Asian Fruit Slaw
Asian Fruit Slaw
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Springtime is the perfect time to indulge in light meals, such as healthy fruits and salads. In this post, I thought we could combine salad and fruits together to make a fruit slaw, with an Asian twist. With the recent heat wave and higher temperature in the US, especially in California, it seems like springtime is fast forwarding to summertime…a cooling and refreshing Asian fruit slaw is such a great idea to fight the heat.

Growing up in tropical country of Malaysia, my favorite fruit has always been tropical fruits: mangoes, pineapples, etc. The ripe juicy mangoes and sweet and sourish pineapples pair so well together in this Asian fruit slaw. The colors match perfectly while the taste complement each other so well.

Asian Fruit Slaw

For the dressing, a little bit of rice vinegar, soy sauce, and Hoisin sauce does the trick. It’s savory, appetizing, with a nice tang from both the mangoes and the pineapples. Add a little sunflower seeds for extra crunch, and cilantro to bring out the exotic flavor. For the slaw, choose the vegetables you like: cabbage, celery, carrots, etc.

This is absolutely delicious and healthy. With the heat, you might not have the appetite to eat much, so this Asian fruit slaw is a perfect appetizer to start your meal. Eat it as is or with a light meal, either way, it’s satisfying and tasty!

RECIPE HERE: Asian Fruit Slaw
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  1. Laura troquier says:

    Hi Bee

    I have recently discovered your website and find it a refreshing change from the “traditional ” recipes (which, by the way I also love). However I was surprised that you are working with Nutella. There is a big question mark over here in France about the product being unhealthy because it uses palm oil. Putting aside the fact that it is mainly produced by Malaysia and Indonesia as well as the fact that much deforestation is going on to make land available for palm plantations, I would like to know your take on palm oil. Whether we should try to avoid the ingredient as much as possible.

    Much thanks in advance

    • Hi Laura, I think everything in moderation is fine. I grew up in Malaysia and hence with palm oil. I have no insights as to the deforestation and I am not the best person to give any comments on that.

  2. Kimshiro Benton-Hermsen says:

    Can you suggest an alternative for the mango? I am very allergic to it, and so many recipes use it! Thanks.

  3. Kacy @ Fresh Fruit says:

    I love how you have put together a light fruit salad – some are too heavy on the syrup and sweetness! Thanks Rasa

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