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Yong Tow Foo/Yong Tau Fu Recipe

Yong Tow Food

For the hungry eyes such as this, this, and this, please ogle your food porn. And while you are at it, wear a napkin around your neck. (Rumor has it that a certain uncle is contemplating a new career in tissue paper manufacturing, specially for Rasa Malaysia readers!)

For the budding cook and serious cooks such as that, that, and that, stay tuned for my secret recipe tomorrow.

Yong Tow Food

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Cha Ca Fish Meat Emulsion / 金星鱼浆

The secret ingredient of this delicious dish is Cha Ca Fish Meat Emulsion. Easily found at the frozen food section in Asian food stores, this fish paste tastes fresh and non-fishy.

While the Yong Tow Foo dishes served in Malaysia are usually drenched in a clear and soupy broth, I prefer my Yong Tow Foo steamed, lightly pan-fried and topped with yellow bean sauce. (This is, again, another homestyle recipe that I learned from my mother.)

So, without further ado, here is my recipe for Rasa Malaysia Yong Tow Foo or stuffed tofu, chili, and okra with fish paste.

Fried Tofu Puffs / Tau Pok

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