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Shrimp with Snow Peas Recipe


Recipe: Shrimp with Snow Peas

1/2 pound shrimp
3 oz snow peas
Some canned straw/button mushrooms (optional)
2 teaspoons cooking oil
5 slices peeled ginger


1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon sesame oil
4 tablespoons water
1/2 teaspoon corn starch
1 tablespoon Chinese cooking wine (shaoxing or rice wine)
2 dashes white pepper powder


Prepare the shrimp using the 7-step techniques above. Mix the sauce ingredients and set aside

Heat up a wok to high heat and add the cooking oil. Add the sliced ginger into the wok and stir-fry until aromatic and then follow by the shrimp. Toss the wok a few times or quickly stir-fry the shrimp a few times before adding the snow peas.

Add the sauce into the wok and quick stir to coat the sauce well with the shrimps and snow peas.

As soon as the shrimps are cooked, dish out and serve immediately.

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  1. Manggy

    I love how naturally healthy this is too :) And I agree, there’s just no substitute for fresh shrimp. The packaged frozen ones are a sad affair!

  2. mycookinghut

    I love shrimps too! And I use the technique you mentioned – massage the shrimps and rinse with cold running water!! And the result is always amazing!

  3. Anonymous

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been reading through the archives. I’m learning a lot about Asian cooking. I also love your photos (another talent I’d like to develop).

    Could I get you to update the Marinate section of this recipe? In your seven steps, you mention egg white, potato starch and baking soda, but the recie shows potato starch, rice wine and water.

    Also, what should the consistency of the marinade be? Or about how much water should be added?


  4. Aaron Fong

    Droolin on the amount of shrimps!!! How do you manage to keep the oil off from the plate?seem like cooking with no oil.Amazing stuff

  5. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Oh, I wish I lived somewhere where the shrimp were fresh, and I could eat them every day! When we visited New Orleans, I found that without even thinking about it I was ordering shrimp at every meal.

  6. Chocolate Shavings

    That sounds familiar ;). I just made a shrimp and snow pea recipe this weekend.

    I will have to try your dish soon – it looks delicious.

  7. Anonymous

    I love your blog, so much, all your recipe are so delicious, I've try your Sweet Sour Pork & Chicken with Cashew nut they are both delicious, my niece kept on asking me to cook for them. hope to have more of your recipe, especially the chinese recipie.

  8. Gabriel

    Interesting, very nice. Advice I read those articles and I decided to also contribute. I am of Slovak republic and I also site – a blog focusing on recipes for cooking. See. All good. Page to be translated through Google translate.

  9. Marc @ NoRecipes

    I wasn’t a very picky eater when I was a kid, but thing I really didn’t like was shrimp. Somehow I got over than and I love it now. This looks fantastic. I love that you “masssage” the shrimp:-)

  10. Syrie

    Fascinating Bee. I’ve always wondered why the shrimps at some Chinese restaurants are so plump and crunchy. I always thought it was a special type of shrimp. I’m going to try your tips next time I cook them.

  11. Audrey Wong

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for recipe to cook in the beginning of the semester and had bookmarked it ever since! I’m not too far from home, it’s just Singapore. (I’m fr Perak) But home cooked food is so different. And I love to browse your page even if its just a study break. Gives me ideas when I do grocery shopping :)

    All in all, just wanted to tell you I love your blog.

  12. Lanie

    Hi Rasa, I like this shrimp recipe, do you mind I will try your recipe. I will be one of your avid visitor here to try on your recipe. Can I exchange link with you. Let me know. thanks

  13. Lanie

    Hi Rasa, I like this shrimp recipe, do you mind I will try your recipe. I will be one of your avid visitor here to try on your recipe. Can I exchange link with you. Let me know. thanks

  14. QGIRL

    I am so excited to find your blog! I can’t wait to start cooking. Thanks for the great recipe inspiration and photography.

  15. mysimplefood

    Hi!! Your shrimps looks yummy. I agree that it only works with fresh shrimps. If the shrimps are not fresh, nothing much can be done.

  16. Dave

    I just stumbled on this site – it is amazing. One clarification question on this recipe. You advocate the use of fresh shrimp, but the 1st step is to defrost shrimp. Can you clarify ?

    Thank you.

  17. Rasa Malaysia

    Dave – well, I called for fresh shrimp, but in case you keep them in the refrigerator, you have to defrost the shrimp, right?

  18. mckenzie

    i thought it was wounderful. when i tasted it the first time it was like a whole nother thing that i had never ate before!

  19. purplerose

    i tried this for dinner today.wanted to try it for for quite sometime already and finally bought some snow peas,just to try out your mouthwatering recipe.and OMG!it was really2 good and looks just like ur pic.hehe..but mine is without the mushrooms and rice wine :)
    i’m gonna try your marble cake recipe this weekend! ~keep inspiring!~

  20. Jason

    Bee, im here in the UK. i know that you call for fresh shrimp. But very rarely can we buy fresh shrimps here. Can i cook the shrimps like stir fry style and follow your recipe just to get away with the frying part? Thank you ver much bee!

  21. lilian

    Hi i saw ur post on how to make shrimps crunchy. The recipes differ a bit in that ur previous post u mentioned marinating with baking soda then washing it off and then adding egg white and tapioca starch to the shrimp. Which works better?

  22. Leny

    do i have to rinse the shrimp from the marinate of egg whites, potatoe starch and baking soda….or can i cook it direct from marinate… need to rinse…

  23. les

    How much egg white, corn starch, and baking soda do i need to marinate a 1/2 pound of shrimp. I am not sure what ‘wee’ and ‘a little’ is? thanks

  24. Rebecca

    Hi! Just want to say that I love your recipes, and have tried the beef and broccoli… wonderful! The shrimp and snow peas recipe sounds delicious, and as it is my hubby’s favorite dish I am planning to make it tomorrow for dinner. However, I guess I am a bit confused as to your directions/advice in regards to the making shrimp crunchy. In the directions part, it says to defrost the shrimp; but your note at the end says that if fresh shrimp aren’t used, there is nothing that will make them crunchy. Does frozen shrimp not equal fresh?

  25. Little Cooking Tips

    Fantastic tips for crunchy shrimps!:) We always wondered how this is achieved:) Thanx so much Bee!
    Panos and Mirella

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