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Grilled Five-Spice Pork Sliders

Grilled Five Spice Pork Sliders
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Ever since White Castle introduced the world to their “sliders,” it really is no surprise that these mini-burgers have since become a hit at any party or picnic. As they say, good things come in small packages, sliders are not only visually appealing as appetizers or finger food, but also easily customizable to suit anyone’s tastes.

For this recipe, I am throwing in an Asian flair by using leftover Asian slaw from my last post and also pork patties seasoned with Chinese five-spice powder. For those who aren’t familiar with five-spice powder,  it is a seasoning mixture commonly used in Asian cooking to marinate meats consisting of ground-up cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise, and Sichuan peppercorns.

Grilled Five Spice Pork Sliders

Summer is just right around the corner so hopefully you will get a chance to fire up that grill soon and wow your guests with this recipe. Alternatively you can broil the patties in a conventional oven or fry them in a cast iron skillet. It’s just more fun at an outdoor grill among good company.

So, what’s your favorite meat patty for sliders? Let me know.

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    • Rasa Malaysia

      Personally, I find that adding baking powder to meat, especially ground meat that is lean, will help to produce a light, pleasing ‘bouncy’ texture.

  1. Kathy

    Your site will let me download one of your.jpgs to go with the recipe — at work (where I have Windows 7). But at home (where I still have XP) those same .jpgs will not open up. They only open up to be a tiny black dot. Even if I download them directly from your site to XP, bypassing Windows 7 completely, they still do the same thing. So if I download it at work and bring it home, or download it directly at home, they do the same thing.I haven’t had this problem anywhere else. Do you know what might be different about your site? It’s a little discouraging.


    • janmaus

      Put the seasonings in a sauce and soak the shredded port. I personally don’t think the patties can be improved on!!! After my earlier concern about the amount of garlic, I did them with 15 cloves of roasted garlic and they were absolutely wonderful.

  2. This looks awesome Bee! I need to try this soon…love the flavors going on here and I love pork patties! In the Philippines, using ground pork for patties and meatballs is very typical :)

  3. tony khan

    Thanks for the beautiful recipe hope to see more recipe simple & practical & tasty like this

    Culinary Regards

    Tony Khan

  4. Bill

    Can’t wait to try,just wanted to know if when topping the slider with Asian slaw, do you also top with the spicy soy sesame sauce that is in the recipe or just the yogurt sauce in the slider recipe recipe?

    Also what is a good substitute for the almond biter? Walnut oil?

    • Rasa Malaysia

      Nothing extra to top the Asian slaw, since its already tossed in spicy soy sesame sauce. As for the yogurt spread, you use it on the buns alone. Then again, go crazy with them and if you like more sauce/spread, go ahead, whichever way you like.

      You can use peanut butter, or walnut butter, even cashew butter, if you like. It’s your preference.

  5. Richard

    Slider buns?? Can’t even find hamburger buns in China! Nor can I find muffin tins, bread loaf pans or cream! For that matter , no ovens either! Had to buy the largest toaster oven I could find and it does take a 13 lbs turkey. But no toasting pans! Since no bread loaf pans, I make French bread. Chinese bread is extremely sweet.

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