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The essence of New England cuisine is centered around the amazing variety of fresh seafood found in this region. One outstanding recipe that truly showcases the abundance of New England’s seafood harvest is the Clambake. A traditional clambake is a major affair at the beach that involves a bonfire, heated rocks, seaweed and a large wet tarpaulin to steam the ingredients.  However, for my House Hunters International viewing party recently, I’ve decided to go with the simpler, improvised no-fuss one-pot version. I must say that having more time to entertain and catch up with good friends is definitely worth sacrificing the rustic charm that comes with preparing a laborious traditional clambake.

If you’re looking for a really great idea to spice up your Labor Day party (for summer or to an early fall season opener), and with something other than the same old meat on the grill, I assure you this one-pot seafood bonanza is exactly what you’re looking for. The best part about a clambake is it’s not just for seafood lovers. You can throw in your own choice of meats and veggies along with the seafood as well. Some of the non-seafood ingredients commonly used are kielbasa sausages, potatoes and corn but really it’s just whatever suits your fancy.


I believe there’s always something for everyone in a clambake. And don’t forget to sop up the delicious, sweet briny broth with a bread and dipping the fresh cooked shellfish in melted butter! Everything tastes better with butter.

I hope you like this clambake recipe, the last summer recipe this year. Clambake makes a smashing dish for the long Labor Day weekend, enjoy!

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  1. Clambakes are great. You just basically stew veggies and seafood of your choice. Here on the coast of North Carolina, that would be shellfish (shrimp, clams,scallops), potatoes, dumplings, ect.

    We usually do it on a beach or in the back yard. Serve with hushpuppies or corn bread. Of course, homemade ice cream is required!

  2. Albert

    I’m a Singaporean. I had clambake a few years ago when I was in Boston for a biz trip. Love all the seafood, great combinations.

    • Rasa Malaysia

      Just like Old Bay seasoning, you can look out for sea kelp seasoning sprinkles at any whole food/health food stores. Its versatile, you can use it on salads, vegetarian, soups, stews, etc.

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