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Coconut Lime Noodle Soup

Coconut Lime Noodle Soup
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Even though Southern California enjoys warmth and eternal sunshine most of the year, it’s beginning to get colder, especially in the mornings and nights. In colder days, I love preparing myself a piping hot noodle soup or rice dishes. The warmth from cooking in the kitchen and the noodles or rice never fail to warm me up.

One of the recipes that I have meant to try is this coconut lime noodle soup. Its taste is very similar to tom kha gai or Thai chicken and coconut soup. I always love a serving of tom kha gai and with noodles, it makes a perfect and filling meal, especially for lunch.

Coconut Lime Noodle Soup

There are all sorts of Asian noodles available in the market, fresh or dried. For this recipe, it’s best served with rice noodles. The dried and packaged rice noodles or rice sticks look almost like spaghetti, except that they look white-ish in color instead of pale yellow. Rice sticks are usually broader compared to rice vermicelli, which are thin rice noodles. If you live close to an Asian market, you can also get plain fresh (wheat) noodles, and they are available in Chinese, Taiwanese, or Korean food stores. Japanese udon will work great, too. Ultimately, the noodles you choose is your personal preference, I am sure you will enjoy the final dish nonetheless.

For the protein, I chose thin slices of chicken breast and also shrimp for this coconut lime noodle soup. The creamy, savory, and slightly sour soup was utterly delicious and appetizing. More importantly, it’s really easy to make and absolutely delightful. It’s gratifying to have a bowl of this coconut lime noodles, especially when you are feeling the chills from outside.

Coconut Lime Noodle Soup

I am going to make this noodle dish again tomorrow, for my friend who will be visiting. I am just so excited at the thought that I will be eating this delicious noodle dish again very soon!

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  1. Just by looking at the pictures made me even hungrier. Now this is what I am talking about when it comes to noodles. Asians really have a lot of variety in food preparations that is why they don’t easily get tired of eating the same kind of food.

  2. Hi, I would love to make this lovely noodle soup. Just one question though…how do you choose your fish sauce? I’ve never used this ingredient before and is a little bit intimate :) thank you!

  3. angustia

    Wow! This is such a wonderful dish – just reading the ingredients and looking at your photo makes my mouth waters. I live in a small city that’s got very limited selection of asian products. I`ve not seen any thick rice noodles…..what noodles would you recommend for substitute?
    Can I use linguini or fetuccini or spaghetti.

  4. Ann

    Just tried this recipe and it turned out a real winner! It is super easy and quick – prep and plated (bowled) in 30 mins! And really delicious to boot :-)
    Thank you, Bee!

  5. Da Jung

    I just made this and my fiance and I LOVED it! Thank you for such a delicious recipe. I did make some modifications. I added baby corn, water chestnuts, tripled the amount of (small) shrimp, a little corn starch to thicken it up, serranos instead of thai chilis, and topped it off with fresh basil leaves. I will definitely make this again!

  6. Nana

    Do we have to cook the rice noodles before putting it in the mixture or cook it while it is in the mixture?
    Thanks for the recipe, looks great! ^^

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