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Black Pepper Beef

Black Pepper Beef
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Black Pepper Beef

Easy black pepper beef with beef, black pepper and onion. This Chinese black pepper steak and beef takes 20 minutes to make and much better than takeout.

Black Pepper Beef

Originally published in 2012. Updated with new photos.

Everyone loves a quick and easy beef stir-fry, especially Chinese beef stir-fry. This quick and easy pepper steak is from my cookbook Easy Chinese Recipes.

Black Pepper Beef

I used black pepper, red, and green bell peppers to make this black pepper beef. The seasonings are Chinese: soy sauce, oyster sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. With a tint of Chinese rice wine and sesame oil, this pepper steak stir-fry is delicious and goes extremely well with steamed rice. If you love the taste and texture of caramelized onion, stir-fry it a little long so the beef (steak) soaks up all the flavors. Be generous with the black pepper like I do, as it completes the flavor of this popular beef stir-fry and delivers the ultimate black pepper beef that everyone loves.

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  1. I really like light cantonese style stir fries. I like to add Asparagus, Broccolini, Chinese broccoli, Spring onions, green peppers, bok choy. It really depend on what’s stocked up in the fridge.

    Sometimes I also toss up chunks of Char sui pork with some bell peppers, onions and chinese bbq sauce.

    About wok cooking i chose to use a slightly different approach than frying ginger/garlic in oil. I season the oil with ginger/garlic on low head, sets the oil aside and then stir fry whatever i need with the seasoned oil.

      • Tinni

        I live in Bangladesh and I’m afraid that’s not even available here :(
        If one ingredient is missing I feel like I won’t get the exact taste you’re talking about. Guess I’ll have to try the chicken one and skip this but it sure looks delicious!

    • li

      corn starch is different from corn flour, corn flour is full of all the ingredients of corn. but starch is only starch, no others. thanks

  2. valerrie underwood

    I just love this black pepper beef stir fry recipe. The best thing about it is that I can load it up with any veggies and as much veggies I like. I also like to ad extra water to make it more saucy and serve it over noodles. yum. (works with any other meat as well). It’s fast to make and the leftovers (if any) is great for the next day lunch.

  3. also in my local restaurant in this dish there are very small white ingredients what appear to be some kind of nuts cut up do you know what this would likely be

  4. Rae

    I am having a very hard time finding a few things that are used in your recipes. One is Tamarind Juice and Goma Shabu Sauce and do the Honteri Miran… can you please tell me where to find them? I have looked on 2 Web sites.. Asian Supper market and Asia Food Grocer.. also they might have different names that I don’t know about….

    Thank you, Rae

  5. harleyr

    ‘the ultimate black pepper beef that everyone loves’. I’m a Londoner and not familiar with this dish, but your recipe turned out very well. And went well with red wine. Thanks for posting.

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