Mini Spring Rolls with Chicken Floss
January 13th, 2012 21 Comments

Mini Spring Rolls with Chicken Floss

Mini Spring Rolls
Mini Spring Rolls pictures (2 of 3)

One of the Chinese New Year goodies I love to eat is mini spring rolls filled with bits of pork, chicken, or shrimp floss. They are the crispiest munchies for the festivities and my nieces love making them as they always have so much fun assembling, rolling, frying, and then eating the mini spring rolls. I am happy that my contributor Siew Loon volunteered to share her recipe. The best time to make them is now so they remain crunchy for the New Year. Enjoy!

It is 2 weeks before the we usher in the year of the Dragon. I have been busy with spring cleaning and also listing out the goodies which I would like to bake. As usual the demand for Pineapple Tarts, Butter Cookies, Peanut Cookies and Mini Spring Rolls top the list. Mini Spring Rolls have always been a very popular savoury snack as it is light and crispy.

Mini Spring Rolls

I have always liked the mini spring rolls with chicken or pork floss filling as it is tasty and easy to do. Of course you can wrap it with any filling of your choice like Dried Prawn Cili (Sambal Heh Bee) or ground peanuts if you like it to be a sweet snack. This is an easy to do snack and eat it fresh. Do not keep too long as it will lose its crispiness.

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  1. Florence C via Facebook says:

    i think know there was chicken “floss”- i only knew about its pork counterpart! thanks!

  2. What is chicken floss? Do you have recipe for that and also Sambal?

  3. Frau Neimeyer via Facebook says:

    Oh my favorite although we use dried prawns for fillings usually!

  4. An Rong Chiew via Facebook says:

    back home we used the shrimp chili floss….Mmmm

  5. May chin says:

    Thanks for this timely recipe which Will be my top 3 list to make next 2 days!

  6. Rosa says:

    A great idea! i love their size.



  7. These are so delicate and pretty, and I’m certain I wouldn’t be able to stop popping them into my mouth. What a fun activity to do with your nieces. I’m sure they will remember that time with you for a long time to come.

  8. SiewHoon Yeoh via Facebook says:

    I will have to make it this. Bought it last year while we were there…. miss it.

  9. Vincent ong says:

    Prefer the one with prawn floss but it’s harder to get ; pork floss or chicken is more abundant

  10. beti says:

    they look perfect for parties! what a great and delicious idea

  11. leigh says:

    What is pork floss?

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  13. Rowena Chen says:

    Tried making a few times but after it turn soggy (not crispy) esp. in the centre. Y ah? I did ensure it’s properly cool b4 putting in the container. Immediately after frying, it’s crispy, but later it’s turns not crispy esp. the centre. Can anyone guide me what went wrong. Pls.

  14. Tony Rose says:

    I normally make vegetable spring rolls, I’ve never had chicken floss so I’ll have to try that.

  15. Joanne says:

    I couldn’t find frozen aping roll wraps. Would dry ones work as well?

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  17. cindy says:

    for those who want to know what “floss” is:

    FoodRousong, also called meat wool, meat floss, pork floss, flossy pork, pork sung, or yuk sung, is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton, originating from Fujian, China. It also spread to Taiwan.

  18. Sharon says:

    Can I use the airfryer instead of frying with oil? Thanks :)

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