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  1. Hi – I’ve only had beef or chicken larb since I don’t eat pork. I assume the recipe is the same, just swap out the meat. Can you recommend a brand of fish sauce? There are so many type of fish sauce out there its hard to figure out which is the right type for this kind of salad. Thanks.

  2. The one most important ingredient missing from your larb recipes is roasted rice powder. Nonetheless, I am sure it still tasted great as all your recipes are. You can either make your own rice powder by dry roasting glutinous rice (or called sweet rice in US) and then grinding it to a fine powder, or just buy it ready roasted and ground from any Vietnamese or Thai grocery store. Also try roasted duck larb or fish larb — the latter is excellent. I have been kitchen-testing tofu and tempe larb for my vegetarian friends –w ill let you know once I perfected these! I ALWAYS enjoyed your terrific blog. So proud of you as another fellow Malaysian! Ciao…

  3. This is larb in a Malaysian way? As said, larb is a Lao famous food. When we talk about Lao food or Lao people, we need tot alk about “padek” (fermented fish), which is an ingreedient that cannot be missed in Lao larb. I dont remember putting sugar (and this much!)in larp.

      • The food magazine is wrong. This is more like san choy bau than Larb. Larb has a definite sour taste to it, and is quite spicy. If you threw the dipping sauce into the larb, you’d be much closer to the real thing. But still nowhere close to the authentic Laos or Isan versions. Do some research instead of relying on a food magazine.

  4. This dish rocks! I considered skipping the dipping sauce but that’s crazy talk. It ALL works well TOGETHER. I don’t like mint in my food but it’s awesome here. My hubby ate it like a caveman. I doubled everything to make it dinner. Must add to list of awesome dishes!

  5. By the way, I live in a rural area so finding some items like Thai peppers is difficult. I used Japanese peppers often used in Mexican cuisine. This seems to be fine.

  6. Don’t cook the meats in oil. That’s not true laab. Cook them in plain water. You’ll get a totally different texture suited for salad. And use palm sugar. Toasted rice powder, too!


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