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  1. This takes me back to those marble cake slices I used to eat when I was in primary school – the ones that cost about 60cents from places like Honey Bakery. I have a craving for it now, aah! Will have to make this after I make the curry puffs I am also craving for! :P

    (On a completely unrelated subject) – Speaking of bakeries, have you ever tried the milk bread and cinnamon buns from Continental Bakery?

      • Is chocolate marble cake considered a traditional Malaysian dessert? I have a daughter doing a school project and wanted to make sure she wasn’t overly influenced by her sweet tooth in her selection of a traditional Malaysian dessert. Thanks for your help.

  2. Wow it looks delicious! I love marble cake. I am still on my diet program now. I can only eat my first dessert in December. My plan is to have a small piece of cake. I think I will eat marble cake. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Bee! I didn’t know you had made my marble cake! Hope you liked it. I just made it myself a few days ago. What a good idea to make small loaves. I was wishing I was back in the US so that I could buy that Nordic Ware mini bundt cake mold so I could make tiny ones too. Thanks for the link.

  4. I have recently baked this too. Unfortunately, I fit everything into my loaf pan and it was too big! The outside was already cooked way before the inside was done…. So it ended up with a rather dry crust. I will love to make them again in minis. May I know how long it took in the oven for the minis?

    • Hi Mrs Ergul,
      I am sorry you had a bad experience. I think I did warn people that this recipe makes a very big cake so if you are going to use a loaf pan, it’s best to split it into 2 regular loaf pans or in Bee’s case, 4 minis. Hope you will give it another go.

      • Sure I will give it a go again! Maybe I will just halve the recipe because the full recipe really makes a lot and it turned sour before we even manage to finish half of it. I was saddened to have to trash it.

  5. i love baking!so i plan to try out this recipe this coming weekend.hmm..will be using loaf pan too so dat it will look just like yours..hope it taste as good too! ~cheers~

  6. I always wanted to bake a cake but never been successful. I was wondering if this cake is easy to make? Also, since this one is made for 4 mini loaf, do you think I can make a quarter of recipe? One more thing can you explain how to test the cake? cake tester? TIA

  7. I made this cake over the weekend and it really is delicious. I used sour cream instead of yogurt and large eggs instead of x-large and it came out fine. With the batter, I was able to make 4 mini loaves AND a dozen cupcakes. The cupcakes were done in about 20 min and the loaves about 45. Since I’m pregnant, I had to make sure I didn’t eat it all, so I have been giving it to friends and they all LOVE it! So thanks to you and Annie for a great recipe.

  8. I’ve been making cakes for years, always the sponge or oil version. I could never make a butter cake as it always rose perfectly in the oven but fell when taken out. This is the first butter recipe i’ve made perfectly, the cake was fabulous not only in taste but the texture was light and fluffy. I can’t tell you how pleased i am to have found this recipe. Now im going to let my imagination run wild and see what else i can come up with.

  9. i am making my sister in law this marble cake for her 15th birthday next saturday. i was wondering if i had to adjust the baking time or the temperature if i was to bake it in a 9 inch round thats 3 inches deep? i don’t want to waste ingredients by testing it myself so if anyone out there knows the answer please help!!!

  10. i want to make this cake but wgat size pan should i put it in so i can fit all of it in it ?

    srry imm a first timer haha

  11. This recipi is awesome! The cake turned out so moist and tasted so good. My husband complimented me that my cake is better than the best bakery we used to frequent. Really a must try! Thumbs up!

  12. Hi, I’ve been looking for the perfect mapble cake recipe, and found it here! Thank you so much for sharing, its very easy to make and it turned out very well, I cut all the ingtedient into half as I wanted to make into loaf size. The only change I made is the chocolate batter,I use chocolate powder instead of bar. Turned out good :-)

  13. Hi, I love marble cake, on the pics it looks so beautifull i want to take it and eat it, the first time I made marble cake for my husband he loved it but it didnt come out the way I wanted it too and ever sinds I have been looking for a recipe for marble cake and I saw urs .. what I want to know is how much of each of the ingredients I need for just 1 loaf of marble cake, cuz I dont want to make alot cuz its just the two of us .. and I want it to be perfect thanks alot

  14. Hi Bee,

    Could you kindly let me know how much is 1 cup. Some recipe for 1 cup is 250gm and others is 125gm. How about yours.


  15. I’m making my grandaughters graduation cake and she wants a marble cake. My pan is a 11 X 15 X 2. Is this recipe enough to make a full pan and fill it?

  16. Hi,
    I’d like to know if I can use self raising flour instead of plain/multipurpose flour? How would that affect the measurement in this recipe, taking into consideration it has baking powder? Thanks.

  17. Bee! don’t understand why directions say makes very large cake? 7 oz flour, 7 oz pwd sugar is not going to produce large cake of any kind. I love to bake doing it 45 years & followed your directions to a tee…all very easy & simple. But this recipe produced very little batter…so i used 1 loaf pan 8 or 9inches…was too big even for this amount of batter. plus 4 eggs & 2 1/3 sticks of butter, 4 tablespoons milk…all these wet ingredients for 7 oz flour….creating moist batter..then divide in 1/2?? creating like maybe 7 oz plain & 7 oz chocolate! the odd spongy chocolate overpowered the plain batter. love marble cake which i make often and love, …this resulted in a very odd tasting cake, like 3 inches hi. actually the amount of butter overwhelmed the 7 oz of flour …gave the cake an ‘oily fried’ taste. was a huge disappointment. no one liked it…had to dump it. so sorry, love your site, but i don’t understand how everyone thinks this is a luscious cake..terrible flavor, bland, too wet, not moist, and was cooked through not raw or underdone….very poor balance of ingredients…odd flavor and weired spongy texture, not fluffy.. sorry to be a party pooper…will still keep all your other wonderful receipes! hey you can’t please everyone lol we all have different taste….

      • oh my goodness…House of Annie’s marble cake is a totally different recipe than yours which you posted above! i was wondering why the comments included ingredients that were not in your recipe. Nor did i see her link anywhere. i’m stumped as to why you posted a different recipe with comments from Annie’s recipe which had nothing to do with yours??? wow

        • I first published the post in Nov 1, 2009 and I have updated the pictures and the recipe, which is clearly stated in the post. Over the past few years, I have really loved the marble cake recipe which I adapted from my butter cake recipe…those comments were old. I should add a note to the top of the post to avoid confusion. Thank you for your attention.

          • I made the same mistake, boo. Thank goodness for this post/comment string. Now I have to decide if I have time to try to make this again before brunch. I’m trying to use the cake in a truffle tuxedo cake recipe. The 1st try was so small (I used a cheesecake pan), I felt thre was something off with the small quantity in ingredients. He he. Thanks for the link! (Have yet to try yours though, it’s still in the fridge/wrapped after making it in the wee hours. ;)

  18. I baked this cake for my friend’s bday. I only have one piece left. :) really liked it but would the recipe work out if I put in less butter, maybe about two sticks?

  19. Made the house of annie’s version of Marble cake twice alrdy now. Its pure decadence. Your version is less fattening. Gonna try urs this week. Dear Bee u always give us fail proof recipes
    Thank u so much. I love baking now n its cus of u!!! :) i have also gained 5kg n its also cus of u!!! Lol. How do u cook n bake so much of yummies n yet stay in excellent shape?? Im envious of u!!!

    • Hi Sanity, awww, thanks so much. Annie’s version is awesome, but I can’t always remember the recipe/measurement. I have baked my butter cake recipe so many times that I know the measurement without referring to the recipe, so it’s become so easy to make this Marble cake recipe since it’s adapted from the butter cake recipe. I mostly just taste the foods I make for RM a little bit to be sure they taste good and I let others finish eating them. LOL!!!

  20. Ok. Just so I get this right. I see from the old 2009 comments some peoples got messed up because it was too much batter for their pans, but that’s from Annies recipe? From your’s above, this can be made in 1 regular loaf pan, it doesn’t have to be the 3 mini’s? I personally want to get it done once, I don’t want to make 3 separate pans. Thanks in advance, I just don’t want to have the issues they had above with doneness etc, due to using the wrong pans. Thanks in advance. Found this blog/site randomly, but it seems awesome.

  21. I wanted to make this for my daughters birthday cake. I usually bake them a day in advance. How long will this cake keep as with other butter cake recipes I find they start to dry out quite quickly. Thanks :)

  22. Hi!
    Looking forward to trying this recipe and bless my parents and in-laws with this marble cake.
    I’ve two 5″ cake tins, and I wld like to check if this recipe is sufficient for the 5″ tins?

  23. Wow I followed the receipe closely and guess what? I get the result like the one in the picture. My 4 yr old niece says she likes the cake and give me a thumb up! Thanks for the receipe. My mom’s receipe for this cake is instead of fresh milk, she uses condensed milk. It will taste sweeter but can reduce sugar in this receipe.

  24. Can this recipe be used for zebra cake? Meaning, is the density of the mixture flows easily n form concentric circles when I scoop alternate spoons of the two mixtures?

  25. OMG this is indeed the best marble cake, ever !! I have been dying to eat marble cake but it is so hard to find dense, moist, buttery ones these days without the sweetness being too overpowering. Decided to bake one myself (and for the baby in the belly) and although my marble cake swirls Failed, it still tasted yummmmmmy!! Not perfect outlook wise for my first bake cos maybe I am still getting used to my oven, my cake ended up splitting at the top a little, and was slightly crusty.. but practice makes perfect. So long the taste is fantastic, it doesn’t have to look fantastic for me. loL. Thanks for your recipe!! It’s a keeper!

    Oh my swirls failed but it looks like the brownie butter cake instead.. Hahaha..

  26. Hi Bee,

    Just wondering if you have any tips,
    when the cupcakes first came out of the oven, they were super nice and fluffy to eat. delicious.
    But the next day.. they got a bit harder? or denser? is this because it is too moist? or because it’s too dry? i couldn’t tell..

    Do you have any suggestions?

  27. I made both your butter cake and marble cake and they turned out super delicious! My family loved it :)
    Do you happen to have recipe for butter almond cake by any chance? Will like to try something different.
    Thank you once again :)

  28. Why is my marble cake dense and damp? The top part has turn to a dark brown shade and when I poke with a toothpick, it came out clean. I am new to baking

  29. Hi,

    I tried your recipe word by word and ingredient by ingredient 100% as you have written and it turned out to be a hit!! everyone LOVED it, i wish i could post the pics of my cake here. THANKYOUUUU for sharing this HIT RERCIPIE!!! One thing though, i once tasted a marble cake at a friend’s and its texture was not web like, it was more moist and i did not feel like having a liquid like tea of coffee with it. Our marble cake just feels like odinary sponge cake in texture. Could you suggest an alteration to our cake so it is more moist?

    Thanks!! cheers xxx :)

  30. Hi Bee, I was in malaysia a couple of months ago and had some marble cake that I loved. I found your recipie and I am very grreatfull as I have been craving the marble cake I had in malaysia and after making it and the first bite took me straight back to Malaysia. Thanks for sharing this lovely cake.

    • Hi Andy, yes, this marble cake recipe is excellent. I don’t know why the marble cake found in the US is so dry and not very tasty. So glad that you were in Malaysia. Our food is absolutely some of the finest in the whole world!!

  31. this cake is in the oven right now, I’m hoping it will turn out well. I just noticed that you put there to serve immediately but what I really want to do is put some frosting on it and serve it tomorrow for my nephews bday. Do you think it will work?

  32. Hello,
    I want to make this recipe, can I use regular sugar? does it have to be icing? I don’t usually use icing unless I am dusting cookies or for a specific recipe such as x mas baking. Also I want to replace milk with yogurt can I follow the same direction as the milk with 4 tbl?

  33. this cake was very good but the dividing concept should be thought out more evenly. i tried making the but dividing the batter into two different sections while adding another seven ounces of powder just made it extremely dry and i had to add milk to make it batter. a suggestion; you should re write it as an exact dividing portion.

  34. Thank you for sharing this! I just baked it and it was just as you said it-buttery and moist and my kids just love it! Thank you again! Been looking for such recipe for a long, long, time because eating it reminds me of my kampung days where cakes are well, just cakes…

  35. Hi, I just tried to make this but the chocolate portion did not turn out as dark as yours in the pic. I used exactly the same measurements as yours and mixed the cocoa in vigorously but it was only a light chocolate shade. Any idea why? Thanks!

  36. Hi Bee, I’ve tried ur marble cake recipe. Ur instructions are so simple and clear to follow. And the cake tastes great. I understand that caster sugar can also be used in this recipe as you’ve mentioned earlier but how much caster sugar is to be used? Is it the same measurement as the icing sugar?

  37. hi I wanted to try out the recipe but I just wanted to ask, how long can the cake be kept and where and how it should be kept? really excited to try out the recipe because it looks delicious! :-))

  38. Hi,
    Baked this and it turned out very well. Spongy and yummy. I didn’t use loaf pan but a tube pan. Super delicious. It stays well too the next 2 days as I kept it in the oven (I lived in Germany and weather is cold). Thank you for the super recipe.

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