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  1. Did you really mean to say “chill everything in the fridge for a few YEARS”. Haha! I believe patience is a virtue but waiting a few years for a cake might be taking that a little too far. :D

  2. Nutella cheesecake! Oh my oh my, how can I resist these.

    Oh Bee you are so humorous. One must have a very strong will to be able to chill these in the fridge for a few years before fallen into the temptation! (or maybe it was a typo about “a few hours” instead of “a few years”, hehe)

      • In the UK ( England ) and other places “digestives” is a general term given to “crackers”. When you go shopping there you don’t ask for crackers, you look for digestives.

        • Not sure if you are from the UK England but I am and I can assure you Digestives and NOT crackers, nothing like them. Digestive biscuits are round, sweet, plain biscuits you would enjoy with a cup of tea and are about 1/4″ thick. Crackers in the UK are salted crispy thins that you would eat with cheese.


  3. I have never seen a more beautiful creation involving Nutella. I’m actually tempted into trying this out! Looks amazingly delicious! I’m certainly thrilled to try it out and let my friends try it out!

    Thank you very much for this recipe; it looks divine ;)

  4. amazing and tempeting recipe!
    was just wondering that how it will hold its shape without Gelatine?
    and can we use mascarpone cheese for this?

    • Mascarpone is one of the best cheeses to use! It’s holds together very well because there is a high quantity of cream cheese, Nutella and confectioners/icing sugar makes it very thick and stiff. Once refrigerated, it’s density is just like any other type of cheese. Only this one is way tastier!

    • Have you ever seen a cheese cake that does not hold it’s shape? Cream cheese has a “density” that causes other ingredients to hold together. Mascarpone cheese is too soft so it would not hold it’s shape.

  5. Hello!

    I have done this amazing cheesecake but i have one problem.

    1 day after done with fridge and freezer , the cheeskake was a few smooth and soft…the cheese with nutella did not set(curdle)very well…

    Do you have any trick to make the cheese with nutella to be more consistent? can i use any gelatine or something?


  6. hi, u mention chill in the fridge is the frozen part or the normal cooling fridge. and will it melt fast if we take it out for an hour?

  7. Hi, I just realized I have over beat the cream cheese and cause it to be lumpy and ‘oily’ when beat together with Nutella. Will it make any difference to this non bake cheesecake?

  8. Oh, my gosh, I made this dish and it came out awesome. I just put it in the fridge. Tasted it, but can’t wait to eat it!! Thank you for putting this recipe up :D

  9. I tried making it and replaced hazelnut with pistachios on top. Yummy!
    So happy it turns out well. Will be trying the recipes posted here weekly.

  10. This looks great and I would try it but I can’t eat cheese and idea’s on what I could replace the cheese with please . Thanks in advance

    • Here in Canada, we have cream cheese made for people who can’t have dairy. Um tofutti and daiya are two companies that come to mind. Should be available anywhere!

    • I have made dairy-free ‘cheesecake’ before with tofu and soaked untoasted cashews as the ‘cream cheese’ base. A simple google search for vegan alternatives will give you the recipes :) good luck!

  11. Please,i need help for this recipes,1 13oz jar of Nutella,in grames means…Here a find only in jars of 400gr.Thank you.

    • I dont have a food processor either!
      Question: I have gluten free grandkids in the family, pretty sure the graham crackers are a no-no. Substitution suggestions?

      • You can buy gluten-free digestives here in the UK so that’s a very easy substitution. I’m sure there’s some gluten-free equivalent you could use in other countries too. (Do they sell gluten-free Graham Crackers?)

    • The only thing you need the processor for is the biscuit base and if you’ve bought whole hazelnuts. Hazelnuts can be crushed and a biscuit base is easily achieved with just a bowl and a wooden spoon. You can mix if you want but as it’s a very clumpy and dry mixture, it’s probably best to use a spoon…

    • If you don’t have a food processor you can “crumb” the Graham Crackers the old fashioned way. You put them into a Zip Lock plastic bag or between sheets of wax paper and crush them to a fine crumb with a rolling pin or even a potato masher.

  12. OMG – do you have to answer so many dumb-ass questions for every recipe you post? You deserve a medal! Sounds about the easiest recipe ever and delicious. Thanks

  13. I’ve never seen so many stupid questions. Doesn’t anyone have any “common sense” anymore? Rasa you must have the patience of a saint! Great recipe!!

      • Ha ha, I was thinking this too. Some of them are really funny, but I think it’s probably a mixture of laziness and ignorance. (With maybe some people struggling if English isn’t their first language? Am I being too charitable?? :) )

  14. There are measurement converters on line for anyone to use. I suggest looking one up that’s easy to use and keeping it in your favourites for converting recipes. Thanks for the recipe!

  15. I can’t wait to try this, it looks amazing! If I manage to make this successfully I’m going to make it for the school Christmas fair. I think it will go in no time..

  16. omg you were given a recipe, can you all just follow it! questioning whether it will work out or not takes the biscuit aka graham cracker aka digestive ! you can see the pic it does work! #rantover

  17. I shall make this on Saturday for an early Christmas family meal.it looks simple and good . I admire your patience! ,

    • Here is the ingredient stated in the recipe: 10 oz (280 g) graham crackers (digestive biscuits)

      Graham crackers are called digestive biscuits in the UK. This recipe is from Nigella Lawson, a British chef.

  18. Rasa,

    I made this recipe and everyone loved it! The one problem I had was with the crust, it did not stick together at all and just crumbled. What can I add to make it stick together better? Should i add more butter, or maybe mix in an egg and bake it? Thanks!

  19. Hi Rasa, I have salted butter on my fridge & chopped cashew… will that make any differecent replacing the unsalted butter & hazelnut? Thanks!

  20. obviously she did not mean years I can’t believe how rude and ignorant people can be. It was a typing error! They happen people !! I find it so sad people think because they have a keyboard and Internet not class or tack not longer applies.

  21. For ease and preventing myself from indulging too much, I bought our (in USA) Kiebler brand of mini grahm cracker pie shells. They are single serving and should come our nicely for my family of nine. Thank you for this delicious looking recipe. And…any good scale should convert gm and oz for easy measuring. Measure the nuts (what ever variety you like) and use the amount your family likes.

  22. Just made this lovely recipe, just wondering if anyone else had problems with it setting? I’ve now placed it in the freezer to see if that will work. Would love any ideas or feedback on why it’s not setting

  23. Hi, thanks for sharing this recipe, I made one for Sunday dinner yesterday and everyone loved it :) I did make one small mistake I purchased only 1 x tub of soft cheese and realised it only had half the required quantity. I decide to just half the nutella and ‘icing sugar’ which although wasn’t as thick everyone said the thickness was just right as anymore would be too sickly. You could say it looked more like a tart than a cheesecake but was simply delicious.

  24. As per the method above i simply cannot crumb the biscuits into “fine” mixture.I dont have a processor.Is it ok if its still got tiny bits of biscuits and nuts in it? or will it fall apart? First time making a cheesecake..

  25. Tried the recipe over the weekend, totally disappointed with the Nutella / cream cheese mixture that didn’t settle / hardened even though placed in fridge overnight. The base was ok but the Nutella bit was all gooey same like how it was when first placed in the fridge. Looks nothing like the photo posted.
    Worse is family members commented “total waste of money, better to just buy from the shop!”

    • Hi M – sorry to heat that but this recipe is tried and tested many times by A LOT of people and they all have great success, plus it’s a recipe by Nigella Lawson and I am very sure it works. I think somewhere during your making process, there was a mistake made.

  26. This looks awesome! Getting the stuff to make this ton! For those of you that are having a hard time getting it to set, you might be overbeating your filling…if you overbeat it will become watery and not set well. All you need to do is just combine ingredients..

  27. The crust did not happen for me. I keep thinking the butter had to be melted and not softened. Also the time for it to chill on the fridge, how many minutes should that be? Other than that, it is very tasty. I added a nutella/chocolate syrup on top and served it with fresh strawberries and raspberries. DELIECIOUS!

  28. Hello, I’ve made this cheesecake twice now and both times, it turned out great! My only question was both times I ended up with a lot more of the digestive base compared to the filling. Any reason why that might be happening? Thanks! :)

  29. Hey, this looks amazing. Is there a good way to incorporate raspberries/any suggestions for how I could? Thanks!

  30. Just made this for Father’s day. Based on reviews I thought it wouldn’t set up but it came out perfectly. The taste was good however I wish it had a stronger Nutella flavor. I used pistachios instead of hazelnuts. I also added sliced strawberries to the top. Overall all easy to make and delicious! Thank you! :)


  31. I made this and it tasted amazing. My crust was a bit overdry and crumbly so next time I will melt the butter instead of softening or add a bit more. The filling was divine.

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