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Baked Blue Crab


Baked Crab Recipe

3 blue crab
3 tablespoons water


Rinse the crab with cold water and place them in a wok. Add the water and cover the wok with its lid.

Turn up the heat to high and “bake” the crab for 8 minutes or until they are cooked. Turn the crab every two minutes and then cover to continue baking. You will know when they are done as the crab would turn bright orange in color and the intense aroma of the baked crab would fill your kitchen.

Eat immediately as is or dip with your favorite dipping sauce!

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  1. Great and simple post. I feel like dropping in the market and get some home & try baking myself instead of eating them in the restaurant. The saltiness and degree of burnt can be control.

    • Yes, exactly. And this recipe doesn’t need any special skill. Just use your nose to judge when the crabs are done. I don’t use salt, but a wee bit is fine since the crab is somewhat salty already.

  2. Deborah M Jenkins

    I hate to be the one to ask this question (I am a novice cooking shellfish), are the crabs dead or alive when they are put in the wok?

  3. Randy

    Baking crab is the way to go, with a covered wok or the oven. I always bake snowcrab in the oven, should work in a wok. I use high temp for a short period in the oven for the snowcrab and viola, no watery crab. My favorite Asian market had live blue crab yesterday. I will have to try it.

  4. Not even a handful of salt? I can understand smoked crabs, or grilled, since that will impart a smoky aroma to the crustaceans.
    But baked simply?

    • Errr, get the biggest one? No, actually, I don’t know. But unlike mud crab, blue crab is usually pretty padat with flesh, unlike mud crab which might look big but all water inside.

    • Gabriel

      U look at the shell……the best mud crab is one that taken just before it changes it shell.

      Old shells look worn and probably has signs of wear and their. new shells have a nice clean dark green/brown glow about them.

      U can also tap on the shell to feel if the shell is thick.

      All crabs have periods of changing shells and resources go into building a new shell (thus less flesh) and not “filled with water”.

  5. Tina

    I notice your “sauce” in the background of the picture. Do you recommend any kind of sauce to go with eating crabs (and recipe please)? Thanks!

  6. Razzleberry

    The first time I had to make crabs, I was so scared of the claws…I put them in the fridge. I kept on opening the fridge every other minute, peeking inside, waiting for them to die! We like to eat them with a lime dip with salt, black pepper, sugar, and a little bit of MSG. Yummy. Another dip is with crushed thai peppers, lime juice, garlic, salt, and sugar.

  7. Roger

    Can you eat the shell of the crab?I am going to try deepfrying with tempura batter but actually eating the crab sounds tricky!

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