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Korean BBQ Chicken (Dak Gogi)

Korean BBQ Chicken (Dak Gogi)
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June is glorious, as it marks the beginning of summer, and everyone can’t wait to spend some time outdoor, fire up their grill, invite friends and family over for summer BBQ parties. Drinking, eating, having conversations, enjoy the great outdoor living and nice, warm weather. I, for one, can’t wait to try out a series of summer recipes that I have in mind, and more importantly, I can’t wait to share the recipes with you.

In the past few years, I have developed a great appetite for Korean BBQ. Thanks to the big Korean population in Southern California, there are tons of great Korean BBQ restaurants. One of the ones that we love to go to with friends is in Tustin, which serves all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. I am not a fan of buffet because of the mediocre food but this joint serves great selection of meats and many Korean side dishes (ban chan), and all their meats are marinated to juicy perfection, with just the right balance of flavors. I am instantly hooked and would go there often.

Korean BBQ Chicken (Dak Gogi)

I already have Kalbi (Korean BBQ short ribs) and Bulgogi recipes here on Rasa Malaysia, so I wanted to try making Korean BBQ chicken (dak gogi) at home. I am so lucky because I have a perfect recipe to refer to on Fine Cooking magazine. Oh boy, I am so happy I attempted the recipe, this Korean BBQ chicken is the bomb. The chicken is bursting with intense flavors, extremely juicy, and the serving of the chicken with some rice, lettuce leaf (called ssam), and the ssamjang sauce ┬áis just brilliant. I just couldn’t stop eating, they are really two thumbs way up!

Korean BBQ Chicken (Dak Gogi)

This Korean BBQ Chicken (dak gogi) recipe is a must try. Serve the meat as a Korean lettuce wrap (ssam) and you have the wonderful combination of meat and vegetable, which is appetizing and very refreshing. Enjoy!

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  1. lizlau

    This looks wonderful. I can’t wait to try it. But is it possible for me to substitute the light corn syrup for honey or agave instead?

  2. Maya

    This was very good! At first when I made the marinade I was worried that the flavor of the sesame oil was too overpowering. It made my fridge smell! But! When we grilled it it was so good, all the flavors came out andit was very balanced and delicious.

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