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Braised Chicken with Carrot and Mushroom


Braised chicken with carrot and mushroom. Easy braised chicken recipe. Pan fry chicken and braised on low heat for this easy braised chicken recipe |

Braised Chicken with Carrot and Mushroom

Braised chicken with carrot and mushroom. Easy braised chicken recipe. Pan fry chicken and braised on low heat for this easy braised chicken recipe |

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2 chicken leg quarters
Black Pepper
1 tablespoon oil
6 shallots or 1/2 small onions, peeled
4 carrots, peeled
6 fresh Shiitake mushrooms
1 cup low-sodium chicken broth
8 cherry or grape tomatoes
Salt, to taste
Chopped parsley leaves

Season the chicken with some salt and black pepper. Heat up fry pan on medium heat and add the oil. Lay the chicken on the pan.

As soon as the chicken start to sear, cover the fry pan with its lid. Beka Cookware’s Clean Cooking Fry Pan with Anti-Splatter Lid will trap the spatters on the lid while the six small feet around the edge allows the steam to escape and air can circulate.

Continue to pan-sear the chicken for about 5 minutes, or until the surface of the chicken is brown and crisp. Turn over and brown the other side of the chicken until both sides are golden brown.

Transfer the chicken out of the fry pan. Scrap off the brown bits on the pan and then add some olive oil, follow by the shallots, carrots, mushrooms. Saute the ingredients for about 1 minute, add the chicken, and pour in the chicken broth.

Cover the fry pan with its lid and lower the heat to low. Simmer the chicken for about 45 minutes or until the chicken reaches your desired doneness. Make sure you turn the chicken to the other side during the slow braising. Add the cherry tomatoes towards to the end and cover the lid and braise for another 5 minutes. Add salt to taste, garnish with the chopped parsley leaves, turn off the heat and serve immediately.

Perfectly braised chicken
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Braised Chicken with Carrot and Mushroom

Braised chicken with carrot and mushroom. Easy braised chicken recipe. Pan fry chicken and braised on low heat for this easy braised chicken recipe.

It goes without saying that I love cooking. However, just like everyone else, I don’t like the “aftermath” of cooking—oil splattering all over my cooktop (even my hands), greasy kitchen backsplash, countertop, and kitchen floor. I don’t enjoy the clean-up because as a clean freak, I pretty much have to mop my entire kitchen every time after I cook. Not fun.

Braised Chicken with Carrot and Mushroom

So, I am thrilled to be working with Beka Cookware on its new Clean Cooking Fry Pan with Anti-Splatter Lid. I got the fry pan a few days ago and yesterday, I tested it out with my favorite braised chicken with carrot and mushroom. I usually make this dish with a French Oven, but Clean Cooking fry pan is a perfect alternative.

First I pan-fried the chicken, and then I braised it over low heat. The braised chicken was absolutely scrumptious, crispy on the outside while tender and moist on the inside…the best thing of all, my kitchen countertop and cooker hobs were clean with no messy spatters everywhere. It was amazing!

I love Beka Cookware Clean Cooking Fry Pan and its unique lid which sits low on the fry-pan. Regular lids often trap too much steam and as a result render the food soggy, or worst still, set off even more spatters as the steam/water drops back into the pan. The engineers at BEKA Cookware came out with an innovative design that allows air to circulate while controlling the spatters from frying or searing. The design also allows the ventilation needed to prevent steam build up and thus producing perfectly fried and seared foods that are done to perfection, without creating a big mess!

Without further ado, let’s start cooking with Beka Cookware with my braised chicken with carrot and mushroom recipe. This dish is perfect and hearty for Fall/Winter.

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  1. Fern @ To Food with Love

    Looks moist and delicious, and nice crispy skin. I’ve never come across this brand before. I’m intrigued… Will look out for it next time!

  2. I ABHOR cleaning after cooking. Oil splatters. Ugh! Never heard of this brand either but it sounds so interesting. Love this very easy recipe. Chicken thighs are my fav for quick meal.

  3. Loke

    Hi Bee, this looks tasty and cheap. I think Ill make it for my 4 year old twin girls for supper. Thanks so much I love your work. That pan is killer too, on my shopping list.

      • Loke2112

        Hey Bee to be clear when the braising begins you put the lid on tight not using the “feet” that were used during searing correct?

          • Loke

            We’ll I did make it and it was delish but I kept a tight lid like I normally do when braising so I lost out in the crispy part. I suppose I could have cracked the lid open a bit or better yet used that pan! Anyway I added a sprig of rosemary, some chives, a few potatoes and a splash of white wine. Needed to use those items up. Great favors. I’ll try braising without a tight lid sometime soon. I could eat just about anything braised that’s for sure!

  4. May

    Thanks for this awesome recipe. I’ve made it numerous times already and loving it everytime. I didn’t even need to use chicken broth, just add water and it’s still so flavourful!

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