Irish Mixed Fruits Tea Bread
December 15th, 2013 14 Comments

Irish Mixed Fruits Tea Bread

Irish Mixed Fruits Tea Bread
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When it comes to the holidays, there are some cakes that are traditional, for example: fruit cake. I have a moist Christmas fruit cake recipe that is very popular and well loved by my readers. It’s a traditional Christmas cake and and absolutely delightful. However, since alcohol (brandy) is used in fruit cake, it’s not friendly to kids. However, there is an alternative, which is this Irish mixed fruit tea bread that doesn’t have alcohol. As the name suggested, the mixed fruits are soaked in tea, so it makes it friendly to both adults and kids.

This Irish tea bread looks a lot more complicated that it really is, but in reality, you only need a few basic ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, mixed fruits, brown sugar, and almond. The mixed fruit—usually an assortment of dried and colorful fruits make the inside of this cake very pretty, and every bite, there is a hidden surprise. I just love the addition of toasted almond in the Irish mixed fruit tea bread, imparting the nutty aroma to the bread. In addition, there is the vague fragrance from the tea. This is a wonderful recipe that is best shared with friends and family over the holidays.

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  1. Tuty says:

    Is there any particular tea that is more suitable for soaking the mixed fruit? What would you recommend?

  2. Liz says:

    Thank you for the nice recipe, Bee.

  3. Lam Mee Ling says:

    Irish mixed fruits tea cake : what kind of tea bag to use?

  4. melanie says:

    hi, as for ingredients A do we still use back the soaking liquid (tea & brown sugar)? do we need to dredge the fruits with flour so that it dont sink at the bottom?

  5. Jo-Ann says:

    I would like to know what type of dried fruit you used. I am now soaking cranberry, figs, dates apricots and kiwis for the green color)

    • In this recipe, my contributor used dark and golden raisins, green cherries, etc. You can mix your own fruits like currants, raisins, dry apricot. etc. No limitations. As long as gathered together to make the required quantity.

  6. jennifer says:

    Do you chop the fruit before or after soaking?

  7. How much is 150ml for the tea? is that around 3/4 cup? I wanted to try and make this for Christmas.

  8. Tan says:

    what can I replace if I don’t like tea ?

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