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Blueberry Muffins Recipe

Blueberry Muffins
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On my recent flight back from Asia, I read a very interesting article about 10 superfoods that one should integrate into the daily diet: garlic, tofu, mushrooms, blueberries, kale, flaxseed, beans, carrots, tomatoes, and strawberries. These foods are referred to as “immune boosters” by the author, a MD and medical director of a cancer treatment center.

Earlier this year, I had a major health scare–one that was fortunately harmless–that leads me to be more conscious about the foods I consume on a daily basis. When I read through the list, I felt rather happy and relieved because I am already a big fan of many of them; for example: garlic, tofu, mushrooms, carrots, and beans. However, I don’t eat enough blueberries and strawberries, even though they are so adorable, absolutely edible, and readily available in the US. I resolve to eat them more.

Blueberry Muffins

And hence, blueberry has become my new favorite. I eat them raw, or I top my matcha (green tea) ice cream with blueberries (green tea is also another healthy food). I also bake blueberry muffins on the weekend, and save the muffins as breakfast for my busy work week. Packed full of juicy blueberries, these sweet and light muffins are perfect choice for breakfast.

I have a great blueberry muffins recipe that I received in my mail, you know, the cookbook club mailer that also includes a few recipe leaflets. The blueberry muffins recipe calls for very basic ingredients–ones that I always have in my fridge and pantry. The recipe also creates a fluffier muffins instead of the “dense” ones sold at stores. Personally, I love my blueberry muffins “lighter” as I can have a couple of them without feeling completely stuffed in the morning. The blueberry muffins recipe is also very easy to follow, plus the notion that I am eating healthy superfood makes the muffins taste even better! :)

Please the above image to view the complete photo set of blueberry muffins. For the best-ever blueberry muffins recipe, please read on.

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32 COMMENTS... read them below or add one

  1. Aleta Meadowlark

    Oh man, I just made blueberry muffins this week . . . family recipe that less than thrilled me. I’ll definitely give this one a shot! =)

  2. Manggy

    If I did live in the states I’d be eating berries all the time! I’m so deprived, haha :) I’m glad the health scare turned out to be a small thing. :)

  3. Christy

    Yeah…blueberry muffins are nice!~:)
    Yours look so cute in the pic…you’re so lucky to be able to get fresh blueberries or any berry over there….awww, I gotta ask you to send me some next time…hehehe *grins*

  4. worldwindows

    Asians are conscious of eating their vege and fruits. No struggle. I personally feel that the author missed out 1 or 2 more legumes. Like your muffins very much. When I am in a cafe I gravitate to it esp. the blueberry. It’s the best.

  5. Amelia

    Hi, i don’t get the part where you say, fill empty cups halfway with water. What does that mean? Do you mean, the empty muffin/paper cups? How is that possible?

    Thank you in advance for clarifying (:

  6. Jane

    Your blueberry muffins look so cute. I also love blueberry muffins in the morning for breakfast and yes, the ones at the store are always dry and very dense, so I can only eat one blueberry muffin the most. I am going to try your lighter blueberry muffins recipe.

  7. Anonymous

    I tried your blueberry muffins last night and oh my god, they were so good and yes, these blueberry muffins are perfect for breakfast the next morning. Thanks for such a great and easy blueberry muffins recipe.

  8. Nat

    I also have the same question. Why do you fill up the empty muffin cups with water? do you put the muffin batter in the cups with water?

  9. Rasa Malaysia

    Dora – I am not sure about the filling empty cups with water instructions. I followed the recipe exactly, if I were to guess, I think it’s to make sure that the empty tins don’t get overheated, especially if you have a 18-tins muffin pan. Just a wild guess.

    Nat – I got your comment and published it but somewhere it doesn’t appear. I don’t know why?!

  10. Dora

    That's okay, thanks for taking time to reply anyway. Much appreciated. I thought it had something to do with making the muffins more moist / fluffier.

    I like your revamped layout, btw – side bar & blue background for recipe. Not that it wasn't nice but it just got nicer :)

  11. Anonymous

    filling the cups half with water creates slight steam in the oven which keeps the air moist and hence the muffins moist, should do this with most oven cooking, it prevents drying out. and i iwll def try this recipe, im searching for the ultimate muffin recipe after eating the best muffin just last week, would die for its recipe!

  12. Ivy

    My favorite! Just an idea, if you are looking for healthier, try replacing at least half of the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour instead. You probably won’t notice much difference in taste, but you will be getting more fiber, and fiber is the stuff that acts like little scrub brushes in our insides to keep us ‘clean’.
    I will try the recipe right now!

  13. Gloria

    Most muffin trays have 12 cups. This recipe only requires 10, to line with paper cups or grease, then fill the other two left with half water.

  14. May

    is your mearsurement in US or UK or ect…???cos I notice there’s few different measurement converesion chart around.


  15. Bryan

    Tried couple times making muffins but sometimes, the rise of muffins are uneven (crooked up on one side) and some are even. Does this got to do with uneven oven heat or the technique of pouring muffin into tray?

  16. faith

    U tried your recipe .. and my baby loves them so much :)
    Question though- I used fresh raw blueberries and they taste a bit sour.. how do I make them a title sweet

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