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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake
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Contributor: Ho Siew Loon

Since young, I have always been a chocolate lover and eating chocolate always make me feel happy. Chocolate Cake is of course one of my favorites but I have been putting off the idea of baking it as it can get quite messy at times. I came across the lovely chocolate cake on Little Teochew and decided to put my hands into baking it.

Chocolate cake is a very rich cake. To get a good chocolate cake you must use very good quality chocolate. I used Valrhona Equatoriale 55% as suggested by Little Teochew and the cake turned out heavenly. The taste is just so perfect, you get the texture of a moist chocolate cake and not too sweet.  Give this chocolate cake recipe a try over the weekend and you will definitely get lots of gleeful smiles from your loved ones.

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  1. Michelle W.

    Looks like a great recipe, but I wish it had conversion measurements for those of us who aren’t on the metric system. I know we’re in the minority, but we don’t have a clue about how to convert. Still, a great looking recipe!

  2. Ashlyn

    is there missing instructions here? lil teochew website mentioned that flour, baking powder etc need to be sifted… vanilla is also required but nothing was mentioned here…

  3. Ai Lin Tan

    I have just tested this recipe and I must say it is an excellent cake! I had to bake it a little longer than 50 mins and used a 6″ round tin, which I had some left over batter. I think an 8″ tin would be perfect. I didn’t have cake flour and used plain flour instead and it worked out fine. It’s a fool proof recipe. This is definitely gonna stay in my recipe collection for a long time. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :) my friends and I truly enjoyed the cake.

  4. Charles

    I made this a couple of nights ago and it turned out brilliantly – even if do say so myself!

    For those in the UK, self raising flour is fine in place of cake flour and I sifted the flour, baking powder, bi-carbonate of soda and chocolate powder (cocoa) into a separate bowl and used that combination where the recipe calls for the flour to be folded in.

    I used a round 9 inch (or so) spring-form baking tin. I reckon mint chocolate would be a nice topping.

  5. Mona Ng

    Made this today. Awesome recipe, the best chocolate cake I’ve tried to date. I’m a beginner in baking and heck if I can make this turn out great imagine how awesome the cake you pros would’ve made! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Jessica W

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. It was really delicious. Nearly finish half the cake all by myself…. really a delicious sin.
    I couldn’t get baking soda in Switzerland, so i just add another half tsp of baking powder.

  7. Haris

    Follow the recipe the cake found a little hard, may be the flour hv to be reduce., I use 56% cocoa dark choc. With added 1tp cocoa powder. With the 50mins of baking the cake is ready, I’ve to Prolong the baking period to 1hr15mins. The taste is good, can I separate the whisk of egg yolk and egg white? Thanks.

  8. Koh Siok Mei

    I made this chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday and it was a big hit. The best chocolate cake I have ever made. It may look a bit dry but it is moist, dense and rich in chocolate flavour. I used 99% dark chocolate from Germany and it really made a difference. I don’t think I can find richer chocolate cake than this. Double thumbs up for this recipe. Bravo!!!

  9. pauline

    I made this cake few days ago and i found that the 250 ml milk was way too much. Isnt it so? The cake came out all cracked probably due to too much liquid? Can u help? Thanks

  10. Jojo

    If I bake my choc.cake for 50 mins, the middle part would still be soggy but when I bake for another 10 mins the face of the cake would crack. My cake would be hard if it’s in the fridge, only in room temperature then it would be soft n nice. I think it is a bit oily as I can feel the oil in my mouth. By the way I used plain flour.

  11. Choco.luverr

    HI.i am a teenage girl…this will be my first time baking.. and i specially for my godpa, so i’ll like to know how many people does this cake serve? Thanks rasa

    P.S. your cakes jus look aweshum! im luvin it

  12. Choco.luverr

    Oh! and i would like to know if the milk can directly be mixed in the cake or even better can i remove it? like wats the use of the milk?

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