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Asian BBQ Wings

Asian BBQ Wings
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Once again, Memorial weekend is just around the corner. Memorial Day is probably one of my most anticipated holidays in the United States; the reason is simple: unofficially, it marks the start of summer (check out my summer recipes), which is my favorite time of the year. Coming from the tropical island of Penang in Malaysia, I love the warmth of summer, more importantly, I love summer parties, BBQ cookouts, beaches, ice cream, shaved iced, sundresses, sandals, and so much more. Summer is indeed a happy season!

Coyote Outdoor Living S-Series Grill

This summer, I have more reasons to celebrate because I have a brand spanking new toy in my backyard—a brand new Coyote Outdoor Living 36″ S-Series Grill (CS36L), which sits so mighty and elegantly in my backyard. I can imagine many weekend BBQ parties with friends and great foods, great conversations and laughter, now that I have this new Coyote grill. I am just so thrilled!

Asian BBQ Wings

Anyway, to test drive my new toy, I made these amazing Asian BBQ wings, which is an excellent BBQ wings recipe to add to your summer BBQ repertoire. These Asian BBQ wings are pre-marinated with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and five-spice powder. The wings are always a hit whenever I have summer parties. They are always the first ones to go. They are excellent hot off the grill, and great with a dash or two of your favorite chili sauce.

Here is the Coyote Outdoor Living 36″ S-series Grill (CS36L) in my backyard. It has a premium stainless steel body, firebox, hood, and burners.

Coyote Outdoor Living S-Series Grill

The grill comes with three (3) high performance Coyote iBurners, one infrared rear burner, plus a Coyote RapidSear burner, offering up to 95,000 BTU.

Coyote Outdoor Living S-Series Grill

Me checking out and grilling on my new toy.

Coyote Outdoor Living S-Series Grill

Are you grill envy now? I’ve got you covered. You can enter to win a Coyote Outdoor Living C-Series Grill now on Rasa Malaysia, for US residents only. Enter your name every day to maximize your chance to win. Good luck!

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  1. Stella

    Look so delicious! My chicken always sticks to the grill and falls apart when I turn them, how did your avoid that?

  2. Dear Bee,
    I come from Penang too and I am wondering where I can buy curry kapitan rempa for I am running short of it—I usually go back Penang once every 2 years but I am not going back for quite a while this time-please let me know what are the ingredients to make m own rempa-thanks–siew inn fok

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