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Pork Satay with Sweet Coconut Milk Glaze

Pork Satay with Sweet Coconut Milk Glaze
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My summer recipes continue today with these pork satay with sweet coconut milk glaze. When it comes to satay, we often go for chicken satay, be it Malaysian chicken satay or beef satayThai chicken sate, or Indonesian satay. The truth is, pork is great as satay. Imagine sticks after sticks of porky goodness, glazed with sweet coconut milk glaze…the aroma, flavor, taste, and texture of these pork satay rival the best chicken satay you have tried.

If you go to Thailand, most of the satay you will find on the street are pork satay. They look just like the pictures I have above, thin strips of pork meat grilled to perfection, freshly displayed on the roadside carts or food stalls. These pork satay are grilled over charcoal fire right off the street, and hence the aroma beckons in the humid and warm air. It’s so easy to go overboard with these satay because they are cheap, so buy a bundle of 10 sticks or 20 sticks, and you just munch away as you wander around the city. It’s such a fun, and tasty experience.

Pork Satay with Sweet Coconut Milk Glaze

Anyway, this pork satay with sweet coconut milk glaze recipe is from the recent issue of Food & Wine magazine. The recipe was developed by the talented young chef Kris Yenbamroong of Night + Market in Hollywood, an acclaimed Thai restaurant which I had tried. This recipe yields quite many sticks of pork satay but I will assure you that they will be gone in no time if you serve them.

As July 4th is less than a week away, you might want to try out this special pork satay recipe this year!

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  1. Vicky

    I have a question about the condensed milk. Is that sweetened condensed milk? Your photos are fabulous! I hope to make this soon.


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