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Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Lassi
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I got a box of mangoes when I hosted my recent Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 Summer White Party. I used half to make lobster and mango salad and the other half for mango lassi–my favorite Indian beverage.

Even though I grew up in Malaysia where Indians are the third largest ethnic group, I’d never had mango lassi until I came to the United States. I first tasted it in an Indian buffet restaurant and since then I am hooked. I love its fruity sweet taste, creamy richness from yogurt and milk, and the smoothness of blended mango down my throat. Mango lassi is just perfect with fiery and spice-laden Indian food.

Here is my easy mango lassi recipe that is totally painless to prepare. I use honey instead of sugar and that really does the trick for me!

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  1. ummm – this is the perfect drink for a mango lover like me. my mum used to make this all the time when we were kids! sometimes she would add a touch of cinnamon or cardamom – tasty!

  2. Louisa

    wow. i’m definitely adding mangoes to my shopping list this weekend. didn’t realise it was so simple to put together. thanks! the photos are very good.

  3. Yum, yes, I always order a lassi when I eat spicy Indian food- its really delicious! But I love the salted one, with the hint of cumin spice. I wouldn’t mind sweet lassi if it was flavored with yummy mangoes though- looks good! :)

  4. Tommy

    As soon as I find some mangoes, I’ll be on this drink. Maybe it’ll help settle my stomach and help some with my appetite….

    Thanks for this one =]

  5. NYMY

    I, too, have not had mango lassi till I come to US. The closest thing to lassi I had in Malaysia was some plain yogurt looking drink which tasted a bit sour. Since I discover mango lassi here, it becomes a must-have everytime I go to Indian or Pakistani restaurants. Of course, if you don’t eat much, I would not suggest lassi with lunch buffett :) 1 glass of lassi can easily fill you up.

  6. Yummm! I have a huge Hayden Mango tree in my backyard and I always have yogurt and milk in the fridge. My hubby peels and cubes them for me to eat. So don’t ya think I should have him make me one of these? I do. I printed the recipe for him…LOL

  7. Harjinder Kaur

    good way of making mango lassi from fresh mangos.From what I have heard and seen and tasted,the real mango lassi is made from mango powder or mango paste,I’m a malaysian who lives in Melbourne now has always been ordering mango lassi that is made from mango powder or mango paste but I like your fresh mango lassi resipe.

  8. S

    Your pictures are lovely. Why do you add milk to the lassi? Creamy yogurt and water should suffice no?
    Also: there’s no salty mango lassi! There’s sweet lassi (e.g. mango lassi or plain cardamom-saffron lassi etc.) OR salty lassi (yogurt + salt – maybe black salt or rock salt + toasted and ground spices such as cumin and or hing and/or pinched curry leaves).

  9. Muyatwa

    We dont have this lassi drink in Zambia. But it sounds interesting. I make juices alot from any fruit i come across. We have alot of mangoes here and most of it go to waste. Wud like to produce commercialy this Mango Lassi.
    Question: Can it be preserved to increase shelf life and what can be the right packaging for it?



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