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Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup
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Happy New Year!

What’s your new year’s resolutions for 2013? For me, health is the most important thing and it ranks the highest on my resolution list this year. As I grow older, I realize just how important health is. It’s something that we always take it for granted but it’s also someting that we can’t afford to lose. Wise people always say that health is wealth, and it is so true. So, for this year, I resolve to eat better, healthier, and always keep my physical well-being in check.

Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup

To kick off 2013, I am sharing with you my Chinese chicken noodle soup recipe, which is utterly healthy, delicious, and easy to make. For the Chinese, noodles means longevity, so it’s good to eat something that signifies great health at the start of the year. I have always liked the regular chicken noodle soup, but the Chinese chicken noodle soup is comfort food for me. It’s extremely hearty, especially during the cold winter months.

My favorite part of this Chinese chicken noodle soup is the garlic oil, which infuses the chicken broth with the deep aroma of the fried garlic. For the vegetables, I love baby bok choy for its crisp and leafy texture. As most people do not have a homemade chicken broth, canned chicken broth works just fine.

I wish all my readers a very healthy and happy 2013 and may the new year bring you inspirations, love, and well-being!

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  1. I made something so similar to this last night, except I added a bit of miso paste in my broth and used fu pei (stuffed beancurd skin) that I got from Ipoh. Love noodle soup.


      you could use rice noodle or dried chinese egg noodles, I also like alittle heat to my food A 1/4 tsp of peruvian Inca Aji yellow pepper paste( available in latin markets or Amazon) would give this dish a nice kick.

  2. Great dish to start the new year with! Generally if I cook a pot of Chicken soup, I’ll always throw in some noodles and extra veges to make noodles soup. It’s the ultimate healing food!

  3. BrianLee

    The soup is good for my mom bcoz she’s been coughing lately but is too bland for my grandma. Got any other suggestion?

  4. BeoBum

    I made this using what I had on hand, that is substituting spinach for bok choi, and just simple ramen noodles, otherwise as per recipe. Delicious! The garlic oil adds an amazing taste and textural element. I used serrano green chilis thinly sliced in soy sauce, hot and spicy and quite good. An excellent chicken soup recipe that’s something different from the standard American fare. Great when you are recovering from a cold.

  5. Sherry in Union, KY

    Simple and delicious. I used soba noodles and grilled the chicken rather than boiling it. Thanks for the recipe, Bee!

  6. oniey

    Where can I get the white noodles. Am selecting various recipes for my father. Do you know/have the recipe on how to make simple noodles. The yellow noodles in the market is unhealthy for my father.

    Thank you.

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