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Miso-Glazed Salmon

Miso-Glazed Salmon - quick and easy 3-ingredient Japanese miso glaze for the best and juiciest salmon ever. Amazing homemade recipe that everyone loves |

Miso-Glazed Salmon

Miso-Glazed Salmon – quick and easy 3-ingredient Japanese miso glaze for the best and juiciest salmon ever. Amazing homemade recipe that everyone loves.

As a food blogger and endless recipe testing on a daily basis, I always have a favorite ingredient or what I call “flavor of the month.” Recently, that flavor of the month is white miso, and I have been adding it to many recipes I make recently, for example: grilled shrimp with kimchi miso butter.

White miso is the mildest version in Japanese cooking, the others being red miso (darker and more pungent and intense in taste) and mixed miso. Personally, I love white miso the most for its subtle and sweet taste. If you are not familiar with miso, just think of it as the base of Japanese miso soup, the grainy bits made from fermented soy beans. If you haven’t used miso before, I suggest you start with white miso.

A little bit of miso in any savory dishes is bound to make the dishes even better, the so-called “umami” so profound in Japanese cuisine. So, today’s post is miso-glazed salmon, and how you can use just a little bit of miso and make your regular and everyday salmon into something absolutely delicious, so much so that even your picky eater would gobble it up and eat it. Yes, it happened in my home, where my salmon-hating-3-year-old asked for more serving of the miso-glazed salmon!

To make the miso glaze, you only need 3 basic ingredients. These 3 ingredients can be purchased from any Asian stores as they are really common: white miso (usually comes in a small plastic tub) and as its name suggest, white miso looks pale yellowish white, the lightest in color. It’s also labeled as shiromiso. The other two ingredients are mirin , which is Japanese sweet seasoning wine, and rice vinegar. If you are unsure of which brand to buy, I strongly recommend Mizkan, which is what I use.

Anyway, this miso-glazed salmon recipe takes only 20 minutes, and highly adaptable to suit the protein of your choice. You can serve it with the green tea rice. You can also use a different fish, or shrimp, lobster. You can even make miso steak (check out my recipe here).

Explore new ingredients and introduce new flavors to your family, and you will very delighted that you do. Happy cooking!

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  1. DJ

    Hi, thanks for this recipe, it looks great! Do you turn the salmon over at any time? Or do you only broil the one side for a few minutes without the glaze, then a few minutes with?

    • Brian, you don’t have to marinate the fish. Did you use white miso? I thought the fish was very flavorful, not over-powering. If you like the taste stronger, adjust by adding more miso and mirin and rice vinegar to your taste.

  2. Sue Chee

    Thank you, Bee for this lovely recipe and for all of your other recipes which are easy to follow and taste extraordinarily good. Your various recipes usually form my menu for the entire week and the family thinks the meals are quite gourmet!Here in Melbourne, Australia all the ingredients featured in your recipes are obtainable easily so no reason for not achieving perfection!

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