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Spam Fried Rice

Spam Fried Rice
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Spam fried rice.

Not the spam you get in your email inbox every day, but the “spiced ham” or canned pre-cooked meat that is very popular here in the United States and around the world. Everyone knows that Spam is not healthy food; we feel sorry for our health as we consume it, but let’s just confess that many of us actually do like it.

I like it. And I like Spam fried rice because I am a big fan of Chinese fried rice.

Spam Fried Rice

My late mother used to make spam with fried eggs. I also like it in my instant noodles, sometimes in my sandwiches, but mostly in Spam fried rice. Little cubes of spam, mixed vegetables, rice, and eggs often make a quick lunch for me. Spam fried rice is so easy to make, filling, and actually quite tasty.

Don’t feel guilty about eating spam. Many people do. So once in a while, make yourself a serving or two of┬áSpam fried rice and indulge in the guilty pleasure!

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  1. clamchowder

    This is almost the exact recipe that was used at a Chinese restaurant that I used to work at when I was in hs. It was delicious. I used to eat an entire soup bowl(Chinese soup bowl). The chef added a little curry powder to kick the flavor up a bit. Now instead of spam, I use chicken. It’s healthier this way.

  2. hector

    my mom still makes spam fried rice. it is my 2nd favorite fried rice that she cooks. first is the pork belly fried rice with chinese sausage.

  3. Curtis

    There is a restaurant in Saipan and Guam callled Shirley’s that serves hot and spicy spam fried rices. In fact their recipe is on the side of the hot and spicy spam can…..I love spam

  4. Ahh, spam. I’m not a fan of the meat, but my Minnesota roots make me proud of the famous brand (it was created in Austin, MN where Hormel is based). Did you ever make it to the Spam Museum? Would have been just a few hours drive east of where you went to school.

    Funny thing is, there is a big Mayo Clinic outlet across the street from the museum. I guess it makes sense to have some of the best doctors in the country very near to where people are eating a bit too much spam…

  5. susan

    I have fried rice with spam for the last 15 years and my adult children loved it. We used 1 can of spam, instead of cutting in cubes, we use folk to mash it. We used 5 rice-bowls of cooked rice(it doesn’t have to be overnight as we used 1/2 jasmine and 1/2 basmati). We add chopped onions, any of the following chopped greens(snow peas, french beans, gailan stem), eggs, and top with chopped green onions. The good thing is no salt, soya sauce or fish sauce is necessary.

  6. Moises

    This is really good! I’ve tried over the past making fried rice but i always end up putting too much soy sauce that the fried rice basically taste like soy sauce.
    I love how it’s so simple yet really delicious as well. I mostly eat spam and rice for breakfast but this recipe makes me love eating spam and rice without getting tired of it!

  7. Todd

    This recipe is great, and very simple. We served it as a side dish to our neighbor (who happens to be of Korean descent), and he liked it so much that not only did he have seconds, he had thirds!

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