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Penang Hokkien Char (福建炒)

Penang Hokkien Char
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Did you watch The Amazing Race Penang episode last night? Catch it here if you’d missed it.

I haven’t been home to Penang since last June so I have been craving all sorts of Penang hawker/street food, including Penang Hokkien Char—a stir-fried noodles dish in a savory sauce and served with a dollop of sambal belacan at hawker centers.

A similar dish found in Malaysia is KL Hokkien Mee (check out the guest post by Citrus and Candy), which is thick noodles in a very dark-color sauce commonly found in KL and its surrounding areas. Penang Hokkien Char consists of a medley of yellow noodles and rice vemicelli, in a lighter sauce. I love eating Hokkien Char, flavoring the noodles with the pungent and spicy sambal belacan, it’s very tasty.

Penang Hokkien Char is usually served by Char Hor Fun hawkers, meaning you probably won’t find a stand-alone hawker stall selling only Hokkien Char, but if the hawker sells Char Hor Fun, it’s very likely that he/she also offers Hokkien Char, E-Fu Noodles, and others noodle dishes. So, be on the lookout for Char Hor Fun vendors if you wish to try this dish in Penang.

This is my easy Penang Hokkien Char recipe and you can get my sambal belacan recipe here. Enjoy!

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      • Peter Kong

        Hi Bee! You can get Ibumie (Har mee flavor) instant noodles in packets in Malaysia. Of course they can’t beat the original but the flavor is there as is. Maybe you can add some extra ingredients to improve the flavor.

        Give it a try if you haven’t tried it before next time you are back in Penang.

  1. This looks soooo delicious. I’ll be in Malaysia in several months and hope to try it. BTW I was inspired by your older post on Roti Jala and made it with my Malaysian chicken curry. Delicious, though when I’m in KL next I have to find one of the roti jala moulds

  2. jeanette

    Next time I go back to Malaysia, I will make it a point to go to Penang. Meanwhile, I will try your recipes. Keep it up. But try the food in Malacca. You will be surprise.

  3. I’m salivating! I’ve never been to Penang, but I can’t resist any kind of Asian noodle dish, especially when it’s full of seafood and sweet soy sauce. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get to Penang and taste it from one of those great hawker stands.

    • Carolyn – me too. I love noodles more than rice, give me noodles and I will take it anytime! Yes, hopefully you will get to visit Penang one day. If you love street food and culture, you would love Penang.

  4. Hi
    I left Penang in year 1994 and missed the food there. Your blog has reminded me the many happenings in Penang especially the Hokkien Mee. I remember the “Hokkien Mee” in Penang is the noodle in prawn soup, and few slice of small prawn and meat.
    And the same is called “Prawn Mee” but bigger piece of prawn. Am I correct?
    (I don’t exactly remember now )

  5. Irene Benny

    Your Blog looks great! I share all those great Penang hawkers food to all my friends. I missed Penang food so much, like you said Noodles are my top choice. Each time I’m in Penang I will go for Noodles Soup or Fried Noodles. Thank you for the recipe and keep coming!

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