problem.. however, I think it is not about the temperature… my problem was that meat simply stuck to the deep fryers grate before the crust was hard.. with the second badge I managed to get better results by slowly dropping the pieces in instead of filling the grate before… Still, i think the best way would be to deep-fry in a pan or wok as you can move the pieces around and they won’t stick to the bottom…

      And the recipe… I loved it and yes, the addition of oyster-, plum- and Worcestershire sauce definitely gave it a nicer finish than the typical version you usually find with pineapple juice

      so, thx rasa, great recipe… it was the first one I tried on your page and I am looking forward to the others.. :-)

  33. rasa, the sweet and sour pork did well for me,i am looking for a recipe for sweet and sour shrimp,and shrimp fried rice with lobster sauce ,i was hoping you could give me some recipes for these dishes,,, thanks for all your help

  34. Hi, I’d just like to tell you I’ve joined the ranks of appreciative fans who monitor this sight like hawks for new recipes and take your words as gospel. I just finished hosting a potluck at which I nervously tried out this recipe for the first time for many of my close friends, but it turned out well and it was eaten up so fast I didn’t even get much taste of it! I was told that I was some cook but I really, honestly owe it all to you. I don’t have much experience in the kitchen as a college student but your clear instructions guided me straight through the whole recipe.

    I’d also follow the others’ advice, cut back a little on the ketchup, more corn starch in the batter. I didn’t expect such little yield, but everyone at least got a taste of it. I would say were this the only dish, served over rice it would serve one, maybe two, if they were semi-hungry, adults. Also, it might have been just my lack of preparation or foresight, but all in all, starting from the marinade, it took a little over an hour and a half to prepare.

    I love this recipe so much, and the ingredients don’t demand much. It was also probably the most fun dish I’ve ever had to make, what with making this interesting sauce with 50 ingredients that magically turns out delicious, deep frying AND stir frying in a wok. I’d make it again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for these amazing recipes!!!

  35. Tried this recipe for the first time last night–it was a HIT! Best sweet and sour pork I ever made all of the gathered family members said. I doubled everything, and cut the pork tenderloin into slightly smaller pieces. I also added small wedges of sweet onion and thinly sliced celery in place of the scallions (all in proportion–a little less green pepper, etc.). Next time, I may add thinly sliced water chestnuts as well. Where can I buy corn flour?

    Also, I use rice flour in place of corn starch in my cooking so you have to use a little more and a little less water to get the proper thickening of the sauce.

  36. Hi ! I just wanna ask what kind of soy sauce did you use for the marinade.. the light or the dark soy sauce? I am really particular with the kind of soy sauce because here in japan, they only use the light kind whereas in my home country (phil) we usually use the dark one. And thus, I`ve found out that these two tastes differently.. thanks :))

  37. I made this dish last night for the first time. YUM! I must admit Sweet & Sour pork is one of my least favourite of the chinese dishes, however I had a pork fillet and thought I would give it a go…..and I am glad I did.

    I too added a splash of sweet chilli sauce on top of the other ingredients and I doubled up on the sauce, which still provided just a nice coating and not too runny. And next time I might use fresh pineapple pieces as an alternative.

    With the batter I just used 2 egg whites and 1/4 cup of corn flour and that worked really well.

    What I found with the pork was double frying, which provided a nice crispy coating.

    I am an instant fan of this website!

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  39. It looks like a delicious dish. I always wonder how to make the sauce without using pre-made sauce package. Thanks for sharing!!!

  40. Hello Bee Yinn Low,

    I love your photos! I love your food also. Can I use one of your pics to enter a competition in New Zealand I will give you half of any winnings. If you could let me know via e-mail that would be great.



  41. Hi, i came across ur website while i was looking for food recipe, i’m a malaysian myself and hokkien. We reside in The netherlands, and i swear with every bones in my body…the food here sucks! out of greediness and being a truly malaysian…how can one not eat and search for good food. I dont have any choice, i have to cook all the yummy dishes i long for..:( It was such a joy to have found ur website…I’m just drooling, looking at all ur photos! making me motivated to cook. Thank you very much. I tried ur sweet and sour pork and walnut prawns today, amazing! my family was cleaning the plate! just yummilicious! hahah…i’m going to be a fan now of ur cooking! thank u for sharing! God bless.

  42. I know your recipe calls for pork tenderloin but could you use a fresh picnic instead? The batter lists 1/2 cup water 1/2 teaspoon baking soda & 1/2 egg. Is that just what it says 1/2 cup or is it 1 to 2 cups 1 to 2 teaspoons and 1 to 2 eggs. Don’t know how I’d get 1/2 an egg?

  43. “Awesome, Two thumps up”. I followed the recipe strictly and double the recipe. The taste was so balance and flavorful. The batter looked a bit runny but that the way it is. The texter was light, crunchy, and fluffy..Thank you for sharing.

  44. This website is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m about to make sweet and sour pork. Need to know how one calculates half an egg?

  45. Followed this sweet and sour recipe this evening, absolutely amazing. Easy and quick to do and all the kids ate it. Yum Yum

  46. Is corn starch necessary because I remember my parents making Sweet and Sour pork/chicken/shr etc but I don’t remember if they used corn starch or not.

  47. i made the sweet and sour pork. it was delicious! never have attempted this sort of dish and it was fun to see the pork frying up in the pan, looking crisp and golden. only thing that was somewhat confusing was the measurement of some of the dry ingredients. i am not used to measuring dry ingredients in ounces, but rather in cups. so, i guessed using a 3 oz. box of pudding in comparison. couldn’t find my scale. but my husband and i ate this recipe in a little more than a day. we don’t typically do this, but it was so fresh and delicious. thank you for sharing your talent.

  48. Hi there, I just wanted to thank you so much for this recipe. I made it for dinner last night (my first sweet & sour pork attempt) and it turned out very well even though I just started to learn how to cook (newly-wedded and no cooking experience)! Husband said the taste is ‘RESTAURANT STANDARD!’. He said I can make this and bring to our friends’ house if we have any ‘pot-luck’ gatherings next time =)

    I didn’t use baking soda as I didn’t have it at home (I should go read up what is the use of it – does it make it crispier?). Initially I was also worried about the batter mixture being too runny (as I’ve only fried things once with dry batter – dip in egg then flour) but my worries are unfounded. The deep-fried meat tastes SOOO delicious even without the sauce, a bit like ‘har jiong gai’ (prawn paste chicken). I couldn’t resist stealing a few pieces while cooking halfway! Once I ate it, immediately I knew it will be an award-winning recipe.

    Thanks for all your yummy recipes. It’s my first time following a recipe on your website. Im going to find another few recipes on your website for tonight’s dinner again. I found my new ‘cooking bible’! :D

  49. im working here in hongkong, and its hard for me to cook chinese dishes since it s my first time to work here. im glad that i found your site and i tried some of it and its works. thank you so much. hope you post new chinese recipe…

  50. sorry, i am thinking how the batter become thicken if just a 3 oz of APL and 1 oz of cornflour, if you have a 1/2 c of water… thank you!

  51. OMG!! Cooked this and it was AMAZING! Added extra onions and peppers though just to be healthy. Couldnt stop thinking about it for days. One of the nicest things ive ever cooked. Easy too! Thanks sooooo much!

  52. The secret to get the fried pork crispy is COLD (ICE) make sure the pork is cold,and the batter is Ice cold before putting the pork in the oil Also make sure that the oil .. Also make sure the OIL is hotter than it should be so when the cold ingrediants go in it does not loose too much of the temperature.. the frying temp shoulf not fall below 400 degrees.

    How this works is that the Cold batter hitting the HOT oil will cook the outside of the pork before absorbing the oil makeing the pork get crispy as a finial result
    This method is the same for makeing Tempura

    Enjoy !!! and i hope this works for you :)

  53. Hi,
    I cannot find an instruction on Sweet n Sour Pork.
    I know nothing about Chinese cooking.
    I appreciate if you can tell me a tsp-by-step instruction.
    Thank you. Canip

  54. According to a result of Internet search, corn flour and corn starch are same things.
    If they are not same, what can I use to substitute corn flour?
    I only found corn flour in 5 pound bag at the local store and all I need is a couple of table spoon.
    Thank you. Canip

    • you can buy small boxes of cornflour in any super market. Is excellent for thickening anything. eg soup, sauce, gravy etc

  55. This tastes very good but it needs at least double the sauce, it barely coated a 1/2 lb of tenderloin let alone vegetables

  56. This sounds great, I’d love to attempt this, but I’m wondering how 1/8 teaspoon Chinese rice vinegar would be enough. With all those ingredients, how would an 8th of a teaspoon of anything be noticed, it’s practically nothing?

  57. HI
    I wanted to know which corn product to add into the batter mix- corn starch or corn flour? How can I get crispy pork after frying also?


  58. Hi, I am also a Penang girl living in HK now. I love cooking and browsing through your website makes me drool. I’ve tried your Tau Yu Bak recipe and it’s awesome. Reminds me of home. :) thanks for posting such great recipes.
    I wanted to cook sweet and sour pork for my expatriate friends, can I check how many portions of your recipe should I prepare for 6 guests? I will have 4 dishes and a soup.

  59. Hey,I tried cooking this, the sauce is great, i also added a tbsp of Maggi chilli sauce to it. However, i didn’t manage to get the batter right. It is very lumpy (seems like too much flour?) and not crispy. I followed your recipe exactly so I don’t know what went wrong…

  60. This sweet & sour pork recipe is easier than even you said, and it tasted delicious! I modified it a little by adding ginger to the marinated pork and batter for an extra bite!

  61. Used this recipe today for my first attempt on a sweet & sour dish. I used chicken. I didn’t bother converting the oz measurement of the flour & instead used Tbsp. The batter was perfect consistency, not too runny not too think. I didn’t have worcestershire sauce so i just substituted soy sauce instead. It turned out GREAT….so yummy and not too sweet. I also added pineapple chunks right at the end when I turned off the cooker. It will definitely be my base sweet & sour recipe from now on! Thank you so much for this wonderful website! Keep the recipes coming ^_~

  62. hi
    I’ve tried to read as many older comments to see if my answer was there but going too far back and still nothing so here it goes :)
    I am mass cooking this dish for a fundraiser (I used to approximate quantities when cooking for myself but now I guess I need a better estimate of how much to buy).
    If this is the sole dish accompanying the rice, how many people would it feed?

  63. Hi, WIth respect the batter with the quanitites you have specified simply does not work. It is far too watery given the small amount of flour and it simply runs off the meat without adhering to it. I was very dedicated to doing the recipe as written. The rest of the meal is superb, but there is without doubt something amiss with the batter.

    Respectfully. Mac

    • Mac, many people tried this recipe and the batter works. I have tested this recipe many times and it works. The flour will run off the meat a little bit but definitely coat the meat with a layer as pictured in my photo.

  64. Hi, I have tried your other recipes and they were amazing! I am having a bit of trouble understanding this step:

    “Strain the dry ingredients of the frying batter and then add in the egg, water, and cooking oil to form a thick batter.”

    Do you mean to mix the dry ingredients of the frying batter in a bowl and add water and egg? Sorry if you could just clarify please and thank you! (I see that a lot of people have tried this already and did not encounter this problem, but I am still fairly new to cooking so I may not understand as well)

  65. I am hosting 25 ppl for Chinese New Year. I wanted to plan ahead with this dish as I have many things going on the stove top close to dinner time. Can I batter the chicken (can I use boneless thighs instead of breast?),fry it in 8 hours before mixing it together with the sauce on the wok? I’d also like to mix the sauce in the morning and set aside so I can get other things done. The other question is if I fried the chicken in the morning, can I then put it in a slow cooker to mix things up about 4 hours on low before serving? Thanks.

  66. Your recipes so far have been impressive and this sweet and sour pork is no different. I am not a big fan of sweet and sour anything but decided to make this for CNY eve dinner as my boys (half Chinese/half Gweilo) and their Aussie friends are experiencing the occasion with me. I followed the measurement for sauce to the tee and am pleased to say that it’s very balanced and not overly sickly sweet or sour. The addition of vinegar and worcestershire sauce really made it. Thanks.

  67. I made your Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe tonight for dinner and it was delicious! I didn’t have bell peppers so I just used sliced onions, carrots, shitake mushrooms, and green onions. Also I had no plum sauce. The apricot preserves worked well. Thank you for sharing this great recipe. I look forward to trying more of your recipes.

  68. Tried cooking this scrumptous recipe this evening and it was really good!
    Been actually trying on the recipies posted here,for four dinners in a row! My little son and my husband just love it! Thank you so much rasamalaysia for sharing your great cooking skills to all of us!
    Keep cooking and keep posting!

  69. how do I get to the actual recipe? I have read through the sweet and sour pork info and it says after the jump???What is after the jump? most confusing…

  70. I tried this recipe this evening. My pork was crispy when I finished frying it, but once I combined it with the rest of the ingredients, the pork fell flat and the batter was soggy. I even used a temp to monitor my frying temp. so I don’t think that is the problem. Should I be frying it even longer? My pork was golden brown once I fried them….so I don’t understand what I may be doing wrong.

    The sauce however, is very nice. It has more complex flavours in it than just ketchup. I will be def. be keeping that as base recipe for sweet and sour. Thanks!

      • The same thing happened to me…The pork was very crispy until added to the sauce…I was wondering if we should let the sauce cool down a little before adding the pork? I should mention that the pork was nice and cripy when I took them out from the oil..Will try to fry them twice before next time…

      • Hello,
        I found in the actual traditional recipe of sweet and sour pork that you have to fry it twice.
        What is the benefit of frying it twice?
        Is it possible to cut this step?
        Why should we fry it twice? What are the benefits?
        Thanks for your help

  71. hi, just tried the recipe. what a disaster! haha the batter ended up sticking on my wok. when i took out the pork, it was as if i was frying the pork without any batter. the batter just wont stick to the pork when frying….help…what’s the trick??? :S

  72. hey, this is making my mouth water as we speak…is there a way to pan fry the pork instead of deep fry?-(don’t have enough oil)

    • Baking powder also has cream of tartar in it. Since it contains other ingredients that I don’t want as well, I make my own using one-third sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and two-thirds cream of tartar. Since it’s not easy to measure out when you want only 1 teaspoon of baking powder, I use a quarter teaspoon (slightly rounded) of baking soda and a half-teaspoon (slightly rounded) of cream of tartar for each teaspoon of baking powder that the recipe requires. It’s worked for me for nearly forty years.

  73. can i omit 1/8tsp of chinese rice vinegar for this sweet ans sour pork recipe? will this make the taste different?

  74. Quick question: regarding this marinade ingredient:
    1/2 teaspoon corn flour

    Is corn flour different from cornstarch?


  75. Hi, Bee
    Thanks for all your fun recipes. I may have a silly question but I hope you don’t mind :) I noticed that you have 2 different marinating, batter and ingredient instructions for your Sweet & Sour Pork and Chicken recipes…may I ask why? Why no pineapples for the chicken? Why is the batter different? I mean what would happen if I used chicken indtead of Pork with your S&S Pork recipe?
    Much thanks,

    • Hi Joy – I don’t cook the same dish with the same exact recipe, because cooking is an art and also depends on what I have in the fridge, and what I am in the mood for that particular day. Both recipes taste good, but the sweet and sour chicken recipe is simpler with less ingredients. You can add pineapples to the chicken if you like, again as I said, my recipe is based on what I have. Of course, you can use chicken for the Sweet and Sour Pork recipe, you can even modify it to your liking. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and always have fun cooking. :)

  76. hi!! i want to make a bigger batch and i was wondering whether we can store any leftovers in the fridge and, if yes, for how many days??

  77. Hi,
    We had Chinese out last night and it was $65. We love it but can’t afford it very often. Your recipes are wonderful, easy enough for me who is not an accomplished cook and you are so good about answering questions. Wow. This website is quite the find for me. You are terrific.

    Many thanks,

  78. I disagree. I live in Guangzhou, Guangdong (Capital of Cantonese) and to get 咕嚕肉 or various varieties of sweet and sour pork (there are several) you almost always have to go to a “DongBei” (North-East) China cuisine restaurant.

    • Hi Der, I don’t understand. To have a traditional sweet and sour pork (糖醋里脊 (táng cù lǐjǐ)), we can’t make it at home. Is it only a dish prepared by Chinese restaurant in the North?

      What is a “DongBei”?

  79. I used this recipe as the base of last nights meal. Upped the quantities and added extra veg, Onion, Carrot and some thinly sliced fresh ginger.
    Overall very good. It will be made again.
    Batter was a little soggy not crispy. I noted your comments on frying twice.

  80. Do the oz of flour and cornstarch refer to volume or weight, and would it be possible to provide us with a conversion to tablespoons?

  81. I look forward to making this sauce. Many years ago my family was a yearly guest of an Asian restaurant that served us an amazing family style Christmas dinner. I took for granted the DARK & RICH sweet and sour sauce I grew up with (not the sticky red goo). So wish I’d asked for their recipes 30 odd years ago. And thier egg foo yung is unmatched as well.

  82. I’m excited to try this tonight since sweet and sour pork is a family favorite. I’ve tried so many sweet and sour recipes but none tasted like the one in Chinese restaurants. Just wondering if i could use the Japanese rice wine & rice vinegar because it’s all i have in my kitchen. Will it change the authentic Chinese sweet and sour taste? I am so glad I stumbled upon your very informative website. There are so many recipes I want to try. By the way, is there any brand of plum sauce that you can recommend? This is my first time to use this ingredient. Thank you very much Rasa for sharing not only your wonderful recipes but your cooking secrets as well.

  83. Hi whats the difference between lee kum kee plum sauce and light colored plum sauce?can i use the light colored one? (Light colored plum sauce is a diff brand)tnx

  84. Hi again! I’m wondering if the baking soda in the frying batter should be baking powder instead. I noticed a slight bitter taste in the cooked batter & I think it might have come from the baking soda. I’ve encountered frying batter recipes using baking powder. Just asking

  85. This has become my go-to recipe for Ku Lou Yuk. Only thing I do different is up the amount of rice vinegar, wooster sauce by quite a lot. And use potato flour for the deep-fry batter.

    My wife likes it more than those served in restaurants around my place. Thanks.

  86. Hi,

    I tried this recipe, but the pork I not crispy enough after frying, I did fried two times… what’s the trick?

  87. Hi Rasa,

    Seen a lot of comments regarding the chicken not staying crispy. I make a Tso’s Generals Chicken. The recipe states for their chicken:

    1 Chicken Breast Cubed
    1 Egg (beaten well)
    1-1/4 cups Flour
    Salt & Pepper to taste

    Put beaten egg in with diced chicken and coat well. Dredge chicken in flour until well coated. You can double dip if you like. Let chicken set for 2-3 minutes while oil is heating. Heat oil to 375 degrees or until water droplets sizzle–approximately a 7.5 on my electric stove. Fry chicken in oil in small batches until golden brown. Drain on wire cooling racks.

    This turns out CRISPY chicken every time. I will use this version for your Sweet & Sour Pork as well. :)

  88. Hi,can I substitute plum sauce with hoisin sauce or maybe other sauces? Since I can’t find any plum sauce in my city. Thanks

  89. I made this last night and I was so impressed! It was the best sweet and sour pork I have EVER had. The sauce was delicious and the pork was crispy perfection. I fried it in three batches with coconut oil. It was still crispy with the added sauce. I love the plum sauce in the sauce. Absolutely awesome recipe! I used the recipe in the Easy Chinese cookbook. I thought I was going to have enough for another meal and everyone kept having more and more until it was all gone.

    • I wanted to add that I tenderized the pork following the directions in the cookbook and I think that made the meat really good.

  90. This is a great recipe….but I found if you don’t mix the pork into the sauce before serving it stays crunchy….plate the rice & then add the deep fried pork on top, pour over the sauce & it’s sensational. Thank you for this lovely recipe

  91. Howdy,. i was just about to try your recipe here and got the idea of trying peanut oil instead of any regular oils for frying, would that add a .nutty. taste to the batter coating? (*J*)..

  92. hello,
    I tried this recipe tonight and changed it slightly according to earlier comments and suggestions. I added more stir fry vegetables and used the batter mix that someone suggested. To keep the meat from getting soggy, I sliced the pork very, very thin instead of cutting it into cubes. It kept it very crisp. Also, I added the meat to the pan and let it cook a few minutes with the vegetables before adding the sauce right before adding the scallions at the end. I increased the sauce recipe as well. I will definitely make this one again.

  93. Hi Bee,
    Can this pork be air fried in a Tefal Actifry or similar, will it go crisp? I prefer to fry this way, and would like to try your recipe.
    Many thanks

  94. Hi Bee

    Many thanks for the amazing recipe.
    Just a pointer. I had some trouble when it comes to “oz” in the midst of preparing the ingredients for cooking.
    Thought it would be easier to standardize to ‘tablespoon’ or ‘teaspoon’ instead.

    Thank you for doing a wonderful job of providing us with some of the all-time favorite recipes

    Best rgds

  95. i’m not a big poster, but wanted to say thanks for all the good recipes. Due to my wifes health troubles I do most of our cooking for a while now, and cooking Chinese makes it a lot of fun. I figure on getting your cookbook soon as I can afford it

  96. uhm,where is the procedure to how to cook this sweet and sour pork????? please post the procedure..i need it now for my group activity

  97. We were in China this summer and our Chinese host ordered sweet and sour pork for us. I was very skeptical because I’ve never eaten it in the USA and liked it. We couldn’t believe how delicious it was. I’m going to make it tonight as a surprise for my husband. Thanks.

  98. I was shocked to see that in some chinese recipes they use Ketchup … what do you think of it ? I’ve heard that ketchup is actually coming from south east Asia but still… i cant see what is the point in using ketchup ..

  99. Hi Bee,
    I’m really looking forward to trying this recipe, not just because of the success I’ve had with your other recipes, and not just because my kids love Sweet & Sour Pork, but because I can’t wait to see what difference 1/8 of a teaspoon of anything can make to a recipe ;-)

  100. Hi Bee, I was thinking of buying your recipe book but what is the difference between what you’ve posted on your blog and those in your book?

  101. HiHi,
    Thanks for this fabulous recipe..
    I cooked the sauce with fresh pineapple, and use it as a dip sauce and it’s simply awesome!

    Love it & Thank you!

  102. I just made this tonight and loved it! I doubled the recipe, and would reccomend tripling the sauce as I thought it was a little dry and actually didn’t even use all of the pork. But, that might just be a personal taste. For those of you questioning the conversion of the flour and cornstarch, I used almost 1 cup of flour and a little over 3 Tbsp. of cornstarch (reminding you that this was doubling the recipe). I didn’t have any trouble with the deep frying as I let the oil get very hot. I would highly reccomend this recipe. My husband thought it was better than the usual chinese take-out!

  103. I liked the taste of the sauce but the recipe ingredients made a very small amount. I had to double it then it still was not enough.
    The batter did not hold on the pork making a huge mess in the pan. Also the batter ingredients calls for cups and ounces which is confusing. It would be better if the flour measurement was in cups too.

  104. Hi. Was wondering how many people this serves.? Have read a few comments that it wasn’t quite enough.

  105. I would like try to cook this dish, but where i can buy this Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce? Can you please translate it in chinese?

  106. Hi Bee,

    What amazing recipes you have.i have had much success with a lot of them. I have a quick question about this recipe. My kids tend to find pork quite chewy but I have had more success with them eating it if it has been cooked in a slow cooker. Is this recipe okay to use with a slow cooler or are there any changes you would recommend I make?

    Many thanks from a Malaysian in Scotland

  107. in many of your recipes you marinate the meat in a corn starch & liquid mixture.
    In this you call for corn flour, but since you are from orange county, california – you know that latino cooks think of corn flour as masa harina. so just to be sure, you are speaking of corn starch right??

    (and my bad, orange county is about as ethnically diverse as you can get! no wonder i’m confused)

  108. I would like to give you a big hug for this recipe cause the sauce is spot on! However, i couldnt get my pork to br crispy even though my oil is hot. Do you have any tips?

  109. Oh wow – absolutely amazing! Love to cook, but never had tried anything deep fired before….because I always associated it with unhealthy and greasy. However, this is so light and tasty and was a huge success. Terrific flavor and is a new ‘go to’ dish for family and friends.

  110. I used johnny’s jalapeno ketchup instead of the ordinary stuff , it gave a real kick to the sauce and tasted great . As usual you have came up with a winning recipe . Thanks

  111. Made this tonight. This was really good. The pork was tender and the sauce delicious! Husband gobbled it up. Will definitely keep this and make it again.
    I made the recipe as written and didn’t change a thing.

  112. Made this for dinner tonight, really delicious. The pork was very tender (I marinated it for about 2 hours) and the sauce delicious. Made it exactly as written and would definitely make again. Husband gobbled it up and thanked me for making it as it was sooooo good!

  113. Made this tonight for dinner with my homemade fried rice. Really delicious; I made the recipe exactly as written, did not change a thing. Husband gobbled it up and thanked me for making it as it was so good. Will definitely keep this and make it again.

  114. Tried this recipe tonight and it was a hit with the family. Definitely going to print and save this recipe. I followed the recipe (except tripled it), the batter was quite runny, but still puffed up beautifully – not too doughy which was great. Full of flavour and just the right amount of sauce.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe.

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